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Yao Ming, former NBA star and a member of the 12th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), receives an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency and answers questions concerning his proposal on promoting physical education of specific sports in Beijing, capital of China, March 3, 2015.
One of the guarantees I’d be willing to make with any job seeker is that you’ll be asked unusual, strange, weird, and possibly illegal questions during an interview. Many interviewers base their questions of some “favorite question” they think makes it certain they’ll make a good hiring decision.
Some interviewers believe that asking “clever” questions make the candidates uneasy and shake them from their “canned” answers. Despite the popularity of interviewing skills as a training topic, the majority of people conducting interviews are untrained.
The bottom line is that there is a very high likelihood you will be asked bad questions by an untrained interviewer. In a previous series of articles, I analyzed the “favorite” interview questions of several executives. Here’s a challenge for you – a learning game filled with examples of bad questions, with opportunities identify the answers you should give to these questions – and the ones you want to avoid. Jim Schreier is a management consultant with a focus on management, leadership, including performance-based hiring and interviewing skills. Subscribe to our NewsletterJoin 103,000+ readers and receive daily career tips in your Inbox!

Presenting a brief email interview with Enda Nasution, who is a prominent Indonesian blogger and author of the Politikana blog.
I’ve surveyed several audiences of job seekers over the years and, in the majority of cases, more than half the audience was asked what appeared to be an illegal, personal question.
Based on my informal polls of audiences ranging from college students to active job seekers, it is close to certainty. 34 years old Enda has been blogging since 2001 and is better known as father of Indonesian blogger. However, equally concerning – and unfair to job seekers – are the strange questions that are asked.
He is accredited as TED India fellow and I interviewed him as a part of TED India Fellows project, wherein a group of enthusiastic bloggers interviewed TED India fellows, so as to introduce them better to others. Refer links at end of the post for other TED India fellows who have been interviewed by other bloggers.
And even though you cannot prepare for all the possible bad questions out there, you’ll discover that if you’ve practiced providing great answers to good questions, you’ll also discover that you’ve learned how to answer even some of the worst of the bad questions. I thank Enda for agreeing and responding to my interview questions, speaking about various aspects concerning the blogosphere.- Shrinidhi Interview of Enda Nasution Q: With lots of companies considering advertising through social media, do you see a serious threat to conventional advertising such as print and television? Some products such as pet food or soap dishes are not meant to be advertise through social media for example.

But a product targeting a young, urban person such as cell phone products needs to be communicating through social media, because that is where its target market is.
And the FTC ruling is fine but it is apply only to certain categories of bloggers, bloggers who blogs professionally. But it will become more sophisticated format-wise, we'll see more video blogging once broadband connection is more available for public, we'll see experimentation in term of collaboration as well. For me a particular post about "quarter life crisis" strike conversation and receive well responds.
I wrote it when I think I was going through it, now when I've passed that stages, the post still receives comments left by people few years younger than me, who are apparently going through the same thing.
Mobile internet is freely available with cheaper price, there are about 150 mil mobile users, but not all of them perhaps access internet through their mobile.If I can make a wish, probably we need more reliable and fast internet connection (infrastructure), on this case I am hoping Indonesian government can create an innovative policy that gives a good incentives for online private sectors to create a massive and reliable online infrastructure Q: If someone wants to take up blogging as a career option and make a living out of it, what would be your suggestion?

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