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There are other contrasts that the report draws: people who make $50,000 or more a year are more likely to read books, as are young people, in some circumstances. Your campus library might be a goldmine waiting for you to explore.Reading is important, as it sparks creativity for students.
You need writing in college to present your work, and putting some effort into your writing willA  make you stand out. After your graduation, you will need to be able to write reports for work, or a€“to the very minimum- be able to put words into a coherent order for writing emails.The Talent Code a€“ Daniel CoyleDo you want to get better at, simply, anything? Whichever skill we are talking about, you need deep focus and study in order to get better. Daniel Coyle uses compelling examples of musicians and top athletes to illustrate what makes them great.

I prefer this approach over all the fluffy a€?Follow your passion and everything will work outa€? advice that is out there.Surely Youa€™re Joking Mr. Again, we see a good example of determination and drive in all the right quantities.The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks a€“ Rebecca SklootHenrietta Lacks was a poor woman of color from whom cervical cancer cells were harvested.
This book combines the science about the techniques for reproducing the now-famous HeLa cells, and the story of the injustice that was done to Henrietta and her family.
Majors in the exact sciences and the humanities alike will find this an eye-opening book.Lean In a€“ Sheryl SandbergThis book is not just for women who want to know what they should do to have a successful career.
Read it in college, and take your understanding of how women still are discriminated against in a todaya€™s workplace with you when you start working. I hope it will inspire you to actively contribute to more diversity in your future workplace.Einstein: His Life and Universe a€“ Walter IsaacsonDid you always want to know what lies behind E=mc2 ?

This massive biography tells about the science of Einstein and his thought experiments in such an accessible way that every college student can follow this, with or without a background in physics. There is little science backing the randomness of a€?Follow your passiona€?, but there is plenty of evidence that greatness in science, music, sports and other endeavours comes from hard work and determination. Written by a mathematics professor who constantly needs time for, what he calls, a€?deep worka€?, this book is an eye-opener and shows what it really takes to be successful.The Little Book of Contentment a€“ Leo BabautaI picked up this book as a free PDF from Babautaa€™s blog Zen Habits, and I was pleasantly surprised about its contents. Learn in college how to plan your time (who wants to be in the library until 4am solving homework before the deadline anyway??), and take this skill to the worklfoor after you graduate.

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