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Juno is most commonly known as the marriage asteroid and in myth the feminine counterpart to Zeus (Jupiter). In assessing your own Juno placement it is important to note not only the sign but also its house position.
The aspects Juno makes to other planets and to the angles will flavor that commitment as well as bringing the energy of commitment to the functions of those placements. 8th house Juno in Pisces, and when I learned this and what it actually meant it was a huge revelation to me. My husband’s Juno is in Capricorn in the 5th house and conjunct his Vertex which is also in Capricorn. My juno is in the 11th house in Taurus is that why I have been living alone for the past 25 years????? I have just looked at this as Placidus, where people in the past have interpreted, and equal house, which Elsa uses. For Placidus: commitment to learning, though unfocused, sometimes coming through quirky individuals? Just after this historic event of the 12-12-12, comes the new moon in Sagittarius, and I may say, at a perfect time for those Sagittarian energies to flow. This is a new moon in Sagittarius, so the theme of education seems extremely relevant, and I wonder until when we’re going to have to endure the coarcion of the development of the brains of our children with this outdated educational system, which continues to put emphases in high grades over comprehension and hard work, which cries out for change. We seem to continue to apology if one of our children want to be musicians, painters or dancers or sculptors or film directors or actors, as if each of these words were a bad word. Last night, to be in alignment with this wonderful energy of Sagittarius, I decided that I would concentrate in the wisdom of the Tarot (something that i haven’t done before properly), this incredible system of symbols that is available to us to open our minds to other dimensions, where we know more than we think we know.
The magic that it is involved in shuffling and picking cards, just those perfect cards, which contain the symbolism that explains beyond our comprehension at times, what it actually happening to us, the kind of situation we are involved in, show us this extraordinary ability that we have that we call magic, simply because we do not have or do not understand the process we use to be able to do that.
This Moon in Sagittarius opens us doors to new philosophies, new ideologies, to finally accept that everything is is crumbling (thank God!), so that what’s new and renovated may arise. We are men and women, we’ve all had, or come from men and women of our past, and we cannot separate this memories form our ancestral DNA. PISCES, will help us, to deeply understand the concept that despite the geographic boundaries, we are all ONE and what affects one, affects us all.

It’s at 23 degrees Scorpio, and my current partner AND my ex both have their Moon at 24 degrees Scorpio. Juno is in Pisces in the 11th house conjunct my Pisces Sun, trine Scorpio Neptune, Quincunx Leo Uranus. All my life I had been wondering why nearly all my relationships are either full-on secret affairs, or public secrets.
Very appropriate for current revelations: my ultimate goal is to be 100% self reliant and avoid depending on others at all cost, yet to be there, reliable and dependable to those that matter – all of this visible so that there is no misunderstanding… At least that’s what I think it means?
Perfect in a sense that it coincides with this “almost alignment” of the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer solstice for the Southern Hemisphere, with the Galactic Center of our Milky Way. One thing is certain, there are less and less of us nowadays who say: “well, in the end, nothing will change, everything will remain the same, in a long run”. Until when, we are going to push our children to study this array of soulless professions, thus curtailing the development of their own talents.
And this has nothing to do with trying to “see” or “guess” the future, but to understand the present in full. This lunation coincides with many important aspects to asteroids that represent different aspects of the feminine: Juno is a conjunction to the Sun and the Moon in Sagittarius and as I said before also aligned with the Galactic Center, at the same time it opposes Ceres, the great mother, and form what we call a T-square to Pallas, the intellectual and warrior woman, who is mother and Virgin, which becomes the focal planet of this important and dynamic aspect. Without this concept, Astrology would not be possible and although scientists want to explain everything with equations, before that is possible, we must first find the thesis in our hearts, in the depths of our psyche, in this place that the Greeks called Olympus and in which all live, even without realizing it. While we are most familiar with the role commitment takes in relationships, commitment is also touted as the determining factor for success in most areas of life. This lunation at 21? Sagittarius conjuncts Juno, an asteroid that relates to the feminine power, the symbol of the ‘wife’, Queen of the House, which is at 27? Sagittarius exactly aligned with Galactic Center, also at about 27 degrees of Sag.
Until when are parents going to give more value to what is socially respected and accepted, against the developing of their children own talents?
As Jodorowsky says and I absolutely agree with him: If you use the Tarot cards or Astrology (I add) to predict the future, you become a charlatan. I am very committed to my son (fifth house) and I finally realized that romance and affection is very important to me in a relationship! We will never leave eachother behind…and their quality of life feels like my resposibility. EVERYTHING is changing because everything is plummeting, our financial system, our concept of religion, our educational system, everything is clamoring for that complete collapse so that we can rise again, renovated, improved and new.

We are no longer in the industrial era, when many doctors, lawyers, engineers and architects were needed.
And even before the absolute evidence of Hollywood and Bollywood, and many thousands of smaller places where not necessarily famous, yet successful musicians, dancers, painters, film directors, actors, earn a better living than many, we continue to insist on saying to our children that there is no future in it!.
Do not read this as a resurgence of the feminine against the masculine, but as a possibility of union of these two aspects of our psyche, so that, we can integrate these two parts in order to feel whole. Nor we are in the 1980s, when every youngster went to study Marketing and Business Administration. Tarot and Astrology and their symbolism are to understand the present in all its dimensions, the ones we are aware of and those we are not aware of. We must let go of the religions that have eliminated the feminine, because these are old-fashioned and outdated concepts. With his Juno conjunct Venus his investment in the game of baseball made him a household name long beyond his actual career. The astrologer and Tarot reader, should read these symbols that enrich our daily experience, so we may understand better our inner hero and his journey through life. We should feel pity for the Taliban young boy who shot Malala Yousafzai, the 14 year old girl who defended in Afgnistan education for girls. Until when will we put creativity at the bottom of the list of possibilities for our children?
However if we are developing a work that stems out of our soul, our need to evolve as human beings, that is being successful.
What kind of life has this boy had, who without knowing why, is still channeling the hate of previous generations?
The sole obligation that we have with ourselves is to discover and promote that special something that we all brings with us, which is necessary and useful for our development and our society and NOT try to do what is dictated to us by others(family, culture).

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