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Thread veins, medically known as telangectasia, are the most common vascular lesions and vary a great deal in their density and extent. A Pulsed dye laser (585nm) emits pulses of intense yellow light that penetrate the most superficial layer of the skin targeting the unwanted dilated red blood vessels. Skin colour changesĀ – Skin darkening (hyper pigmentation) occasionally follows laser treatment taking 2-4 months to fade.
Skin lightening (hypo pigmentation) can occur in certain sites (the neck-upper chest) after several treatments.
The opinions and images presented are those of Mr Awf Quaba and are based on his own experience and review of the medical literature. This type of laser is not to be confused with ablative lasers which are used for facial resurfacing (see separate sections).Pulsed Dye Laser has been used for the treatment of various benign vascular lesions in Scotland since 1990.
The majority of patients find this sensation mildly uncomfortable and do not need anaesthetic.

It may resolve spontaneously but is rarely permanent.Uneven skin colour patterns may develop half way through a series of treatments, particularly in cases of dense thread veins giving a honeycomb appearance. A more advanced technology is now available.Benign vascular lesions are made up of clusters of surface blood vessels.
However, facial thread veins are seen more frequently in individuals who have had excessive sun exposure, prolonged use of topical steroids or alcohol abuse. Some individuals with larger marks or who are more sensitive may require a topical anaesthetic cream. They vary in size and colour depending on the density, extent and depth of these dilated blood vessels.
They can be a manifestation of certain types of birth marks or the product of certain disease processes such as rosacea, (autoimmune diseases, chronic liver disease or poikiloderma). The treatments may beĀ repeated as long as there is evidence of continuing improvement and no side effects.

Common variations include spider naevi, thread veins, and capillary malformations (port wine stains).
Most vascular lesions responding to laser therapy are cosmetic in nature and pose no medical threat if not treated. Aloe Vera gel and cool packs may be applied during the first 24-hours.Any discomfort you may have can usually be relieved with simple painkillers.
Do not rub with a towel because the treated skin can be fragile.Avoid antiseptic lotions which can cause unnecessary irritation.

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