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The best thing about Cham Sut Gol was the free ice cream at the end, and I think that says a lot for a Korean bbq place.
Being in Long Beach, I looked online and found this one in Garden Grove, so I suggested we check this one out. If you go to an AYCE Buffet, you get to select whatever type of meat you want, but not the AMOUNT of meat.

Whenever my boyfriend and I go to an AYCE KBBQ, we usually do 2-3 rounds because they give good portions but coming to Korea House, we can get a great variety of meat with small amount which is really nice. They have a good variety of meat there but it's not a lot like the AYCE KBBQ restaurants.
They give you your water when necessary and they'll come by to cut your meat when needed.I would definitely come back to this place!

The side dishes were good, but we were just not happy with the meat which should have been the focus here.

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