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Juno-Di is a synthesizer with a sample-based synthesizer engine, 128-voice polyphony, 6 effects processors, vocoder, LED display and 61 synth-action keys.
The link above will take you to an eBay search for this synth to see active listings with more images, specs and information. We could not automagically find any related forum topics for this synth, but please browse the forum and look around or consider signing up and posting something yourself! Manual - Roland has made manuals for most of their products available as free PDF downloads. Memory - 1082 Preset + 256 (GM2) + 128 User Patches, 20 Preset + 9 (GM2) + 8 User Rhythm Sets, 64 Preset + 64 User Performances. All images, audio, downloadable media, logos and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. Juno-G is a music workstation with a sample-based synthesizer engine, 128-voice polyphony, 7 effects processors, graphic display, sequencer with 16 MIDI and 4 audio tracks and 1x SRX expansion slot. This channel provides information of the Roland's best quality electronic musical instruments. At the heart of this exciting new synth is a top-of-the-line voice engine that delivers world-class sounds — including grand and electric pianos, lush strings, beautiful guitars, powerful brass, percussion, plus banks of exotic instruments, modern synth sounds, and much more. More than meets the eye, the JUNO-Di lets you plug a microphone into its external input and process your voice through the built-in vocoder.
With its USB MEMORY port and Song Player function, the JUNO-Di enables direct playback and control of backing tracks from a USB key.
Rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries:approximately 5 hours* differs depending on the conditions of use* approximately 4 hours if USB memory is connected* Carbon-zinc or alkaline batteries cannot be used. The KS-18Z keyboard stand is attractive, easy to transport, and sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest 88-key keyboard securely.
High-quality 2GB USB memory key that’s compatible with the high-speed USB (USB 2.0) specification. This well-built, real-feel pedal comes with a non-slip rubber plate — essential when performing on hardwood or slip-prone surfaces — and an extended cable (2.2m) for stacked multi-keyboard setups.
A portable keyboard amplifier featuring five channels of stereo input, 320 watts of power and Roland’s famous DSP effects — perfect for keyboards, vocals, and more. This flagship keyboard amp boasts 180 watts of powerful sound via a 15-inch speaker and horn tweeter.

The KC-150 is a compact 65-watt amp with 4-channel capability including Auxiliary and Microphone inputs. The ideal, all-in-one portable PA solution for small music venues, worship events, conferences, seminars, business meetings, and much more. Portable CUBE amp with connections for microphones, guitars, keyboards, drum machines, MP3 players, and more. RH-5 headphones are perfect for electronic musical instruments such as Roland’s digital pianos and V-Drums. If you have questions about operating your Roland product, please check our Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions. In addition, we have a library of Owner’s Manuals and Support Documents that you can download and reference.
The JUNO-Di is packed with Roland’s latest, greatest sounds and a surprising array of performance tools. The JUNO-Di’s USB-MIDI capability makes it an excellent choice for any computer-based music system. Our forums also has a Buyer’s Guide section where you can ask for advice on buying synthesizers.
If you don't find it there, try looking in our forum marketplace or post a wanted classified. The Roland Worldwide Social Network keeps you connected to the latest products, exciting events, and much more.
It’s lightweight, it can run on batteries, and it’s easy to use, yet it performs and sounds like a heavyweight synth. But fear not — the JUNO-Di simplifies the process of finding sounds with its dedicated category buttons. A dedicated reverb is assigned to the input, so you can add lush ambience to your voice without taking away from the main onboard effects. You can play MP3, WAV, AIFF, and SMF files, and control them from the dedicated buttons on the front panel.
This is because there are too many other variables that may influence the processing environment, including differences in motherboard design and the particular combination of other devices involved.
This update adds support for Roland Wireless Connectivity with our WNA1100-RL Wireless USB Adapter.

Its light weight and the fact that it can run on batteries make it an awesome portable synth and MIDI controller. It’s easy to use as a MIDI controller—light weight and battery power make it especially suited for use with a laptop DAW—and it rocks as a multitimbral sound source. It’s for users like you that we include a computer-based Librarian application for backing up and organizing your data.
Our marketplace gets thousands of visits every week so make sure to check back often if you want to buy or sell a synth. And if you want to customize the sounds, the dedicated “Sound Modify” knobs on the front panel let you instantly cater each sound to your specifications, even while you’re playing. The battery compatibility lets you play for up to five hours without plugging in (uses Ni-MH AA-size rechargeable batteries).
Sing along with your performances and transform your voice in colorful and creative ways, from silky smooth to sci-fi robotic. On top of that, included JUNO-Di software allows you to create and edit JUNO-Di sounds from your computer. It has a friendly “direct access” control panel for easy editing and a Song Player for larger-than-life performances. When used in conjunction with a battery-powered amp such as Roland’s famous CUBE Street or MOBILE CUBE, the JUNO-Di can be played and heard anywhere. Additionally, the Center Cancel feature lets you sing along karaoke-style with audio files in the Song Player for a complete entertainment experience.
A battery-life indicator on the front panel ensures that you won’t lose power unexpectedly.
If you want to create layers or splits, dedicated buttons and the large LCD make the process fast and friendly.
And don’t forget the onboard rhythm patterns, which can be easily adjusted on the fly with a dedicated tempo control.

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