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A sun-powered robotic explorer named Juno is rocketing toward Jupiter on a fresh quest to discover the secret recipe for making planets. The rocket lifted off on Friday almost an hour later than planned, following a suspenseful countdown. Science editor Alan Boyle's blog: "Astronaut Abby" is at the controls of a social-media machine that is launching the 15-year-old from Minnesota to Kazakhstan this month for the liftoff of the International Space Station's next crew. Both issues were resolved in time to send the unmanned rocket spaceward before its 69-minute launch window closed. Hundreds of scientists and their families and friends cheered and yelled "Go Juno!" as the Atlas 5 rocket rose into a clear midday sky. Within an hour of liftoff, Juno hurtled out of Earth's orbit at 24,000 mph (38,000 kilometers per hour) on a roundabout course for Jupiter. With Juno, scientists hope to answer some of the most fundamental questions of our solar system.
Jupiter is so big it could contain everything in the solar system, minus the sun, and still be twice as massive. Juno will venture much closer to Jupiter than any of the eight spacecraft that have visited since the 1970s, most of them just passing by.
The $1.1 billion mission — which will end with Juno taking a fatal plunge into Jupiter in 2017 — kicks off a flurry of astronomy missions by NASA. Next up is Grail, twin spacecraft with a $496 million price tag that will be launched next month and go into orbit around Earth's moon.
Exploring the solar system is all about "unlocking the mysteries of how we got here" and is worth the money it takes to get those answers, said Jim Adams, NASA's deputy director of planetary science.
With the end of the space shuttle program just two weeks ago, Juno's liftoff created more buzz than usual.
Attached to the probe are three little Lego figures specially made of space-grade aluminum. If all goes well, Juno will go into orbit around Jupiter's poles — a first — on July 4, 2016. The oblong orbit will bring Juno within 3,100 miles (4,950 kilometers) of the cloudtops and right over the most powerful auroras in the solar system. Juno will circle the planet 33 times, each orbit lasting 11 days for a grand total of one year. By mission's end, "we've essentially dropped a net around the planet with all of our measurements," Bolton said.
Radiation is so intense around Jupiter that Bolton and his team put Juno's most sensitive electronics inside a titanium vault — an armored tank, as he calls it. Juno's experiments also will attempt to ascertain the abundance of water, and oxygen, in Jupiter's atmosphere, and determine whether the core of the planet is solid or gaseous. Juno bears nine instruments, including a wide-angle color camera, JunoCam, that will beam back images that the public can turn into photos.

Jupiter loses a stripeThe weather on Jupiter is changeable, as these before-and-after pictures show. Family portraitLaunched in 1989, the Galileo spacecraft has photographed Jupiter as well as several of the giant planet's satellites. Cratered CallistoCallisto is considered the most cratered celestial body in the solar system. Dark faceColors are enhanced in this view of Ganymede's trailing hemisphere, highlighting the moon's polar caps. Cloudy weatherThe mosaic at left shows the true colors of the cloud patterns in Jupiter's northern hemisphere.
This is the SpotA true-color picture captures the subtle shadings of Jupiter's Great Red Spot, a massive, long-lived storm system in the planet's thick atmosphere.
A big splash on EuropaA computer-generated perspective view shows the Pwyll impact crater on Europa, an ice-covered moon of Jupiter. A blast at IoThis image of Io, thought to be the solar system's most volcanically active world, shows the plumes of two eruptions. Lava lightAn active volcanic eruption on Jupiter's moon Io flares in an image taken in February 2000 by the Galileo spacecraft. Crazy quiltThe thin crust of Europa's Conamara region is criss-crossed by craters, cracks and lines - indicating that the surface ice was repeatedly disrupted.
A moving moonIn a picture taken in April 2001 by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, the moon Io looks like a marble set against the background of Jupiter. Ellen Page Juno Wallpaper Juno Juno on Burger phone Juno & Vanessa Paulie Juno juno Juno Fanart Mark & Vanessa Juno & Leah Banner Juno & Bleeker Banner Juno & Bleeker Juno and Bleeker Hamburger Phone.
A helium leak in a ground system for the probe's Atlas 5 launch vehicle caused the first delay. It will take five years to reach Jupiter, the solar system's most massive and ancient planet. It was expected to whip past the orbit of the moon in half a day, or early Saturday morning.
The three huge solar panels popped open an hour into the flight, each one stretching as long and wide as a tractor-trailer. It got most of the leftovers from the sun's creation nearly 5 billion years ago — hence the planet's immense size — and its enormous gravity field has enabled it to hold onto that original material. Then comes the $2.5 billion Curiosity, a six-wheeled, jeep-size rover that will blast off for Mars at the end of November in search of environments conducive to life. Several thousand invited guests jammed Kennedy Space Center to watch the Atlas 5 blast off with Juno from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station next door. In fact, that's how the spacecraft got its name — Juno peered through clouds to keep tabs on her husband, Jupiter. It shows his self-portrait, as well as his description of observing Jupiter's moons, in his own handwriting from 1610.

The false-color overlay at right exaggerates the moon's surface features, including the Valhalla impact structure near the center of the disk.
The violet color indicates where small particles of frost may be scattering light on the blue end of the spectrum.
The rendition at right uses false colors to represent the height and thickness of the cloud cover.
The heights are exaggerated, but the central peak indicates that the crater may have been modified shortly after its formation by the flow of underlying warm ice.
One plume can be seen at the very edge of the disk, the other is puffing up from the dark volcanic ring near the center of the disk.
The dark L-shaped lava flow to the left of center marks the site of energetic eruptions in November 1999 at Tvashtar Catena, which is a chain of giant volcanic calderas.
The colors, which are enhanced in this view, show where light ice crystals and dark contaminants have settled onto the surface. Wallpaper and background images in the Juno club tagged: juno image actress ellen page comedy icon screencap. Then officials needed to confirm that wayward boat was clear of the rocket's offshore launch range.
What really happened early in the solar system that eventually led to all of us," Bolton said earlier in the week.
The photo on the right, taken on May 9, 2010, reveals that one of the planet's prominent dark cloud belts has faded away. The two small bright spots at left side of image are sites where molten rock is exposed to the surface at the toes of lava flows.
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