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Best Science Fiction Books 2013BEST SCIENCE FICTION BOOKS 2013 , ya novels of must read science fiction book reviews . Instead of only making up a story, they make up entire universes, time dimensions, alien technologies - it's really incredible. Truth be told, some are more successful than others - it is really easy to write bad scifi. Anyone can add their picks to this list of sci-fi books, making it an accurate, real-time ranking of the best science fiction books of all time by the people who live and breathe Asimov, Heinlein, Bradbury, and Clarke. But those who can actually pull the genre off are right here on this list of the top science-fiction authors. Vote up the novels that you think best represent the greatest science fiction books ever written in order to determine the most popular science fiction books on the shelves.
This list include some highly recognizable and classic names, like Isaac Asimov and George Orwell, along with some contemporary science-fiction writers who are just beginning to make their mark on the genre.

This list of the best sci-fi authors includes some of the best horror writers and the best fantasy authors, but since the genres elements all go together nicely, it's to be expected.
And for maximum impact, make your own list by reranking this one your own way, so that everyone can see whether your top rated sci-fi novels take place on Arrakis, Mars, or even Earth.
All of the famous sci fi authors on this list have one thing in common: they've written fantastic, horrifying, mystical works of science-fiction for fans to enjoy for years to come. Vote for your favorite sci-fi authors here and add your own personal faves if you don't see them listed!Listed among the best science-fiction authors are some of the most well-known, popular sci-di authors ever, including a few that may not always show up on a 'best of' list. The aforementioned (brilliant) writers are responsible for some of the best science-fiction novels and series of all time - but other sci-fi writers like Ray Bradbury (Fahrenheit 451), Mary Shelley (Frankenstein), Robert Louis Stevenson (The Strange Case of Dr. All of these authors, in my opinion, deserve a place of honor on this list.Hopefully, this list will grow and become totally comprehensive.
Readers who are new to sci-fi can use it as a great guide to find new science fiction authors and books.

Clarke Minehead, Eurasia, West Somerset ; 4 + 967 - 176 Why is this #4? Information for these popular hard science fiction books is included as well, such as the author's name and the book's publication date. This list includes the best hard science fiction novels, textbooks, and stories, so use it to find books you haven't already read and add them to your reading list. This list should answer the questions, "What are the best hard science fiction books?" and "What are the most famous hard science fiction books?" Note that some books on this list might be currently out of print, but you can purchase most of these notable hard science fiction titles on Amazon with just one click.

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