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Japanese Garden Wallpaper, japanese garden wallpaper, gardens 1920x1080, japan zen garden, zen garten wahllpaper. Desktop users: right click on the image and choose "save image as" or "set as desktop background".
The Strolling Pond Garden, within the area of garden space, is the largest portion and comprises several regions.
The white sand at the Flat Garden symbolizes water and intensely contrasts with moss and rhododendrons.
The Sand and Stone Garden includes stones ascending from crinkled sand that depicts the ocean. The Natural Garden in Portland Japanese Garden includes several ponds, cascades, and rivers.
The Tea Garden of Portland Japanese Garden has two branches and each was dedicated to boosting the tea observance. Where is Portland Japanese Garden?The Portland Japanese Garden is situated in the west hills of Portland, Oregon.

Best time to visit Portland Japanese GardenThe Portland Japanese Garden is one of the few places in the world that can be visited throughout the year. I am by no means a good landscape photographer, but I couldn’t resist at least giving it a try when I took the family up to the Japanese Garden the other day. This garden is a traditional lush green Japanese garden encompassing an area of 5.5 acres of the Washington Park in the west hills of Portland.
The outer region is the waiting station and the internal enclosure is the genuine tea house.
Another part consists of a traditional multi colored temple lantern that is actually a gift from Sapporo. Ksitigarbha statue in the garden is believed to guard the natives from the time of the death of Buddha.
You can find this beautiful garden at the top of Park Place, which is set just above within a short walk from International Rose Test Garden. Spring brings fresh verdure along with a horde of beautiful flowers such wisteria, camellia, and azalea.

Unlike other conventional Japanese gardens that generally take several years to develop and grow-up, the Portland Japanese Garden has taken much less time to grow. During summer, the green color of the plants lights up with the sunlight to yield a calming effect.
A synthesis of rushed western style and pompous eastern expression, the Portland Japanese Garden has all in it. You can see various stones of tortoise and crane that symbolize the prolonged existence in the lower pond.

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