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A conjunction of Mars, god of war, with Juno, goddess of marriage, highlights the need for both individuation and unity, self-determined action and the creation of enduring alliances. This conjunction of Mars and Juno reminds us that the process is deeply challenging, requiring confidence and humility, determination to go it alone when we must and together when necessary. An important e mail has been sent to everyone whose subscription continues beyond 2nd February 2016, regarding the closure of the subscription service. If you're interested in using astrology as a tool to enhance your personal and spiritual development, my Self-Study Astrology Course will equip you to read any birth chart, work deeply with your own and unlock the profound wisdom messages every chart contains.
Compiled using your own personal birth data and current location time zone to ensure accuracy, these personalised astro-calendars provide all the data you need to know what transits are made to your chart every single day of the year, along with progressed aspects, solar arcs, retrograde cycles & more.
Juno entered Libra in September 2015, and when it did, it awakened a powerful commitment to fairness, justice, and equality. Throughout its run, it has brought attention to what is out of balance, unfair, unjust, and unequal in ways that hasn’t been done is a very long time and has done so in peaceful yet profound ways. Though some people felt that these efforts disturbed the peace, those who believed this were likely the ones who were having their “peace” of an imbalanced status quo disrupted.
If you resist this exploration into your darkest depths, your own fear will likely hurt you or destroy who you know yourself to be. However, if you allow this exploration – if you allow your demons within come up and be faced, you release the power they have over you.
Juno demands commitment, and in true Scorpio fashion, you’ll choose to be all-the way-in or all-the-way-out of your transformation…but there is no gray area. Subscribe to the Life By Soul™ mailing list to receive the latest blog posts, the monthly e-zine, news of upcoming events & products, and special offers. Knowing the extent and limitations of one’s own knowledge and abilities is the mark of a mature ego that can competently assess the self.
Its semi-sextile to Saturn at this point helps us embrace the patient humility often required for the fulfilment of true potential. We may have been blinded to this fact by the early fruits of awakening that offer up positive change: some peace, more faith, deeper insight into what makes the world go around such that we can better grasp our place within it. By acknowledging this we step onto the real path, not the fantasy one, and walk true steps not false ones. Both the best and the worst are rising to the surface, revealed in their fullness for all to behold. Ellen Page Juno Wallpaper Juno Juno on Burger phone Juno & Vanessa Paulie Juno juno Juno Fanart Mark & Vanessa Juno & Leah Banner Juno & Bleeker Banner Juno & Bleeker Juno and Bleeker Hamburger Phone. Like in any situation in which matters have been out of balance for a significant length of time, those who have been denied fair and equal treatment will be eager to obtain what they believe they have a right to, while those who have been receiving the benefits of the imbalances will be reluctant to give up their perks and power.
This retrograde period will take Juno all the way back into the late degrees of Libra before returning to direct motion and moving through the entirety of Scorpio (again!) until it finally enters Sagittarius in November 2016.
I have been doubting myself lately and now I won’t be afraid of letting that come up, and then release. I have been doubting myself a lot and now I won’t be afraid of letting that come u, and then release. It calls forth commitment to enlightened relationships which honour individual strengths, and to collective well-being which stretches beyond the individual. We might yearn to be the saviour of others, the expert with all the answers, but if we’ve not yet secured that position we must be humble enough to recognise this and pass the baton when the time is right. Those who want everything all at once – acclaim, accomplishment and satisfaction – disrespect the beauty of a process which weaves the roots of all of those things deeply into ones soul before they manifest on the material plane. For whilst the journey may be longer or more challenging than we expected, it is exactly as it should be and we are guided always homeward by the light of the Divine. It tells you how and when to cancel your subscription payment and other important information. These are times of opportunity, when we can change the course of so much and challenge, like never before, the status quo of inequalities and power differentials, oppression, exploitation and deception. Wallpaper and background images in the Juno club tagged: juno ellen page movie fanart tumblr.
Juno in Scorpio will push you to uncover, face, and deal with the underlying fears which drive your insecurities and fuel your defensive postures – to get to the bottom of these matters so they can be eradicated from their roots.

This is an indicator that we will be dealing with these feelings of deep insecurity and vulnerability – our own and those of others – for at least 11 months!
Juno is certain to bring up a LOT of uncomfortable feelings and emotional expressions and a LOT of mistrust (mostly a lack of trust in ourselves to handle unfamiliar situations – a lack of trust which we project others in order to feel less helpless or powerless in the face of change). You’ve empowered yourself beyond anything you could have imagined by allowing your worst secrets to be revealed.
Consequently, we may have to both stand firm in the knowledge that we’re doing the right thing even in the face of naysayers who think they know better, and stand aside to honour those who really do, and can more effectively achieve what’s needed. The outcomes we seek are fruits born on mature branches that require deep roots to grow strong and secure.
To awaken, both individually and collectively, requires a journey through the flames that burn away all we perceive ourselves to be.
Hamburger Phone Juno Juno Juno wallpaper Juno & Bleeker Juno deleted scenes Juno Movie Poster Juno Juno Book. Juno in Scorpio will be dredging up all the stuff that makes you feel unsafe and uncertain about who you are and what you stand for – the perceived weaknesses and demons you desperately try to hide from others in the belief that as long as you keep them secret, they can’t be used against you to hurt or destroy you. With a clear conscience, you have the power to do overcome anyone and anything you set your heart and mind to overcoming.
The delicate blossoms of spring, so easily blown away, may look richly beautiful but they cannot withstand the oftentimes forceful encounters with life on the edge of awakening. We don’t get to keep the ‘good’ bits of our life and just replace the problematic bits that don’t work anyway. Truths are surfacing, along with feelings previously discounted, fears denied for too long and realities we dared not name.Both brutal and nurturing in equal measure, current planetary activity speaks of great conflict and great healing, but the former may precede the latter with immense force.
But if we want to reach beyond our remit, trying to be more than we are, greater than our current state allows, the heavens encourage patience and humility. They speak of nascent potential, not its ripening, and must be treated with gentle love and care if they are to see out their season and give way to their promised harvest. To awaken is to recognise the sacred emptiness at the heart of all things including ourselves, our life and our identity; to know we may have to relinquish all we think we are to discover the unchanging truth at our core. Truth rises like a bubble, breaking through what may be a hardened surface of complacency or denial, shattering as it goes.
There is a time for advancement and expansion, but it must be balanced with respect for the limitations which define who we are right now. This fragmented surface may be our career that falls apart to reveal its empty heart just when we thought we should be at the top of our game. Juno Fanart Juno Fanart Bleeker Banner Juno wallpaper Juno wallpaper 7 Reasons To Watch Juno! Juno Juno Juno Fanart Juno Fanart Juno Fanart Ellen Page Header Juno Juno wallpaper Juno deleted scenes Wallpaper Juno wallpaper Juno Juno deleted scenes Juno T-shirt. It may be our health as it falters and fails, a wider breakdown in social order or an unavoidable sense of deepening unease that something in our world is very wrong and in need of healing before it’s too late.
The current conjunction between Eris and Uranus leaves no one untouched for we all, at some level or other, must be broken open to receive the truth and stop living our personal lie.It is tempting to take sides at moments like this.
Current world events foster this tendency as acts of unspeakable violence occur on our doorstep, echoing events that have occurred for many years, but at a safe enough distance that we could happily ignore them and carry on our merry and unconscious way.
Juno Juno Fanart Bluno Banner Juno wallpaper Juno DVD Juno and Bleek 7 Reasons To Watch Juno!
But violence and hatred, fear and terror, despair and frustration don’t go away by ignoring them.
Denial feeds them, as does refusal to acknowledge the seeds of truth in their darkened heart. She has no compunction about feeding the elephant in the room until it is so huge we cannot possibly ignore it any longer! She knows no fear and many who have felt disenfranchised and despairing for too long may now be releasing their fear too, ready to rise up and fight for their cause whatever it may be, even to a bloody and bitter end.If we are living and breathing today we are part of this, no matter how much we may see it as ‘those over there’ causing the problem.
The multifarious aspects of our world are so intertwined it isn’t possible to stand apart and claim no share in its fabric.

Neptune now retrograde in its own sign of Pisces reminds us we each arise from and return to the same source. But in the absolute we are simply parts of a whole, each uniquely fashioned to play its’ specific part. Reflection on this inter-connectedness is vital now, to counter the movement toward polarisation which leads only to ever greater conflict in the end.Saturn continues to square Neptune until the second half of September when this alliance begins to fade.
It supports the questioning of long held truths and much loved certainties in the face of today’s mighty challenges.
Be it political upheaval, conflict and war, climate change or personal trials, life is banging upon our consciousness to wake up and rise up. Never has there been such a potent time for breakdown to become breakthrough or tragedy to become triumph.
But these processes take time and demand that we honour each step to birth the deepest transformation shaped by the highest truths. We may have to get our hands dirty in the messiness of the human realm with all our wild emotions and crazy longings. We may have to remove mask after mask until eventually we don’t even recognise ourselves, let alone anyone else knowing who the heck we are!These times call for authenticity that may offend in its honesty and passion, challenging the religious, political, social and spiritual status quos. We answer to no one when it comes to truth, for truth is its own arbiter, leaving nothing else stood in its wake. We lie to ourselves and each other when to speak and act freely may threaten too deeply the surface accord which gets us through the day. But it is time for the most fulsome honesty we can muster, first and foremost with ourselves. Our shells were broken then and we emerged into a new kind of reality, one which would no longer tolerate the tyranny of ‘normal’ against the upwelling of deeper truths.
Many feared they wouldn’t survive its’ onslaught and yet here we are, changed beyond recognition instead of broken beyond repair.
No matter how much we quake in the face of truths too hard to accept, they serve to reveal the path ahead. We must do it with joined hands, open hearts and expansive minds prepared to entertain new possibilities, not calcify against anything that threatens our personal status quo.As Goethe famously observed ‘Boldness has genius, magic and power in it’. Mars in Sagittarius between 2nd August and 27th September supports courageous acts and fearless hearts which remain open no matter what. This open heartedness, which mitigates against defensive posturing, projection of our shadow upon the ‘enemy’ and loss of faith, can be our foundation if we choose, enabling clarity of effort and a sense of direction that may have been lacking more recently.
That said, the flip side of Mars in Sagittarius is crusading for a cause without thought or respect for those on a different path and we must guard against such seeds in our own hearts.
No matter how right we feel, no matter how true our perspective seems, to insist others share it in itself reveals the lie that perpetuates so much conflict in this world: that life is black and white, concrete and solid with obvious truths and one reality. Pluto’s on-going journey through Capricorn affirms how far from the truth such perceptions are and reminds us that nothing is sacred when it comes to up-ending the status quo.On 19th August the next eclipse season begins.
Together these cosmic events herald a further intensification of the current cycle of revolution and rebellion. In the weeks leading up to this next rise in tempo we have the opportunity to make a deep and abiding commitment to join hands and hearts, stay the course and offer our very lives up to the mystery that is the current evolution of consciousness, a journey replete with great truth, boundless blessings and unimaginable gifts of grace. If enrobed in spontaneous shifts which take our life off in a new and positive direction, hallelujah!! And if they come like a thief in the night, stealing from us what we hold most dear to seed a future we cannot yet imagine, may we stand strong beside each other as we learn to live our life anew.Intense times indeed, which may be the understatement of the year!

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