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Juno is one of those movies where you pretty well know you are going to like it before you ever see it.
In their defense, the writers manage to get Juno about ten snappy one-liners per minute in the script, not all of them working and some trying a little too damned hard to be hip with their ideas of current, online-colored lingo, but at least they have that going for them.
This is reading like a really snarky sort of review and I didn't intend it to come out that way. I kind of thought Juno was overrated, too, and also didn't think she deserved a best actress nomination. Eine sexuelle Annaherung an ihren besten Freund Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera) bleibt nicht ohne Folgen.
There is a cut to a medium shot of the figure, Juno, and then another to a close-up of her as she gazes at the armchair. The shrill barking of a dog and the abrupt ending of the music mark the transition to the next shot.
A quirky love song (All I Want Is You by Barry Louis Polisar) begins on the soundtrack a beat ahead of the cut to Juno walking away. When we cut to the interior shot a bell rings, as if signalling the fact that Juno is moving from a dream state into reality; harsh reality, as we soon find out.
The music starts up again and Juno leaves the drugstore carrying two props, her liquorice rope and her pregnancy test stick. The camera pans across a shelf in Juno’s room that ironically has four baby dolls standing on it. A cut to the next scene shows us what Juno is thinking about: the discarded living room set.
The armchair has been used by the director to bracket the action of this opening sequence: it has appeared at the opening and the closing of the sequence.
There are three principal locations or settings in this film: the MacGuff house, the Loring house and the school. What is the setting for this key moment?What are the main features of the setting in this key moment? In the key moments you have chosen what indications are there that this film is set in the United States of the present day?
When it comes to abortion, Juno is one film all sides of the debate have alternately claimed as their own and picked apart. In contrast, there are those who argue that by virtue of the film being about Juno’s decision, it is inherently in favor of choice. The abortion clinic scene, then, is an inaccurate, hyperbolic reflection of how someone who doesn’t want to have an abortion might feel as they arrive at their appointment: confused, intruded upon, looking for an excuse to run toward the door.
In between the hard decisions, quick comebacks, and fierce strength, Juno should still be allowed moments of vulnerability, (or even the gullibility that she shows outside the abortion clinic).
Gretchen Sisson is a sociologist and writer whose work focuses on reproductive justice broadly and teen pregnancy, young parenthood, adoption, abortion, birth, and infertility specifically.
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Rob is constantly being bombarded by people telling him “you haven’t seen ____?
The movie name checks a lot of bands and songs that I enjoy, it was sort of weird to hear Jason Bateman talk about touring with The Melvins.
Overall, having avoided the movie for quite some time, I found myself enjoying it after finally breaking down. Ecco una interessante raccolta di frasi sui referendum: A? un modo per conoscere, indagare ed esplorare la storia del nostro Paese degli ultimi decenni.
Una commovente lettera di un padre, ormai vecchio, che chiede al figlio di amarlo e volergli bene, proprio come ha fatto lui quando il figlio era piccolo. Agosto A? il mese clou dell'estate, ogni segno zodiacale trascorre le sue giornate nel pieno delle vacanze, nel relax o nelle meditazione. Quando liberate la verve, quando diventate brio, dinamismo, siete come un vortice che non si ferma.
Anche voi prima o poi siete costretti a staccarvi decisamente dai doveri, dai sacrifici, dagli impegni quotidiani. Non amate attendere, non volete trastullarvi nella dilatazione infinita del tempo che non porta a niente. Partire, incontrare, assaporare il piacere di un punto di vista differente, questo vi esalta. Segui la bacheca Frasi bellissime, aforismi e citazioni di Stefano Moraschini su Pinterest. Sie geht auf die Dancing Elk High - eine Highschool, die Tanz- und Ballettkurse fest in das Unterrichtsprogramm integriert hat. Als Juno feststellt, dass sie schwanger ist, stehen zwei Dinge fur sie sofort fest: Zum einen scheidet eine Abteibung fur sie aus, zum anderen fuhlt sich Juno aber noch langst nicht reif genung, um ein Kind gro?zuziehen.

On the soundtrack we hear a scratching noise, the source of which becomes clear when the word Autumn appears in the top right-hand corner of the frame. The voiceover that will come in at several points later tells the audience “It started with a chair.” A cut to a very low angle shot of a figure removing underwear follows. It seems to explain why Juno has been standing staring at the chair: the previous scene was a flashback. They might be read as metaphors for the plight she finds herself in: a girl with a woman’s condition. We have seen that this thought has crossed her mind, however playfully it was presented to us. But, Juno says that Sonic Youth sucks because they are just noise, so obviously Diablo Cody didn’t want people to think she was trying to be cool. He also writes several columns on FTS including "What's the Deal?" where he reviews buzzworthy films to see if they live up to the hype and "Beer and a Movie" where he uses his extensive knowledge of brews to pair drinks to the perfect movie counterpart.
Six friends from Baltimore, MD got together every week to talk about the latest film releases. E implicano che si lanci il cuore nel vortice, che nulla si trattenga, che non si cerchino posizioni comode, facili. La passione che non si controlla, la passione che esplode, che trascina, talvolta diventa cieca.
La vita che si limita alla parola, al pensiero, al sogno, all'immaginazione astratta non ha per voi tanto senso. Ellen Page Juno Wallpaper Juno Juno on Burger phone Juno & Vanessa Paulie Juno juno Juno Fanart Mark & Vanessa Juno & Leah Banner Juno & Bleeker Banner Juno & Bleeker Juno and Bleeker Hamburger Phone. In the background a male figure sits naked and passive in an armchair like the one on the lawn. A group of runners dressed uniformly in the colours that have predominated in these opening scenes passes. The shop assistant, Rollo, refers to Juno as “MacGuff the crime dog” (a pun on the 1980s puppet McGruff the Crime Dog) and asks if she is back for another test. You need to examine the power structures, attitude and values, rituals and customs of the people who inhabit this world - the ethos of their society.
L'oggetto del vostro ardore lo inglobate, lo fate vostro, fino a non potervi piA? staccare. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Juno club tagged: juno promotional image picture promo macguff vanessa loring jennifer garner ellen page.
There is a figure on the left of the screen facing an armchair which sits on the lawn outside one of the bungalows. The camera follows the person in the foreground and a reverse shot lets the audience know that Juno is the protagonist. Their tops are russet, their shorts saffron, their socks white with saffron and russet stripes. As he teases her, he fails to notice that his other customer is pilfering from the cosmetics stand.
A small big-eyed balloon tied with a trailing string seems to be about to enter the shark-toothed, heart-shaped opening in its chest.
The star of the film she seems to be referring to, though, The Bone Collector, was Denzel Washington.
As the scene goes on see if you can spot any recurring feature in the pictures on her wall.
We might know more about a situation than characters involved in the action - this is known as dramatic irony. At this point in the movie I’ve seen three characters, who were all written pretty similarly, and this line was a boiling point for me. Hamburger Phone Juno Juno Juno wallpaper Juno & Bleeker Juno deleted scenes Juno Movie Poster Juno Juno Book. A female voice sings a plaintive love song (Once I Loved), the first of many songs that will be included in the soundtrack.
The living room set, left out for binmen to take away, is presented to us at an oblique angle.
Juno is sassy and quick but she is not always right.) Leah’s room is brighter than Juno’s and may be more expensively decorated.
Juno seems to have told Leah that she was bored at the time, but she says she had decided on the act in advance. Juno lives with her father, his second wife and a younger sister in a lower middle class house.
When Juno asks for an “old-school, closed adoption” and the potential adoptive parents readily agree, no one is recognizing the fact that openness in adoption has long-term benefits for not only birth parents, but also adoptees and adoptive families; when Juno rides her bike off into the sunset, she is indeed perpetuating the anti-choice fairy tale that adoption is without grief or long-term consequence of any kind. Mi sono bevuta il mio peso in succo di frutta e adesso devo farla al volo! Rollo: Be', giA  lo sai dov'A? il bagno.

Bateman's character, really (I always preferred Jason's sister Justine, anyhow,) but I mean, the way the movie progressed, it was bound to happen.
The light of the sun brings out the various shades of gold, amber, russet and brown and matches the colour scheme of the love scene.
There is a break before the harmonica part of the song and it cleverly matches the change that comes over the image as Juno seems to walk into an animated world. She then re-emerges into the shop and takes a length of liquorice rope from its stand as she waits for the result. She made the decision over a year previously, in fact, during a Spanish class that is presented to us in flashback.
Do you recognise the group that passes her as she walks along the sidewalk? Describe the lighting in these scenes. She comes into contact with a professional couple who live in a more exclusive neighbourhood in St Cloud, an hour’s drive away. The screenwriters had various characters giving Juno warnings about "the dynamics of marriage" and her hanging out at the adoptive parents' house when the wife wasn't home. The tenderness and intimacy of the scene are added to by the subdued lighting and warm colour scheme. There are images of men that the audience might recognise: Glen Campbell, Prince Charles, Woody Allen, Burt Reynolds and, hilariously, Bill Clinton in a November’s Man poster!
Juno Fanart Juno Fanart Bleeker Banner Juno wallpaper Juno wallpaper 7 Reasons To Watch Juno! The use of an oblique camera angle is usually code in cinematic discourse for something being slightly off kilter, for something in the action being not quite right.
The name Dancing Elk (the town in Minnesota in which the action is set) can be seen on a flag on her bedstead. Juno Juno Juno Fanart Juno Fanart Juno Fanart Ellen Page Header Juno Juno wallpaper Juno deleted scenes Wallpaper Juno wallpaper Juno Juno deleted scenes Juno T-shirt.
Big close-up shots of the couple bring the audience into the action and position them to empathise with the young lovers. Juno takes a big swig from the prop she is carrying, an oversized container of orange juice.
Juno’s facial expression seems to suggest that she is happy and carefree, as a young person should be. She refers to him as an old man and tells him she has drunk her weight in orange juice, presumably to facilitate her urine test and get a more scientific indication than the one suggested by the pilfering customer.
Juno seems to accept the positive sign with stoicism but then gives the stick a good shake to see what happens. We might know more about a situation than characters involved in the action - this is known as dramatic irony.) Juno’s phone is in the shape of a hamburger.
It has the same colour scheme as the socks and uniform of the runners at the start of the film.
Rollo relents and hands over the key telling Juno she can pay for the test kit when she returns. It is a prop that reflects the fact that she is still a young girl and so comments ironically on her condition.
There is a cut to a medium shot of Juno as she tells Leah she is pregnant by Paulie Bleeker.
In a low angle medium shot, she beams back at him so that we, the audience, are positioned to agree with Leah’s conclusion that she really loves Paulie. This may be the blackest touch of comedy in a film that is full of various kinds of humour. Leah shows how vapid she is by asking how Juno could have enough urine for three pregnancy tests! He expresses his joy eccentrically by declaring “Wizard!” Juno seems to be breaking stereotypes by being the one who initiates this ‘seduction’. Juno Juno Fanart Bluno Banner Juno wallpaper Juno DVD Juno and Bleek 7 Reasons To Watch Juno! When the reality of Juno’s condition sinks in, Leah responds in the manner that Juno finds acceptable.
Juno passes a beauty treatment shop with the letters “izard nails” on its shopfront frieze. This might remind the audience of Paulie’s exclamation in the love scene and could be taken as an indication that this stylised world is a projection of Juno’s thoughts and memories. Juno declines her offer but says there is something of critical importance she needs help with.

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