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World Wide Learning provides links to many of the top online nursing continuing education resources – each with a description of courses available. The CEConnection's nurse continuing education offerings are highly relevant and easily searched by specialty and even media type. This is the educational arm of the American Nurses Association, and their online nursing continuing education courses are free to members.
Duties at gates, Emergency response, material Handling, Patrolling, Fire Fighting, Crowd Security Guard , Helpers. The current serious shortage of nurses is expected to continue, partly due to medical advances. There will be 581,500 new jobs for registered nurses by 2018, representing a 22% increase in employment. There are several schools of thought on the subject of credentials in booming fields like nursing: One is, get the best nursing degrees you can right now, for a chance at the top job offers and career growth potential. Most nurses graduating in 2005 or later (nearly 57%) have associates degrees from nursing schools. Due to nurse shortages, you may be able to get attractive financial assistance to complete any nursing degree at an accredited nursing school, and can often apply your certificate credits toward more advanced degrees. In order to encourage more students to enter into the nursing profession to help fill the shortage, numerous organizations, private sources and the government are now supplying scholarships, grants and other gifts of money to help pay for students educations. Compensation for nurses is quite promising; the main factors that determine salary are, of course, level of qualification and need. Nurse obstetrician (sometimes called “nurse midwife”) While having a nurse midwife is considered trendy in some circles, the profession was established as a discipline of scientific medicine in the 1920s. Obstetrics nurse Here, you do everything except the actual delivery – which means getting everyone and everything ready, keeping everyone calm no matter what, and helping out with baby’s first peek at the world. Neonatal nurse This is a newer specialty for a stark reason; neonatal intensive care became available only in recent decades, and is associated with a decline in infant mortality. Pediatric nurse Here, you not only look after young children in medical need, but you play a key role in helping their parents understand and adapt to their needs. Cardiac nurse This field is booming partly because older people have more heart problems and partly because today’s medical science can do much more about them. Surgical nurse Not only do you assist the surgeon before, during, and after the operation, but you’re often the one who must explain matters to patients and families and sometimes advocate for the confused or inarticulate patient. Oncology nurse In this career, you specialize in helping the oncologist (doctor) care for cancer patients treated, usually, by surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Hospice nurse (sometimes called palliative care nurse) If aggressive medical treatments are simply not reversing a patient’s decline, and death appears inevitable, the medical goal is too make their last days as comfortable and meaningful as possible, using many available methods. Public health nurse Here you work mainly with education and sometimes with intervention, to prevent or remedy disease, disability, or injury in your community.
Private duty nurse Working through a service provider such as a hospital, hospice, or social agency, you provide in-home care for patients who prefer that option. Mental health nurse Caring for people in a fragile mental state, you could, of course, be working in a hospital, but increasingly, such care is provided in the community on an outpatient or day patient basis, or in the home.
Flight nurse If a seriously ill person must be transported by air, the flight nurse steps in. Nurses considering a specialty should evaluate the direction of the healthcare industry to ensure job security after graduation.
Check out these five nursing careers in high demand, along with a job description and median salary.
Home Health Care Nurse: Home health nurses provide nursing care for patients who are physically unable to visit a doctor’s office or treatment facility. Private Practice (offices of physicians): One or more physicians own the practice and employ other physicians or providers.
Outpatient Care Nurse: Evaluates assigned patients within an outpatient facility or clinic. Mental Health and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: These nurses play a vital role in mental health. Nurse Instructor: The functions of a nurse instructor are to provide nursing professional development and education. Apply for the CampusRN Nursing Scholarship or search through our database of Nursing Scholarships. Apply now to be eligible for one of the six $2500 regional scholarships CampusRN is giving away! It is said that the employment rate for Licensed Practical Nurses will increase by 14 percent between YR 2006 to 2016.
If medical companies are increasing, therefore nurses and doctors too are in demand all over the world.
As a neophyte to the career, nursing students must be well oriented to the nature of their first jobs as true and professional nurses. The other is, if you get in at the start of the boom with any available credentials, you will be carried upward by your experience and can upgrade later (through an online RN to BSN or RN to MSN program) — while getting paid, maybe even with financial assistance from your employer.
Currently, many stepping stones to advancement are in fact certificate programs that can be taken as adult education or online. Certain specialties, of course, such nurse anesthetist, nurse midwife, and nurse practitioner, need a master’s degree from an accredited nursing school. You certainly needn’t worry much that you won’t find a job that will enable you to pay back loans. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the average annual salary for a registered nurse as $62,450, with the top 10% making over $92,000 a year. Below we’ve listed different types of nursing jobs and nursing degrees you can get in no particular order. After getting a Masters in Nursing, you are well placed to help set up programs as well as teach.

You need some knowledge of law and health care regulations as well, so consider online paralegal courses (Degree Wizard, 5 offers) on your own schedule. Consider the Certificate – Nurse Administrator (Kaplan University, Degree Wizard) This online certificate helps prepare nurses for advanced positions in hospitals, community health, long-term care facilities such as nursing homes , and other health care systems. You could be a Licensed Practical Nurse or an RN, with special obstetrics courses as part of your education, and must pass a licensing exam. As a neonatal nurse, you look after babies in the critical first twenty-eight days (the point at which trouble, I any, will usually show up). You are their advocate as well as their nurse, because they often do not understand clearly what is happening and cannot explain things for themselves.
For best career chances, after your nursing degree, get certified as a Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) offered through the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board. Hospice nursing is a newer field; although there are specialized hospices, many hospitals provide palliative care services, sometimes discreetly choosing to describe them another way. After you receive your nursing degree you can probably just seek work as a public health nurse, especially if your ambition is to work in an existing program in a community challenged by chronic health problems such as alcohol, obesity, or illicit drug use.
Sometimes, you are the patient’s private nurse at a hospital (for example, if the patient is a prominent person, publicity might otherwise disrupt the regular work of other staff). Although care can be provided at all levels from high school diploma on (as in Licensed Practical Nurse, high school diploma), your RN is key to advancement.
Try Alaska, where there is a persistent shortage of nurses, due possibly to the fact that nursing has traditionally primarily attracted women and as of the 2000 census, there were 109 Alaskan men for every 100 women.
Starting with an RN, you had best work up to nurse practitioner because, in flight, you are the medical team. You may not be a battlefield nurse, of course, you could be working with wounded veterans or helping deliver babies at a US Forces base hospital. Approximately 700,000 jobs are expected to be added to the nursing field from 2010 to 2020. This includes patients with long-term illness or disability, and also persons who are recuperating from major surgery. Psychiatric nurse practitioners, or advanced practice psychiatric nurses, assess the mental health needs of individuals, families and groups.
They assist nurses in preparing for modern practice and support them in obtaining the knowledge needed to gather patient health data to determine diagnoses, identify outcomes specific to the patient, develop personal care plans, execute the interventions identified in the plan of care and evaluate the patient’s progress in several healthcare settings. Their work is not limited to hospitals only, there are nursing homes and clinics that they can work with; schools hire licensed practical to ensure that the safety of their students is secured especially those facing accidents and wounds which an LPN can accommodate by providing proper nursing.
Health care institutions are increasing therefore demand for licensed nurses or LPNs is evident. Many nursing graduates in the Philippines go international due to the demands or nurses abroad.
Ask about support on adjusting to the nature of the job especially conquering emotional stress. Registered nurses (RNs) constitute the largest healthcare occupation in the United States, at 2.6 million jobs—only 60 percent of which are in hospitals. That’s important because early career nursing usually involves shift work, so you need flexibility for your education (and online schools offer more flexibility for working professionals).
If you are interested in a a specialty that includes serious risk as a normal part of the job, you should want these qualifications for your own protection, of course. Also, because most nurses work for institutions (hospitals, government health care programs, schools, agencies, et cetera), the benefits are usually attractive.
Your focus would be collecting evidence (of criminal or auto accident injuries, for example), giving testimony, and supporting survivors of violent crimes and accidents. You are in line for a well-paying, highly regarded career where you probably know more than the lawyers about the “balance of probabilities” (the key civil law concept) as to what happened in a health care situation.
That’s because you can get a post-Masters certificate in Nursing Leadership and Management (Degree Wizard: Walden University), for example.
Contrary to what some may suppose, one can rise to high administrative rank starting as a nurse, and it is a great advantage to know what conditions nurses face. You may not need to work at a hospital; obstetrics nurses also work in clinics and doctors’ offices. You may need to do anything from encouraging breastfeeding to rescuing infants who have stopped breathing. Many are frightened, angry, and confused to a degree beyond what most adults would experience. Consider being an ICU nurse, trauma nurse, or triage nurse (decides which ER cases are most urgent). As a cardiac nurse, you will work with the cardiologist (heart doctor) to care for patients with congestive heart failure, angina, and similar problems.
You could go on to the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Informatics Nursing certification exam. If you are a registered nurse who wants to help people with significant disabilities or chronic health problems live as independently as they wish, the Life Care Planning Certificate can help you to the CLCP credential. Forty percent of nurses do not work in hospitals or, if they do, are mainly providing counseling, etc. However, if you acquire enough experience to dream of designing your own program, look at graduate certificates to build your resume and make the contacts who can get funding for your ideas.
If the patient is not especially demanding medically, you could be a Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse (starting with a high school diploma). At higher levels of responsibility, you may need to administer mood-altering medical drugs, sign legal paperwork, or testify in court as a skilled professional. Alaskan RNs are well paid and, and can easily find help getting a job and getting settled in a unique American environment. Because more people who have health problems travel by air these days, there is a growing need for flight nurses and they are well compensated.

While working with babies and major hospitals are popular specialties for many nurses, they aren’t the only opportunities available. The duties of home health nurses range from taking vital signs to assess health progress and needs. Psychiatric nurses can choose to pursue work in specific treatment venues and with many different conditions in the mental health population.
Employers have the opportunity to reach candidates with direct email blasts, job postings and branding campaigns before they graduate and enter the highly competitive job market. Since there is a spread of advanced technology, the work of physicians, other doctors and nurses are not limited in walls of a hospital; some clinics, emergency medical centers and personal offices of physicians have been established to perform some duties that are also done in hospitals. Students must be properly guided with all the undertakings a novice nurse should encounter. This will indicate how effective the company can guide you through your first years as a nurse. Specialty units can prepare the first time nurse to handle a broader sense of the nursing profession.
Shekhar Hospital houses three major operation theatres with all modern equipment’s, a Labor Theatre and a Minor Operation Theatre, which is supplied with Central Oxygen and Central Suction, Image Intensifier and Joint replacement center. You would work primarily with medical examiners, crime scene police units, or hospitals, which usually means you get standard government benefits. It would be a challenging job, as you are responsible for work force development, resource management, integration of technology, and the maintenance and improvement of quality care. Part of the job is routine pre- and post-operative care, but another part is working with defibrillators, cardio revert, and life support (your patient is made “clinically dead” for treatment purposes but can be brought back). Your challenge is to care no matter what the outcome, but not take it personally, so you are ready for the next battle for a patient’s life. The hospice nurse needs to know how and when to administer treatments, supervised by a palliative care physician. The integration of computers into health care has been increasing steadily for several decades, and nursing shortages will drive future growth. The trend toward prevention in health care, rather than treating existing disease, should mean more positions in public health. But for seriously ill patients, you may need your RN, especially if certain treatments may only be legally provided by RNs in your state (injections of scheduled narcotic painkillers, for example).
A promising newer area is geriatric psychiatry: At one time, older patients were considered only marginally treatable, but today, many treatment approaches are offered to seniors. It’s also a great way to travel, if you don’t mind being surprised by your next destination – perhaps so exotic that your travel agent has never heard of it.
Home health care nurses monitor how well patients perform certain tasks that may be hindered by a condition or surgery.
Determines the appropriate equipment that will be needed, makes preparations and assists physicians during examinations. People age no matter how they tend to slow aging that’s why nurses will always be in demand because patients demand to be cared for. Shekhar Hospital has its own culture and values like cleanliness and hygiene, customer based service standards, regular training, automation, total dedication, 100% capacity utilization, individual, group and organizational growth collectively and need based services to satisfy every patient every time.
In addition to acquiring some experience as a nurse, you can earn recommendations through volunteer work at shelters, a good place to learn about the variety of patients you will be working with.
Your observations and actions may spell life or death for a medically unstable patient, or you may need to help a family come to terms with very difficult decisions following an accident or medical emergency. The nurse must also act as the patient’s advocate when faced with a variety of the patient’s friends, relatives, and other caregivers in a stressful emotional situation, and here your distance learning psychology courses may help. However, if you choose to specialize in issues around chronic illness, nursing might be the best entry career.
This is a well-paying field because those patients who choose this option are paying only for your time and supplies, not for a hospital’s maintenance. However, be aware that as a military nurse you have a rank in a vast hierarchy and must play the game by the rules. Performs various patient tests and administers medications within the scope of practice of the registered nurse. If you are a licensed practical nurse, your education and your license will back you up when it comes to job-hunting; medical industries are searching for nurses who know not just the basic of care giving someone who is equipped with the proper nursing skills such as doing laboratory test, injections to patients, dressing wounds of patients, and analyzing the patient’s conditions. Preceptors are mentors for first time nurses to familiarize themselves with the hospital setting including standard procedures, use of equipments and hospital routines. It has well spacious hall for the patients to rest in the waiting hall, which is aesthetically built and maintained. After your nursing degree,you may wish to consider some course work in counseling, to give you a head start in dealing with such issues.
You have a great advantage if, after your nursing degree, you have oncology credentials, as many hospice patients are suffering from cancer.
However, you must be prepared to deal with your patient’s friends and family (or fans) tactfully, with limited institutional backup. You should also work for certification from the Hospice and Palliative Nurses Association, for best career results. In addition, many older mothers are now choosing motherhood, and statistically, they often need more help than the average.

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