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So, have a less-stress, less-money, enjoyable vacation by not stressing about these types of packing mistakes.
This is a list that you can download HERE and use as a resource to get packed up for your trip!
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Going crazy trying to get your home organized?Join our 30-day challenge and receive a small task in your inbox each day - leaving your entire home organized at the end! One more step - click on the confirm button in your email so we know you are a real person. Brave the cold temperatures to cheer on the performers in your town’s annual holiday parade. But we also have been having fun figuring out some fun indoor activities that we can do to stay entertained and I figured your kids might be needing some entertaining too. And as if that wasn’t enough, here is the giant list of 100’s of indoor activities for kids care of What Do We Do All Day? The misery all changed in 1978 when Don Coryell and his trail blazing offense were hired as an early midseason replacement for Tommy Prothro. Entering 1981, the previous playoff defeats were seen by the locker room as baby steps towards a championship season. Greeting them Sunday morning on the banks of the Ohio was -9° F and a wind chill like none the NFL had ever seen. The chilling performance that January afternoon in Cincinnati would signal the beginning of the end to San Diego’s run of success.
Do other teams from the south exhibit the same traits as the 1981 Chargers when visiting cold weather cities?
These were only some of the questions that came to mind as I started considering the impact that cold weather could have on NFL results.
The following graph shows the average high temperature (measured in °Fahrenheit) for the month of December in each NFL city where NFL football isn’t played under a dome. On the other hand, visiting teams have won fewer than 30% of their games after November against the Ravens, Steelers, Patriots and Packers. The results show that Buffalo struggles mightily at home down the stretch and that the Bengals win over 20% more often at home in December and January than they do the rest of the year. Determining which cold weather teams play the best and worst at home in the colder months is only one side of the equation. If dome teams struggle, you ought to think those franchises basking in the heat twelve months a year wouldn’t perform much better. Among the franchises who don’t call a cold weather city home, the following teams were the most successful playing in a cold venue after November over the past ten seasons. The average temperature of the venue doesn’t have much of an impact in September, but there is a fairly consistent spread compared to the league average in the other months. Oddly, the low variability in point totals in the first few weeks of the season has disappeared and is replaced with a gap similar to what was evident in December in the graph displaying results over the longer time frame. Note: The AVG bar represents the NFL average over all regular season and playoff games and is not limited to the period from December through February.
The adverse conditions in Cincinnati and Kansas City have the least impact on the score of the game. The three hosts that curtail scoring come December are the Cleveland Browns, the New York Jets and the Chicago Bears. In an attempt to remove the influence of a team’s quality of play, I have also compared the average point totals from September to November to the average from December through to the end of the playoffs. The December conditions in Kansas City appear to lend itself to an abundance of scoring compared to the previous months. Again, with an increase in scoring in recent years, I performed a similar analysis but narrowed the data to 2008-12. With Sno-Brick Makers from Poof Slinky the kiddos can be busy for HOURS creating a castle that will make the neighbors envious! Of course this kit wouldn’t be complete with out Sno-Ball Makers. Disclosure: This is a sponsored post which USA Love List is proud to share with you because, sponsored or not, we only share stuff we love. Latest Post: Hydrate your skin this winter and have a treat at the same time… just sip All Beauty Water! What a lot of great American Made products for my grandchildren to enjoy for winter activities. Scroll down & browse our Made in USA Shopping District, a growing collection of carefully curated American-made sources.
We love our Giveaway Sponsors: every one a dedicated company with outstanding American-made products. March 14, 2014 by Kelly Stilwell 7 Comments As someone who travels quite a bit, I thought the below 6 Tips for Vacation Planning and Free Printable Packing Lists would be helpful to those planning their next trip.
What this meant is that we would have our suitcases packed for Puerto Rico, but we would also need a day bag for Orlando. When packing for your return trip, pack your dirty clothes (in plastic hotel bags) all in one suitcase.

If you are looking for ways to save on your vacation expenses, check out my 8 Steps to Almost Free Travel. This one is a list of the necessities for packing for a cold-weather trip – the winter trip!
Trying to purchase items while on vacation usually means you are paying a lot more for it and it is especially dreaded when you know that you have that item at home already!
Check out festive decorations adorning the buildings and don’t forget to partake in a little bit of people watching. Or if you and your beau are a bit more adventurous, head to the slopes for an afternoon of snowboarding.
Even if your style is more about being nice-and-slow than it is about pulling off fancy tricks, you and your fellow are sure to have a fun time while gliding along together. If winter is considered the off-season where you live, grab your guy by the hand and take some time to really enjoy what your city has to offer. Then plop yourselves in front of the television and pop your favorite movie into the player to watch while cuddling. Or if you’d like to stay indoors, research local community theater groups to see if any are putting on seasonal productions. We have been bundling up for weeks trying to stay warm and keep our house from becoming an icebox. San Diego claimed their first playoff win and hosted the Oakland Raiders in the conference title game. The heartbreak in 1979 and 1980 lit a fire under the team.  On paper, their first obstacle in the playoffs was the Miami Dolphins. The Chargers would make the playoffs again in 1982 but eventually slide into season after season of mediocrity as Fouts, Winslow and company would pass their prime. I have set two constraints in my analysis of the NFL’s cold weather trends: I have separated warm weather months (September to November) from cold weather months (December through to the end of the playoffs) and I needed a metric for defining a “cold weather city” or “cold weather team”. For the purposes of this analysis, I have defined a cold weather city to be one with an average December high of 45°F and below.
I compared the results of every game played during that period to the games from December through February in cold weather cities. And it’s this success that clouds the ability to assess the impact cold weather attributes to the outcome.
What about assessing which teams play better when travelling to cold weather destinations like Foxboro and Soldier Field? I included the following eight teams, from east to west, to be among the NFL’s sun belt: The Florida franchises, Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Arizona and San Diego. None of these records are roaring successes; however, these are all road games and the Redskins and Chargers will take their winning records amidst the adverse conditions.
Consequently, I graphed the same results as above, but confined the data to 2008-12 since there is evidence that scoring is on the rise.
Over this five year period, there is a distinct and irrational peak in scoring in cold weather cities in November.  The other striking feature of this graph is the large gap between the league average and the average in cold weather cities in January. To find out, I thought I better analyze the average point totals in games hosted after November by the cold weather teams since 1978. And despite having the lowest mean high December temperature, Green Bay boasts the third highest point totals; however, the scoring averages may have more to do with Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers than the quality of the frozen tundra. I can see that the difficulty scoring in Chicago and Cleveland could have something to do with the cold wind coming off of the Great Lakes.
Look at how visible the difference is in the average point totals of Giants and Jets home games from December through the end of the playoffs.
The four franchises above the NFL average combined for a 217-127-1 record (including playoffs) between 2008-12 whereas the bottom four were 162-177 over the same period.
Here are 5 American made items that will turn the outdoors into a winter wonderland for kiddos of all ages. Manufactured in Lowell, Massachusetts, Tuff Kookooshka hats, pullovers, jackets and coats are lightweight, warm, colorful, and so unique that even the pickiest of kiddos will think they are wicked cool! In case you aren’t familiar with the term, a day bag is just a smaller duffel or suitcase for a short term. I went to a conference in Arkansas last year, and as I was rerouted when there was an issue with the plane, my luggage didn’t get on the new plane with me. Depending on where you’re going, you may need a bathing suit and snorkel, or you might need gloves and a ski mask. Receive a daily digest of recipes, travel ideas, movie reviews, press events and giveaways!
So, if you want a quick checklist to help you make sure you don’t forget anything, then you can download and print this packing checklist for your purposes.
A few years ago when I was on a trip my co-workers and I had this discussion on some great cold weather date ideas. And if you’re lucky enough to have a fire place, light that baby up and enjoy the romantic glow. We have focused mostly on insulating our house, but in all our focus to stay warm Geek Baby has slowly been getting super antsy and fidgety.
The Chargers failed to assemble a winning season in their first eight NFL campaigns including a couple two-win seasons.

Big improvements in 1979 were tempered when quarterback Dan Fouts went cold against the Houston Oilers in a divisional playoff battle. But the mid-70° F hot and humid weather in Miami would be as daunting an opponent as the Dolphins. But this afternoon, the bitterness would leave you with frost bite your body would never forget.
The 1981 Chargers were able to put up torrid numbers in the heat, but were ineffective in the cold.
Is it true that cold weather affects the outcome of a game including diminishing the eventual point total? Since 1978, among all cold weather cities, visitors won more often against the Browns, Jets and Bills from December through the playoffs than the home team did. On one hand you have three teams with one combined Super Bowl (and it was 45 years ago to boot) and, on the other, you have four teams with 15 rings in 22 trips. As a remedy, I compared the home winning percentages of visiting teams against cold weather opponents from September to November to their winning percentage from December on.
However, one could argue that the elite teams are great because of their ability to win when the games matter the most. The following table summarizes the best and worst winning percentages over the past 10 seasons (2003-12) when playing in a cold weather city after November.
The last time the Detroit Lions won in December in a cold weather city was in 2000 in an utterly forgettable 10-7 snoozer against the Jets.
These eight teams have compiled a 24-44 record from 2003-12 visiting the cold weather teams in December and onward. The following graph not only compares league average point totals by month, but also presents the average point totals in games played in cold weather cities versus those played elsewhere. The variability is somewhat attributable to a lower sample size; however, the result is still palpable. Despite calling the same field home, I have segregated the results for the New York Giants and the New York Jets. In fact, if you remove the Ravens from the equation, the bottom three teams were a miserable 99-147.
We just went to Puerto Rico, and as my nieces were going to be in Orlando the day before we left, we drove over and spent the day with them so they could have a cousin slumber party with my girls.
On cruises, you should always have a day bag as you probably won’t get your luggage until sometime in the evening. I did not agree with the most of their ideas like window shopping, but Glamour Magazine composed a list of 7 cold-weather date ideas. Tired of always playing the same toys and looking at the same walls, we have increased playdates and discovered the play place at the mall.
Anyone who saw Fouts knew he had a remarkable arm, but his success was as much attributed to adjusting his demeanor appropriately as the situation called for it. This battle in Miami’s sweltering Orange Bowl would exemplify Kellen Winslow’s hall of fame career. The last time the Chargers played an outside game after December 1st in a cold weather city had been on December 21, 1975. However, the Rocky Mountain Denver Broncos and Seattle, the team with the northern most residence, are left off the list. If you isolate cold weather home teams playing after November, the winning percentage climbs to .627 and a 604-359-2 record.
The graph below shows the increase or decrease in performance of the visitors when the weather gets colder. This could be good intel come February when laying wagers in the point totals for Super Bowl XLVIII.
It’s not low, in comparison, for the Giants and these two teams have shared a New Jersey residence since the Jets left Shea following the 1983 season.
You’ll want to have your bathing suit, a cover up, medications, toiletries, and anything else you would need before your luggage arrives. Though I probably wouldn’t have packed my cocktail dress in a backpack, at least I would have had my toiletries so I could freshen up. Kids bring a host of other necessities, so there’s a special list for them, as well as a list just for cruising.
It happened to be in Cincinnati, as well, and the Bengals handed them a stinging 47-17 biting loss. As it was, the car that picked me up had a can of air freshener under the front passenger seat, and when I put the seat back, it sprayed all over my legs, making me smell extra nice. I took out one of the bags of dirty clothes, placed it in my tote bag, and my suitcase was then under the weight limit.
The 1982 conference championship game would turn out no different and the Chargers would fall 27-7 to the Bengals. It makes you wonder how well the Saints, Colts and Cardinals might fare playing at MetLife Stadium on a Super Sunday in February.

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