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First of all, with any accident or emergency, it is important to remember two things: Don't Panic, and have a towel, or maybe three, handy.
As with nearly any fish-related problem, the folks on Fishlore are more than happy to help you with any issues you may have, but often the difference in time between you posting the problem and someone responding to it could mean the difference between life and death for your fish.
Fresh AC (Activated Carbon) - A staple in some peoples' tanks, others only use it for post-medication or chemical cleanup. Air Check Valves - This isn't so much in the kit as it is already installed in your system. Aquarium Water Test Kit - Even if you don't regularly test your water (and many of us don't once an aquarium stabilizes), you should have a test kit, preferably liquid, on hand so you can test water quality if it becomes necessary.
Hospital tank - A tank with filtration and heat, and that is large enough for your largest fish to live in at least for a little while.
Appropriate sized nets for all of your fish - A large fish should not be caught in a small net, and a tiny fish may get wrapped up and stuck in an overly large net. Aquarium-safe sealant - Most people have silicone, but I think there are some types of sealant that can be applied while the tank is still wet, a boon in particularly large or delicate setups. Enough unused buckets (or other container) to hold all of your fish temporarily- Unused is important, as the smallest amount of chemicals may still cling to a bucket that was once a mop bucket, and this may be very harmful to your fish. Water Conditioner and Ammonia Neutralizer- In case the nitrifying colony dies off, you want to be able to save a tank from ammonia poisoning, and in the case of a need for massive water changes, you want to have a supply of water conditioner (a need anyway) on hand. What seems like one of the worst things that could happen to your fish is actually one of the easiest for them to survive. Should bleach somehow get spilled in your tank, immediately dose the tank with water conditioner. I would suggest doing a 50% water change immediately after dosing the water, just to be sure. Once you've verified the fish will survive the next few minutes, make sure that what went in the tank was straight bleach.
Only slightly worse than bleach, ammonia can be immediately treated with an ammonia neutralizing chemical. Whereas drinking a cap full of bleach or ammonia would mean severe pain at best for a person, run of the mill dish soap is likely to merely cause some discomfort.
Soap interferes with fish's gills being able to pull oxygen out of the water, and even the tiniest amount can be deadly. Once you've pulled all of the fish out, begin rinsing, re-rinsing, and rinsing the tank one more time. Soap in the tank means that you're going to be starting the nitrogen cycle over, so if you have a second tank, you're going to want to do a quick-cycle with used filter media. The most important thing that many people don't think of is that you want to keep your filter media wet. If this won't work, put the filter media in a zipable plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator. If anything leads you to believe that there is a short in a piece of electrical equipment, touch nothing that is wet.
You may want to invest in an aquarium grounder, which functions similar to a lightning rod, and may allow your fish to survive an electrical short. Some filters need to be primed after they stop running, so when the power comes back on, be sure to check to see that they are working.
If the power is going to be off for a long time, your tank will begin to cool down and waste products will begin building up. If you end up medicating a tank with an antibiotic, it is likely to kill off the nitrifying colony. First Aid Wall Charts - 4 Steps To CPR from, Stock items ship TODAY, Custom ships FAST! Whether you have a personal medical emergency, need to get information to help a patient or you just want to brush up on your human anatomy before an exam, there are hundreds of Android applications that will help you with whatever you may need. The functionality of this app seems endless… Its sweet holo UI and simple navigability make it all the more easy and enjoyable to use. Medscape has over 4,000 evidence-based articles written by leading physician experts, over 600 instructional procedure videos, and over 100 tables and protocols.
It’s pretty clear that this application covers everything a doctor might need to help out a patient, or just to learn some new information about their field.

There are tons of great apps out there for medical professionals, students, and those who just want to stay up-to-date with the latest information. Harrison is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh completing a major in communication and a minor in economics. It’d be great if you could focus on that sort of app in a future piece, since there seems to be a bunch that vary wildly in quality.
You will need Adobe Acrobat's free reader installed on your computer to open and print the first aid cpr combo cards. You are only able to print the amount of cpr and first aid cards that you purchased for the download. Broken tanks, soap spilled in the water, power outages, cats getting in the tanks, shorts in electrical equipment, the list goes on. Panicking won't help your fish at all, and may distract you enough that help doesn't come quickly enough for them. Hopefully, by reading this article, you will have an immediate answer for when the unthinkable happens and something goes wrong with your aquarium.
Just something to provide water movement and a modicum of filtration should your primary filter break down. If you have any sort of air pump running, it is important to have an air check valve in the line. If you have escape artists or jumpers, keep that in mind when thinking about the hospital tank. Fish can't overdose on the conditioner, so be generous, perhaps ten times the amount you would normally put in the equivalent amount of water. If there were any scents or other chemicals in the bleach, it would be wise to put fresh AC in the filter.
Still, accidents happen, and soap gets in your tank, the only chance your fish have is extremely quick action on your part. Wipe it down with bleach (wear gloves), rinse it out, then let it soak with a dechlorinater solution. Otherwise, you may want to consider investing in BioSpira for the occasion of putting your fish back in the original tank.
I have an old HOB filter that has to have a cup of water poured in it before it will start running, so I need to get to that tank immediately after the power comes on, or the motor will run dry and burn itself out. Once the run of medication is over, it is important to run new AC in the filter in order to clean the medication from the water.
If you come up against a problem not listed here, and someone inevitably will, Don't Panic, work quickly, and get your fish in as comfortable an environment as possible. Have since purchased three other tanks, each with an entirely different setup and type of fish.
We’ve compiled a list of the top medical apps available in the Google Play Store that will certainly make your life more efficient and your device more useful in your everyday life or profession.
Med Helper Pill Reminder: One app that has gotten its share of rave reviews is Med Helper Pill Reminder which reminds you via alarm when you need to take medications, when doctors appointments are scheduled, and when medications are running low or are about to expire. Medscape: Medscape may be the most professional medical application in the Play Store, as it serves physicians, med-students, nurses, and other healthcare professionals, providing as much clinical information that you’ll ever need from an app. The different categories for all of these features include pathophysiology, epidemiology, differential diagnoses, workup, treatment, medication options and more.
First Aid: Here it comes, the ultimate “Mommy-app,” brought to you by none other than the American Red Cross. Anatomy 3D- Anatronica: Apps made for tablets usually have an overall better experience than most, likely due to the amount of work put into them that optimize performance, and the the look, feel, and functionality of the app.
Feel free to check out some of the ones listed above and see how they work out for you, or hit us up below with any apps that you think are great for medical needs.
Any first aid and cpr combination cards printed over your purchase amount, will automatically cause an additional fee being charged for the amount you download.
And having towels handy is important to keep the area around the aquarium dry so that when you spill water (and you will, because you're not following the first rule), you don't slip on the floor, creating another emergency.
This only allows air to flow one way, preventing the escaping pressure in the hose from starting a siphon if the power goes out.
The following is a compilation of ideas put together from various members on the forum here. It would also be wise to invest in new gravel, and if you had wood or rock in the tank, you might want to seriously consider introducing it as a new ornament in your garden rather than recontaminating your tank.
If any of the original water can be salvaged, do so, as it will be less of a shock to the fish.
It's better to be safe than sorry, so if you have to cut power to more than one place to be sure, do so.

There is the possibility that air lines begin a backflow, even with a check valve in place. Again, placing the wet media in a plastic bag and storing it in the refrigerator may be your best bet. After the medication is clear (it takes a couple of hours, at most, for the AC to do its work), it would be a good idea to put used filter media into the filter. If you do accidentally medicate live rock, get it in new water as quickly as possible, with a power head pointed at it and, if you have an extra one, a filter with new AC. Once that's done, the folks around here will be more than happy to try to help you minimize the damage.
However, one of the most redeeming qualities of this app is that although it may be most helpful to medical professionals, pretty much anyone can find a great amount of use for it. The app also has medical calculators which let users check 129 medical formulas, scales and classifications in both US and SI units. This claim certainly holds true for “Anatomy 3D- Anatronica,” which packs a definite “wow-factor.” The app presents itself as an educational guide for those seeking to learn more about human anatomy and the body systems, and features an interactive 3D touch interface with built-in information from Wikipedia and Gray’s Anatomy textbook. My last few articles focused on preventing incidents from happening in the first place, but there is always a chance that something goes wrong.
After an hour, change the AC again so it doesn't leach the chemicals back into the water as it breaks down. Even after rinsing it a dozen times, residue can cling to the aquarium and get into the water when the aquarium is filled again. Unfortunately, I'm not sure any of it has worked, but all is based on solid theory, and none of it has been applied immediately after the introduction of soap. If you don't have a spare filter, rinse your current one in a mix of water and bleach (which should break the soap down), then dip in a solution of water conditioner, and put entirely new filter media in. Be careful not to cut yourself on the glass, as the bacteria in the water can make for really nasty infections. This is the first thing you want to check for, because a siphoning air line could turn into an electrical short if the power comes back on.
By thinking ahead, you can solve this by refrigerating some used media or by running an extra filter in a second tank (if you have one).
All information gathered by the app is logged and can easily be exported to your doctor, nurse or caregiver. Users can select the specialties that they want to follow, and are given news in 34 different areas, updated daily. But like Medscape, it can be used by pretty much anyone and has some really valuable information that most will find useful. This article is meant to cover some of the more likely issues that an aquarist may come across over the years. The app has the ability to have multiple profiles, so if you are taking care of more than one person, the app can manage them all!
The developers also offer a Pro version of the app which runs for $6.99, which is ad-free, and priority bug-fixes. This truly is one of the most useful apps I’ve ever seen in the Play Store, and certainly one of the only ones I’ve ever seen that can actually help save someone’s life and physical well-being. Probably the neatest part is that there is a “drug interaction checker,” which lets you input up to 30 drugs at once and see the interactions that take place, so you can make sure that you’re not causing any harmful chemical reactions in your (or your patient’s) body.
Epocrates also allows users to select national and regional healthcare insurance formularies for drug coverage information on the go. BMI and GFR calculators are built-in as well, and there is up-to-the-minute medical news and research information. The many uses of this app make this a valuable resource for every healthcare professional that simply can’t be passed up… and it’s free!
The American Red Cross has truly put together a phenomenal database of step-by-step instructional guides for everyday first-aid scenarios, complete with preparation information, and 9-1-1 integration so you can call EMS from the app at any time. You won’t be left in the dark during any emergency as the First Aid app will help prepare you for all kinds of problems. No problem— the app comes pre-loaded with its information so you can access the data without problems at any time, anywhere. If you really want to get into it, the app also features interactive quizzes that let you share your results so you can show off your life-saving knowledge to your friends.

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