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The Lancashire Grid for Learning provides a variety of educational resources, content and managed services to support schools in maximising the benefits of technology to support teaching and learning.
Zest worked with the team at the Goodfellow Unit to develop their new learning management system. The Goodfellow club had a previous learning management system that they were seeking to replace. Primary objectives were to develop a website that provided easy intuitive navigation, provided content in a relevant way to facilitate a professional learning experience and a platform that would accommodate a large number of users.
The solution needed to deliver a payment gateway as well as management reports that provided a summary of subscribed users. Based on workshops and discussion, Zest proposed that the new website be built on the Drupal 7 platform. Custom modules were developed that allowed for the creation of a wide range of courses and quiz content by site administrators.
Data migration scripts were created to move data from the SQL server database schema to the new MySQL environment associated with Drupal. Goodfellow learners have an integrated learning management system that allows them to complete online training, review their learning history and collaborate with course administrators.
The custom reports provide a snap shot of activity that allow meaningful interpretations of usage trends to be made.

SO this week I have decided to reflect on a program that is currently being implemented in the school I work at. The section that I have done a lot of tinkering with is the classroom website part of the larger site. In order to make the site a little more fun I decided to create my own banners in publisher and then save them as a jpeg to add to the website banner. When I created the banners for my class sites, I ran into difficulties at times matching colors, fonts, etc. Catering for health professionals from all disciplines across New Zealand the Goodfellow Learning website provides a wide range of online training material. It’s a new program to the school and meant to act as a multi-use website for communication, sharing resources, organizing homework, etc. They have made a very interactive and visually friendly site that students, educators, and parents like. The dashboard on the main page can direct students to a website the teacher creates for more class focused lessons, pictures, and information. Even though I have done some sites in the past I found it was very rigid and didn’t allow for much creativity.
I also learned a bit more about the sites functionality and on how to place a twitter feed on my homepage.

You can see how some color was added, as well as some banners to make it more visually appealing. You mentioned that you enjoyed design in your closing comment for course 2, so I hope we can keep you interested and challenged along the way! It has a main dashboard where you can click on other pages and applications to use for various tasks. Teachers create this website with a provided “website builder” similar to Word Press or Teacher Web. There were very few fonts, and even less options for making title banners or deciding on color placement. I still wish I could move a few things around and erase some little lines here and there that won’t go away, but I have used it to the best of my ability so far and plan to continue improving on it in the future. I have done a few classroom websites in the past and really enjoy making them fun, informative, and useful to the overall way my class is run. The picture shown here was about as creative as I got before I got a few ideas on how to change it.

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