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The following features are useful as a guide but may differ for each Van design , However should you require a Quotation it will be personalized to your van requirements. Inventlayout is a website that presents practical and useful graphics for designers and web developers. We seek to present exceptional, noteworthy tips, and resources that the modern web professional will appreciate. Bugs are everywhere in the outdoors, so come prepared for bites and stings with the Adventure Medical Kits After Bite Outdoor Itch Eraser. The Adventure Medical Knuckle & Fingertip Easy Access Bandages makes covering up cuts and scrapes a breeze.
When youre far from the comforts of home, make sure your hands are free of disease-causing germs with Adventure Medical Hand Sanitizer. Stick the Adventure Medical Kits Moleskin Kit in your bag and set out a weekend on the trail. Protect yourself and others in your group from biting insects, ticks, and insect-transmitted diseases with the Adventure Medical 3. A quick day trip in the hills can go from awesome to awful if you get hurt (especially if you dont have a way to take care of minor medical issues on your own).
Hit the trail packing the American Medical Kits Glaciergel Advanced Blister & Burn Dressing.
Whether youre headed to a developing third-world country or out on a casual day hike, the Adventure Medical Kits Travel Medic First Aid Kit should be in your bag. A hatchet to the foot or a gunshot wound to the shin isnt funny, unless there was juggling or a mime involved. Being stuck in a survival situation is tough, but being stuck in a survival situation while youre injured is even tougher. You crave solitude, but you also know enough about the backcountry to be prepared for those not-so-peaceful moments. The Adventure Medical QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze is treated with Kaolin, the same substance that the US military uses to help treat wounds on the battlefield. No outdoor adventure is complete without penetrating wounds, blisters, burns, serious bleeding, sprains, strains, muscles aches, or pain. When you were a kid, you secretly wished you could get stranded in the woods with only a knife and a few other essentials to conquer the wild.
As the newest member of Adventure Medical Kits Mountain Series, the Day Tripper First Aid Kit has you covered on short trips into the backcountry.
When youre traveling to a place where the local hospital is the backroom of someones house, and the local ambulance is the bed of pickup truck, itd be wise to carry the Adventure Medical Kits Smart Travel First Aid Kit.
Actually, the worst-case scenario is that you get hurt and don’t have a first aid kit with you because you thought it was too heavy to pack.
Hungarian designer Kevin Harald Campean has revamped the typically haphazard first aid kit into a stylish new toolkit reminiscent of packaging by Apple. This anti-itch gel relieves the scratch-inducing madness associated with bees, wasps, ants, mosquitoes, chiggers, and other little biters.

Two convenient, color-coordinated portable packs are provided--one with ten knuckle bandages, and one with ten fingertip bandages--that easily slip into your backpack or travel bag. The foaming alcohol-free formula requires no rinsing and continues to cleanse even after it dries.
When your boots start to rub and you can feel that old nemesis the hot spot starting to form, take a break and protect your tootsies from painful blisters with Adventure Medical Kits new super soft, super adhesive moleskin.
GlacierGel contains 30% water to provide instant relief and cushioning to hot spots, burns, and blisters. This kit combines GlacierGel, Moleskin, antiseptic towelettes, and alcohol wipes to give you complete first aid for a hikers feet. With an array of bandages, medications, and treatments, this travel-sized kit covers the basic when medical care isnt around.
Either way, the Adventure Medical Quikclot Advanced Clotting Sponge uses a chemically inert substance to stop the bleeding faster than just applying pressure can. If you remembered to toss the Adventure Medical SOL Survival Medic kit in your pack before starting up the trail, youll have a better chance of either making it back home or surviving until help comes. Now, nobodys saying that your adventures are going to end up in combat; what they are saying is, when youre in a rough spot, it helps to know the gauze you brought along is up for the task.
Thanks to the sterile towel drape, sterile surgical gloves, multiple antiseptics, hospital-quality tools, and multiple other emergency tool necessities, this kit permits the establishment of a sterile environment.
Grab the Rapid Response Trauma Pak First Aid Kit from Adventure Medical and make yourself useful. 7 First Aid Kit loads essential first aid supplies into a packable, nearly weightless, waterproof kit so whether you are over-nighting in the San Juan Islands or knocking out a few miles of foothill hiking, you can be prepared.
Medications and treatments are organized by injury so you can easily and quickly find what you need. Actually, the worst-case scenario is that you get hurt and dont have a first aid kit with you because you thought it was too heavy to pack. This comprehensive medical kit features plenty of wound dressings, essential tools, and medications for pain and stomach ailments.
No, wait; maybe the worst-case scenario is really that you get hurt, and you have your fist aid kit, but it is soaking wet and totally unusable because it wasn’t in a waterproof container. Campean’s new design features a bold orange makeover that uses simple, streamlined design for easier use in emergency situations. The bandages are secured in the packs so they dont float around, and when you need one, simply grab the appropriate pack, grip the bandage you want, pull it out, and stick it on.
Pre-cut shapes and sizes help you apply moleskin easily and get back on task quicker than you can say, Scalopus aquaticus. This DEET-free repellent fends off insects with a 20% concentration of Picaridin, which is the amount recommended by the CDC to guard against insect-transmitted diseases. These waterproof adhesive gels breathe, cushion, cool, and absorb friction, keeping your skin safe and pain free.
Including 15 dressing and 15 wipes, the Blister Medic Kit provides ideal care and prevention for a family or a group of hikers.

It is 100% DEET, with no fillers to dilute its effectiveness, and its fragrance-free formula keeps the bug-spray smell to a minimum. Two available sizes of chemically treated mesh sponges let you safely and more effectively reduce blood loss while you get your friend to the hospital.
The kit includes basic first aid supplies, fire-starting equipment, an emergency blanket, and a mini roll of duct tape. 5 First Aid Kit puts first aid essentials into a nearly-weightless pack so you can be ready for any cuts, sprains, and blisters that might pop up. This family-sized kit contains a multitude of supplies to treat scrapes, sprains, headaches, mild allergic reactions, and larger wounds.
The Steelhead equips you to take care of many such injuries quickly in the wild, or at least well enough to give you time to seek help.
The QuikClot clotting sponge in this package certainly wont be a panacea for any and all potential trauma in the wilderness--it will however help you stabilize someone until more advanced care can be sought later.
The Adventure Medical Scout Survival Pak is an ultra-lightweight, waterproof collection of necessities that you will hopefully never have to use, but if you do, your childhood fantasies of living off of the land like a mountain man might finally come true.
The Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness and Travel Medicine, which describes treatment for just about any injury you might encounter, is included in this kit; consider it the compact, lightweight equivalent of carrying a doctor in your backpack. No, wait; maybe the worst-case scenario is really that you get hurt, and you have your fist aid kit, but it is soaking wet and totally unusable because it wasnt in a waterproof container. The Adventure Medical Ultralight & Watertight .9 First Aid is lightweight, packable, and uses a DryFlex liner to keep water out.
This application system allows you to dress your wound with one hand, is more hygienic, and involves no tabs that would otherwise get loose and create waste.
It provides eight hours of protection, and is clinically proven to perform as well as, or better than, DEET-based products. The rugged Silnylon bag with a DryFlex liner keeps everything sog-free in case you catch a little rain or dump your kayak. Even if youre not trained in first aid, you can quickly and confidently give assistance with the help of the Easy Care system, which organize items by injury and outline appropriate treatment. Examination gloves and a biohazard disposal bag help to mitigate risks and help prevent a single emergency from turning into something worse. 5 First aid kit by Kevin Harald CampeanSimple diagrams for using the kit are printed on the back of the box.6 First aid kit by Kevin Harald CampeanTo access the tools, the user slides the two bright orange kits out from each side.
Compared to DEET-based products, Natrapel is safer on gear, smells better, and wont cause adverse reactions. 4-ounce bottle size is large enough for bigger groups or extended trips, and small enough to be allowed in your carry-on if youre traveling by plane. 7 First aid kit by Kevin Harald CampeanEach kit is divided into smaller compartments with white pictograms--icons that convey meaning through visual representation--with easy-to-lift tabs.

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