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Child's Play is a non profit organization that enables the gamer community to make a positive difference in the lives of children and young adults, primarily through donations of toys and games to childrens' hospitals around the world as well as funding pediatric health research. Deep Silver are thinking about doing a Collector’s Edition for their upcoming title Dead Island Riptide and have asked the community just what they would like to see in it. There’s some pretty cool ideas on there, such as the ID cards and the zombie arm bottle opener.

The first Dead Island game featured some spectacular special editions, including the Survival Kit that featured the Gore Edition of the game as well as a whole bunch of fantastic goodies including an Adventure First Aid Kit. Firma Techladnd ujawnila zawartosc polskiej Edycji Kolekcjonerskiej Dead Island na wszystkie trzy platformy – Xbox 360, PS3 i PC. However this amazing special edition never left Poland, much to to the dismay of many gamers, including ourselves.
Dead Island „Survival Kit” kosztowac bedzie 199,90 na komputery osobiste PC oraz 299,90 na konsole Xbox 360 oraz PS3.

Not a dessert island, with cupcake pebbles, creme brulee caves, and luscious Yoo-Hoo rivers, but a desert island: no humans, no technology. He then loaded it up with essentials like aA hatchet, kindling chips, a flask, and some Jack Daniels–and Jack beats WilsonA every time.

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