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If a zombie apocalypse does break out in the land of LEGO some day, there will be a small band of LEGOs prepared to survive. Mostly everyone likes toys, young & old alike, so I thought I would start this new topic on Zombie Toys.
Here's one of them, he's wearing a pair of 3D glasses I had got, he thinks it makes him look cool! It's Black Friday today, the most busiest shopping day of the year where most people start shopping for the holidays, with toys being the most popular buy.

I just about exiled my Naughty Bear game to the shredder because of little bastards like those! Any resemblance to places, or persons living, dead, or undead is coincidental, or used with permission. I've got cemetery photos on the wall behind my desk and little tombstone snowglobes on it right now. He's created a set of modified LEGO vehicles specifically built to take on a horde of bloodthirsty zombies.

I love what I do, and I enjoy sharing everything I can with you when it comes to movies and geekery.

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