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Completing a quick fire trio of new EPs, Constant Sound hits release number six with a pair of new tracks from VRSION that come with a dance floor friendly remix from Persuader. Some artists and labels prefer certain tracks to be purchased as part of an entire release. VRSION is a German producer who has already made a big impact with his release on Craig Richards' excellent The Nothing Special label.

It is driven and slick, rubbery and hypnotic but has plenty of nuance and funk in its well programmed drums. Some occult sounds and wordless vocals embellished the whole thing and it really is the sort of track that blows dance floors apart and will stand out in any set. It's a restless place where harmonies ride up and down the scale, cause claps come at you from odd angles and dark vocals add a sense of paranoia.

This is the most adventurous release yet for Constant Sound, and is sure to prove one of its bets as a result.

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