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The reason why one of the greatest coming of age stories of all time, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, is so low on the list is because Lizzie and Gordo didn't actually get together. This couple has every quintessential teen movie stereotype going for them; they are from different worlds, one is popular, one is the new kid, they sing and dance, they stay together in the end, etc.
We weren't sure which Mean Girls couple to pick, because we also voted for Trang Pak and Coach Carr.
They were totally "Breaking Free" from the "Status Quo." So what if we have seen the movie so many times that we quote every song? He is the ultimate ladies man, but the couple we chose to highlight was Brittany Snow and baby Penn Badgley, before Gossip Girl cut his perfectly long tresses.
It is very real and honest, but it also makes you fall in love with Ellen Page and Michael Cera together.6.

This was the movie that introduced us to Nicholas Sparks in the teen genre, before The Notebook was a thing. However, Sara Paxton and Jake McDorman lack chemistry and their kisses were just plain awkward. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see them act as a couple that much so we can't really judge their compatibility.
This movie is every teenage boy's fantasy: a porn star moves in next door and then they fall in love. Basically, there was other stuff we were more interested in than a love story. Sorry, guys! But to be honest, they were slightly boring in comparison to the other couples above them.8.

But at least Mia and Michael gave us a more realistic expectation for a fun, happy relationship with a best friend.
Even if they didn't end up together in the second movie, their teen romance was fit for a king.3. We would love to hear your thoughts, as long as those thoughts don't include swearing at us.

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