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Juno Temple arrives for the Christian Dior showcase of its spring summer 2017 Cruise collection at Blenheim Palace on May 31, 2016 in Woodstock, England. Juno Temple stuck to her signature voluminous curls when she attended the Christian Dior Cruise show. Tina Fey and Ciara made their red carpet rounds wearing sun-kissed colored shoulder-length hairstyles, and Juno Temple stood out with voluminous locks that lacked moisture.
The "Everything Has Changed" singer knows the beauty formula that works best for her: shiny blonde strands (love the straight look!), winged tip eyeliner, matte face makeup and, of course, red lipstick.
Sande's "Our Version of Events" album is one of the most-played records on our iPods, but the Scottish singer hit all the wrong notes with the wrong concealer shade for her caramel skin tone.
Taylor Swift sported her signature lipstick shade in a cream sheen finish, while Erin Heatherton paired her matte red lips with rectangular glasses.

So we were surprised to see her in this metallic gold eyeshadow, pink blush and berry lip color -- the combination of colors make her look red in the face. The 24-year-old looks stunning with just a swipe of eyeliner, mascara and matte red lipstick.
The gold eyeshadow and bronzer make her look really orange, and her bubblegum pink lipstick only magnifies her mishap.
It gives a slightly lived in copper look, which is great because as it fades it doesn’t look obviously faded.
For this type of look, ask your hairdresser to create more depth of tone at the root area and a slightly softer copper tone towards the ends.
Hay danh th?i gian thu gian ? Spa, d?m minh trong ti?ng nh?c du duong, lan nu?c mat v?i tinh d?u thoang tho?ng, b?n s? th?y d? ch?u hon.

Cac phuong phap cham soc t?i Spa, tinh th?n du?c thu gian hoan toan, phuong phap du?ng khi giup b?n di?u hoa nh?p th?, ?n d?nh nh?p tim. H?n ch? cac ch?ng dau kh?p, viem kh?p, thuc d?y qua trinh dao th?i nh?ng hoa ch?t gay ung thu nhu natri (sodium), alcohol, nicotine… Hay cung tim mua deal  Spa khuy?n mai cho b?n nh?ng d?ch v? Spa lam d?p nay nhe.

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