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I just finished watching this on cartoon network and I have to say I had a constant smile on my face and there were several parts where I just died of Laughter.
If you ever enjoyed Ed, edd n' Eddy, as a child or otherwise please do yourself a favour and find out when this movie plays and watch it. And I enjoyed this movie thoroughly, I mean the joke about the sextent was funny, because I can relate to that situation for when I was kid.
And the other kids became eddies friend, because they saw that he had to grow up, with such an ass of a brother, so in an effort to fix this, they became the edd's friends.

It departed fromt he mature hidden-meaning jokes we had accustomed to due to the genius series and replaced them with blunt ******* jokes. Basically what they're saying is that you can be an *******, you can steal, lie, cheat, and disregard God in every way and still pull through, and that's just un-Christian, which is why I don't like it. I mean seriously jokes that make fun of words like sextant because it sounds like sex tent just aren't funny. HD Wallpaper and background images in the Double D (Ed, Edd, n' Eddy) club tagged: photo double d mjfan4life007.

Also Eddy's brother was such an ass, and the way that the group who chased the ed boys wanting revenge suddenly turned their friends was just unrealistic.

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