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Preservationists say today's farmers are concentrating too much on developing larger eggs, more milk and leaner meat, and bringing them to market as quickly as possible.
Many traditional livestock and poultry breeds are disappearing, victims of an emphasis on higher production. The new emphasis "reduces the life expectancy and quality of life for the animal, and introduces a whole host of complications that must be combated with antibiotics, artificial insemination and questionable husbandry methods," said Ryan Walker, a spokesman for the Livestock Conservancy in Pittsboro, North Carolina.
Safeguarding "heritage breeds" protects genetic qualities that are important to our food system, he said. The Livestock Conservancy conducts a census of American livestock breeds every 10 years, and of all breeds on its Conservation Priority List each year.
Animals and birds on the conservation priority list include breeds of donkeys, cattle, goats, horses, pigs, rabbits, sheep, chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese. Cathy and Jon Payne raise American Guinea Hogs, Gulf Coast Native sheep, American and Silver Fox rabbits and a poultry assortment on their Broad River Pastures farm near Elberton, Georgia.
Research carried out at the Karonlinska University Hospital in Stockholm has revealed that gardening and DIY may help you live longer.

The results indicated that those that are active will live a longer life and those that are active but without exercising still had a lower risk of developing certain conditions compared to those that did nothing. They believe that this is because sitting for long periods of time may lower metabolic rate and alter hormones produced in muscle tissue.
Being active can reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack by 27% and death by any other cause by 30%.
So here at the Gardeners Club we’re going to use this as the perfect excuse to get out in the garden to do the jobs we love doing – why don’t you do the same gardeners! This attractive, smaller-sized turkey is on The Livestock Conservancy's Watch List, meaning it has an estimated global population of less than 10,000. Traits forever lost would include culinary quality, structural integrity, parasite resistance, the ability to forage or free range, and easier birthing, among others.
The most endangered breeds on its list include livestock with fewer than 200 animals registered per year in the United States. I have a lot more interest in breeds that have been here for a while and have adapted to the area.

Even city dwellers can get involved by buying heritage breed products at farmer's markets, sharing information about heritage breeds, or working to get local laws enacted that allow these birds and animals to be raised in the community, Walker said.
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As we are all well aware, people of a certain age may well struggle to do high-intensity exercise but according to this study just getting off the sofa and outside doing the gardening chores can help. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle will help you live longer by reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.
The research is suggesting activities such as general maintenance on the car, repairs around the home, mowing the lawn and picking blackberries etc.

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