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Mixed and mastered version of Jagged Edge’s leaked track which is off their upcoming 7th studio album The Remedy coming this May. It would be hard for anyone to argue against the statement that Jagged Edge is one of the most iconic symbols of R&B music to date. For a group who has been so successful, they are an extremely humble set of guys, who love their fans, and just want to give them exactly what they ask for. Their newest single off the album, "Hope", is a song they released as a counter to much of the popular music of today.
The group has been hard at work on other ventures as well, recently publicizing their new record label, HARD CASE Records. Twins Brandon and Brian Casey, Richard Wingo and Kyle Norman were discovered by Kandi Burruss from Xscape. But before I do, I must say I am so excited that the boys are coming back here later this month (Sunday March 21st), to do a one off show at the IndigO2. And to show appreciation to everyone who has supported this blog over the last three months, I have a pair of tickets… yes, just ONE pair (lol!) of tickets to give away. Competition closes 6pm Wednesday 17th March, 2010, when the winner will be chosen at random and contacted.
It is such a beautiful,sincere and pure song, and you don’t hear much of that these days. Speaking of Mathew, I remember interviewing Jagged Edge back in the day on one of their first trips to the UK. JE Heartbreak (2000), named after the New Edition album NE Heartbreak, is one of the best modern r&b albums of the last ten years.

Diaz should’ve just skipped all this foolishness and let cousin Papi sing at the wedding instead.
I Get Around: Is Disgruntled Philadelphia Eagles Baller Desean Jackson Chopping Down BOTH Bangers Mya AND Esther Baxter?!?! Having formed almost two decades ago, with timeless classics, countless Grammy award nominations, 7 studio albums, and over 8 million records sold, the group still feels they have more to offer. They feel good music has as much to do with the message as it does with any other aspect of it. The guys feel they've learned so much, have been so blessed, and have so much to offer, that it only made sense to start a label and start giving back to younger artists. She introduced them to Jermaine Dupri, who signed them to his So So Def imprint on Columbia Records in the mid 90s. This particular video (below), which features Beyonce getting soaking wet with one of the members of the group (!), is VERY rarely shown. At the time the twins were dating LeToya and LaTavia from the group, which they were very open about. While there are many artists who have had the same longevity as Jagged Edge, it would be difficult to find ones that didn't have to consistently change their sound to keep up with the changing times.
But these days when you turn on the radio you hear about everything except love, and that's where this song comes from.
They're looking to be able to help put out music by other artists that can also create the timeless classics they have. This past year has been really hectic with producing, song writing, touring, and their business ventures so they're excited to see all of that work come to fruition in just a few months.

I think this has something to do with some contractual issues with DC, as a totally different video was also shot afterwards, and that is the one that usually gets aired. They recently released the first single from their next album, "Hope", and have also started publicizing their new record label, Hard Case Records. But, Jagged Edge is a group that can proudly say their music is still true to their original roots, and it's where this new album comes from.
They're already planning tour dates for cities across America, and across the world to coincide with the new album as well. One thing is for sure; they're not done yet so make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for what comes next! And I ain’t mad at them for that, as I definitely enjoy those songs too, but I guess at heart I am a bit of an old romantic and there is something about tracks like Gotta Be that just do it for me more than any desperate to induce an orgasm-theme tune ever can!
But due to liable I couldn’t print it in the newspaper I was working for back then, and I sure ain’t gonna reveal it here now! I had a chance to sit down with the group and talk to them about their new project, what they've been up to, and plans they have moving forward.
And they said that while they can't openly discuss some of the other things they might be doing, it would be best to keep our ears open. In this post I gotta talk about the first two albums mainly as they are the oldest and more importantly my favourites.

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