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Survival Systems International - lifeboat capsules, release hooks, lifeboat service and repairWe are an innovative lifeboat manufacturing company that provides offshore operators with everything they need to achieve a safe evacuation when an emergency occurs on an offshore installation. The Advantages of Single Cable – Raising and lowering on a single cable is simpler and safer than using two cables. A Superior Hook Design – The single cable hook has is an inherently stable Hook with a Lift Over Center Design. Superior Structural Strength – The capsule has superior structural strength with its central core design, oval shape and use of fire retardant vinyl ester resin throughout. Safer in Recovery from the Water – Recovering a lifeboat after a drill is a skilled task. When it comes to your safety don't settle for anything less than a global leader in lifeboat capsules, service, maintenance and training. Suitable for installation on merchant shipping, MODUs and offshore platforms, they are complemented by a full suite of survival craft davits. Our boats are designed for use in harsh conditions and the construction materials selected for their resistance to the corrosive marine environment – and to ensure a long and trouble-free operational life with minimal maintenance. The award-winning, IMO-compliant Safelaunch release and retrieval system - designed, developed and manufactured by Survitec Survival Craft - features visual indicators, integrated fall prevention device (FPD), and more. Its a bad environment for survival, in fact being adrift at sea is possibly the most daunting of all survival situations.
Some areas of the worlds oceans, especially in the northern hemisphere can experience rough seas and weather the year round. The water temperature of the worlds oceans can range from a deadly -1 C to up 34 C with a fall in temperature at night-time. Jumping into the sea from a stricken ship or vessel may be the quickest way off it but this can be foolhardy as well. Evolution has seen mankind evolve in a land-based environment and part of this has meant the human body operates at about 37 Celcius and will begin to loose body heat once immersed in anything below this temperature. The disadvantages of a survival suit are few; It can take some time to don one and you lose some dexterity while wearing it.
It is in a lifeboat or even a makeshift life-raft that there is a greater chance of being rescued. In the United Kingdom the term Lifeboat can mean the actual craft that the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution) Rescue Organisation use.
Modern lifeboats have on board, as a minimum: Flares, water, first-aid kits, sea ink (attracting rescuers), fishing gear, heliograph mirrors, water purifiers, a sea anchor (slows down drifting from wreck to aid rescuers), life jackets and water.

Attracting rescuers attention can be crucial as even on board a lifeboat poor weather can mean its difficult for even airborne rescuers to spot.
Note that red flares are for day use and orange for night use (an easy way to remember is that street lights at night light up in sodium orange colour!) they could be hand flares or parachute flares.
Similar to a lifeboat but slightly inferior is the Life raft, all offshore platforms and maritime shipping have these onboard. Should rescuers fail to appear or worse still the search is called off then the best solution is to try and make for the nearest land mass.
In an emergency if you see one of these craft heading towards you at top-speed you know the cavalry's on its way.
In addition this allows for a simpler and more reliable winch design, and provides the benefits of using one hook rather than two. This task is made safer with a capsule due to only having to attach one hook and direct line of sight from the helmsman to the hook up person and the hook. They're backed by a worldwide installation, commissioning and maintenance service provided by our own team of mobile engineers. Safelaunch has been specifically designed so it can be easily retrofitted to any lifeboat or rescue boat. Seas closer to the equator tend to be more forgiving with warmer waters and calmer seas, although seasonal storms such as monsoons, hurricanes and the like are occasionally present.
The temperature range can vary with the seasons but as a general rule the closer to the equator the warmer the ocean gets. From a high platform or the upper levels of a cruise ship the impact on the water surface may be sufficient to knock you unconsious. Not only will it insulate you against the chilly seas but you'll be more visible to rescuers. These aside they are a brilliant piece of kit for any vessel or installation to have in emergency. Use parachute flares initially to attract attention then ignite the hand flares, smoke, strobe flashers to (hopefully) give away your actual position to the rescue craft.
They are located close to the railings and normally inflate when 'rolled' off the side (via a bungee trigger) if a life boat is unavailable the next best thing (and possible quicker to deploy) is the Life Raft. If this isn't possible it might be best to try heading for international shipping lanes and pray for passing ship or vessel. Featuring only the highest quality materials and manufacturing standards, Safelaunch is reliable and robust - and requires minimum maintenance.

The sun, although essential for life can be a double edged sword at sea, the suns rays can be inescapable on an exposed craft or driftwood. Another factor is that without a survival suit there is a risk in cold water of gasping for air on impact and drowning, so ensure you take and hold a deep breath before jumping. A wetsuit can slow down this process and a drysuit reduces the 'chilling' effect even more. This could be anything from a ground sheet protecting against the sun to a hardened carbon fibre shell. However for the purposes of this section assume that Lifeboat means that which survivors are on board. The most advanced life boats may have an EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) system on board that (when activated) sends out constant distress signals that rescuers can use as a beacon.
It usually contains all the supplies a Lifeboat has but without an engine (although oars are usually onboard). Our global installation teams will train your crew on correct operation and maintenance - and we can perform refresher training during the annual maintenance inspection. Added to this the reflective effects of a glass-like ocean and sun can take on a harsher more deadly effect.
If there are several survivors good plan is to form a close circle to conserves body heat and can raise group spirits. Another useful accessory is a radar reflector or simply a large piece of metal (usually vertically mounted) that a rescue crafts radar system can pick up. Oceanic predators will usually avoid contact with humans, although any cuts and injuries should be kept out of the water if possible. Some of the latest lifeboats are nearly unsinkable by the elements thanks to advances in carbon fibre design and the fully enclosed 'submarine' hull.
Shark attack is rare and unlikely, but studies have shown that if the worst should happen, sharp blows to the snout of nose of a shark can deter it.

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