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Researcher Darren Stefanyshyn of the Faculty of Kinesiology helped develop a new shoe to help athletes get a leg up on the competition. Years of research in Kinesiology’s Human Performance Lab (HPL) told Stefanyshyn the shoes obviously have to provide traction, a landing or guiding surface and stiffness at the Metatarsophalangeal joint of the foot. The shoe has a number of other innovative features – the upper is made with a new welding mesh technology that eliminates pressure points and is also very light. Many of the other innovations come from Stefanyshyn’s biomechanical analysis of what a sprinter needs. The end result is a shoe Stefanyshyn says is even better than he imagined, and the world’s athletes seem to agree. Kinesiology is a natural healing therapy that combines Ancient Eastern Wisdom & Contemporary Western Health Science, promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. TruTester delivers the powerful science of applied kinesiology (AK) without the need for a two-person muscle test. TT has made life-saving medical diagnoses, profitable stock picks, found lost items, discovered cheating spouses - one customer even used TT to win the Chicago Little League Series!
Simple and easy to use, the original handmade TruTester provides accurate AK testing anytime and anywhere you want.

TruTester is a muscle testing dynamometer that quickly identifies your maximum strength when you squeeze. New nano-composite ‘spikes’ don’t actually penetrate the track, they provide compression, which produces traction without losing energy from having the spikes actually pulling in and out of the track surface. He says the first run of the elite level shoe sold out “almost overnight,” which is a gratifying vote of confidence for the biomechanics researcher.
Using simple yes and no responses, TruTester lets you hear the voice of your own subconscious mind. AK practitioners know that when we test strong the body is saying Yes, Good, Right, Healthy.
Not everything I look for becomes clear to me, but without the TruTester and your help none of it would be possible.
EDT July 3, 2015East African Muslim girls practice basketball in their new uniforms in Minneapolis. Case in point is the Adidas Adizero Prime SP, an innovative sprint shoe that many of the world’s top athletes are wearing at the 2012 London Olympic Games. The crowd claps and cheers as the young models strike poses with basketballs, lacrosse sticks and boxing gloves.

For a year I studied kinesiology and had issues with having to have another person there to do muscle testing. The models are East African, primarily Muslim girls living in Minnesota who designed their own culturally sensitive sportswear that lets them move freely without worrying about tripping on a long, flowing dress or having a head scarf come undone at a crucial point."The girls for years have been telling us, 'We would like clothing. Didn't know what it was at first, but like all other things I have discovered through meditation, sometimes ya gotta go with your gut. The project culminated in the fashion show this June at the university.The girls came up with two designs. One teal-and-black uniform with stripes — good for all sports including swimming — features leggings and a knee-length tunic. Both the everyday active wear and the basketball team's bright red outfit include a tight black headpiece.
Arms, legs, hair and neck are all covered.Amira Ali, right, and Rayan Ali, left, play basketball in their new uniforms during an East African Muslim girls practiced in Minneapolis.

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