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LibreOffice developers have introduced many new features since then but with every new release of MS Office compatibility got reduced. Fortunately, few days back I discovered one new Office Suite for Linux called Kingsoft Office. As of now Kingsoft Office for Linux is in Alpha version so there are few limitations and there could be some bugs as well.
We can hope that the current limitations will be addressed in next versions of Kingsoft Office for Linux.
I don’t agree with Kingsoft Office as the best office suite for linux, I prefer FreeOffice.
I have just downloaded and tried SoftMaker FreeOffice to open some .docx files that I had trouble with Libreoffice.
PS: It took me long time (a few hours to download Kingsoft Office) so I stopped downloading it and switched to FreeOffice, instead.
2007 офис без проблем ставится в вайне без установки дополнительных компонент, т.е нажал Setup в файловом менеджере и проследовал инструкции по установке. This file is saved in a binary format, which requires a specific program to read its contents.
Microsoft Works 9 was the final version of Works and the software was discontinued in 2010. On Linux systems, WPS files can be opened using OxygenOffice Professional or another variation of the suite that includes the "libwps" library. Nevertheless, there are in-between choices, such as Kingsoft Office Professional, a three-piece suite, providing a word processor (Writer), a spreadsheet application (Spreadsheets), and a presentation tool (Presentation). The truth is that each comes with its own ups and downs and they are suitable for a specific category of users or in certain environments.
The list of options is comprehensive and covers almost all the requirements for creating complex documents, enriched with images, shapes, tables, charts, custom text, and page layout.
Having the same entries in different forms may seem redundant but, in this case, it is about making specific, quick changes that are required on a more frequent basis versus a more comprehensive level of customization.
As an example, changing the font type, style, size, or color can be done using the ribbon options under the Home menu. On the other hand, the font formatting panel under the drop-down button provides all these options in a single window and is more elaborate; the dialog includes effects, a preview screen, and character spacing options.
In some cases, there is the possibility to access the full menu from the ribbon, but this is an efficient way for users who are already very comfortable working with Writer. One of the advantages in Kingsoft Office Professional is tab support, which allows working with multiple documents at the same time.
On the same note, the paragraph layout tool permits adjusting a text passage in the document using the mouse. The application can load all document formats produced by Microsoft Word as well as RTF, TXT, XML, or HTML.
Also on the downside, it lacks some features compared even to free suites, such as grammar checking, spell auto-correct, thesaurus, or document comparison. Kingsoft’s Writer is not complicated to handle, but it requires some getting used to, and coming from a different word processing environment such as Microsoft Word does not help. It integrates most of the functionality present in other suites and is suitable for environments where no heavy text production or editing is required.

It incorporates a complex list of features, complete with options for creating various charts based on the data in the sheet, pivot tables or inserting images, shapes, various objects or text boxes. Just like in the case of Writer, the application has tab support, which allows working on multiple books at the same time. Formulas are the heart of this module, and Kingsoft’s Spreadsheets is well-equipped and within easy reach. There is also the possibility to access all the functions present in the application or just the recently used ones. The business templates are the most numerous but, even so, the list is not as large and comprehensive as in Microsoft Excel. Spreadsheets from Kingsoft is compatible with Excel formats (XLS, XLSX, XLT), which can be imported with no problems. Overall, Kingsoft’s application is impressive in terms of flexibility and ease of use only when price is also involved in the equation.
Creating beautiful slide show presentations is generally based on templates, and Kingsoft Office’s dedicated module integrates several such presets to help start the project faster. Building the project from square one and adding text fields, pictures, or other supported objects can also be done.
Most of the options are available in the ribbon-bar menus, but for more customization the side panel on the right provides an impressive list of choices. In the other two modules of the suite (Writer and Spreadsheets), this menu offers little interest but, in the case of Presentation, it is the quickest way to access slide layouts, color and animation schemes, slide transition and customization options, or design templates. To increase the appeal of the presentation, the application offers the possibility to add sound snippets for each, background music for the entire project, or video files.
Working with Kingsoft Presentation is quite a simple task and it does not require previous training. It offers a set of the three most used Office modules at an incredible price, and they are reliable and ready to compete with plenty of similar bundles on the market. It is compatible with Microsoft Office file formats and during our tests it managed to load them without affecting the structure of the project (document, spreadsheet, or presentation).
Despite being compared to pricy packages, it lacks plenty of their functions that can save a lot of time or achieve very complex tasks. Kingsoft Office Professional 2013 has a different audience than its alternatives on the market, but it does deliver the necessary functionality for creating rich and complex documents at a very attractive price.
La cuestionn es simple quien pueda pagar usara MSOffice, quien no usara LibreOffice, nadie va a usar esta suite fuera de china. For Linux users there is not much trouble finding a web browser as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are available on all major Linux distributions.
Now MS Office 2013 and 365 versions are available but files created using these are not compatible with LibreOffice 4, the newest version of LibreOffice.
Actually calling it new will not be appropriate as Kingsoft is one of the oldest software company based in China. Even with these limitations, Kingsoft Office is very much usable and useful for every Linux user.
It works perfectly, no formatting was lost (even in a 11.6MB file with full of images and boxes). SMFO is not really free; as you have to tradeoff some of your privacy in order to get a serial key.

Engineering students sociales, resume cover letter customer service representative resume template. From a distance, there are plenty of similarities, although at a closer look differences begin to become obvious. For quickly changing the alignment, the options in the ribbon are great, but more comprehensive customization can be achieved from the menu button. The retractile ribbon bar has them organized by their purpose: financial, logical, text, date and time, trigonometry, lookup, and reference. You can choose between business-related presets, education, office, or for personal use, which are suitable for calculating the family budget quick and easy. Nevertheless, you can customize any of them or create your own from scratch and add them to the default bunch. Although the set of templates is quite short, the application compensates through the number of slide layouts, which can contribute to a complex presentation project.
You have the control over the transition effects, which can be applied to the entire presentation or just a selected slide; they can also be accompanied by preset sounds. It is a great alternative, even for PowerPoint, although it lacks much of the functionality and flexibility in Microsoft’s product. When you try to open MS Office created files with LibreOffice, formatting of the document is totally screwed up unless the document is pretty basic.
Kingsoft has developed its first Word Processing System based upon DOS even before first release of Microsoft Office. Best part is that the user interface of Kingsoft Office is very similar to MS Office including the Ribbon interface.
I did not find much time to experience it in full but on first impression I can say that user interface of Kingsoft is better. Furthermore, there is the possibility to set indentation of the first line in the exact same way. Even I prefer to use Linux (Ubuntu) but just because of MS Office I have installed Windows 7 side by side as I need to work with complex documents and spreadsheets. Till now Kingsoft was actively developing Office Suites for Windows and Android but recently they have started developing new version for  Linux. But on the other side, I have opened few documents in FreeOffice and find the representation very good even better than Kingsoft in few cases.
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This will reduce the learning curve for the new users who have recently migrated from Windows to Linux. One more useful feature is that multiple documents can be opened in Tabs so there is no need of switching between multiple windows. Desafortunadamente, libreoffice calc, hai que lo abras ms word, o educacion frecuentemente. Resume-templates, writer-templates fourth grade de textos, hemos planteado la siguiente tabla.

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