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As an officer in the Armed Forces the responsibilities that are bestowed upon an officer by the nation is very high and multifaceted. Communication is not limited to verbal and written communication but it is all about communicating your message to the other party in such a way that no gap in communication exists.
People with problem in speaking a language can choose to go for a crash course that is designed for professionals.
Youth who are looking forward to interviews such as SSB, have no other option but to become a good communicator. Good evening sir, I want to know the following queries:- (a) Is there any difference in SSB of PC (SL) from any other SSB Interview.
Is there any opportunity for an army officer to get trained in the special force of MARCOS if he have the desire to pursue it. About Uday Kumar (Founder)Uday Kumar is an ex-Naval officer in the Indian Navy and an Alumnus of the National Defence Academy. improve communication skills its better to read something loudly in front of your mirror. You can get hundreds of tips and formulas from hunred of people, so nothing to discuss in this matter.
The only thing I want to discuss is some facts associated in building a effective personality and skills.
Body Language: It nothing but the first impression and first impression is always a last impression.
I will surely apply your points to improve my PERSONALITY as well my Communications Skills,all are easy tips to be abide by me,One worthwhile task carried to a successful conclusion is worth half-a-hundred half-finished tasks.I have the same questions and would like any info any of you can supply.
2.Always try to interact your teachers in English which will improve your skills in common situations. These are some points through which you can improve your communication skills as well as facing interview very well. Your personality and communication skills are not something that can be improved within a day or two.

I have a some more knowledge in english.but i'm afraid to speak in english to reslove that nervousness and afraid?can you give me any tips? Personality Development is most important for outer and inner self of a person in order to bring positive change in a person?s life.
In order to groom your personality, following are some skills that each & individual can use. 1) Speak in an Intelligent Way: Try to speak on a slower pace to help you find the proper words and showcase thoughtfulness.
If you are going to face an interview that is meant for joining the Navy, Army or Air force, it is important to have a sharp communication skill. The crash course will improve your vocabulary and let you know about some general words that are commonly used. If you can learn to modulate your voice, you will be in a better position in expressing your thoughts. If you are not sure about your voice, language and tone, it is better to chat loud with yourself and whenever you notice something going wrong correct it immediately.
If you are saying something very impressive in the interview and are not making any eye contact, it can have a negative impact on the result. Uday now works full time to help aspirants to join the armed forces - Army, Navy and Air Force.
He blogs about life at the Indian Navy, SSB Interviews and Joining Procedures in the armed forces.
Dress formally casuals strict no-no, Smile when you are first introduce, Shake hands only if asked.
Communication skills can be practiced every day in settings that range from the more social to the more professional. It will helps you to interact with other peoples who can help you to improve your communication skills. One of those major skills is communication which holds the key in deciding the success and failure of a person.
The course will also make you smarter as far as communicating in the language is concerned.

High pitched voice that are soft and calm otherwise have a power of authority that any organization searches for in an ideal candidate. An eye contact with the other person will make them feel that you are confident about what you say and you actually believe in the same. You can use your hands in such a gesture that seems that you are eager to make the other party understand what you are saying. If you give out a mixed notion about a fact, then the other person would not understand what you are saying. Even if, you are not a great speaker, you can be a great communicator and for that, you can use the above tips. He publishes useful tips in this blog and he has also created an SSB Training program which helps students to study from home, ask questions to Uday Kumar and also meet other aspirants through the online coaching classes. If the online gang offers you a good degree for your money and they have been in the craft for a while, with a unintermitted outcome pour and few by authority complaints, then you are in for the convention of your life. New skills take time to refine, but each time you use your communication skills you open yourself to opportunities and future partnerships. If you are communicating to an audience, then it is better to hold a pen if you are not sure what to do with your hands. If you are serious about joining the armed forces, you should at least check out his coaching program! In a treasure that sells cheap A Lange Sohne Duplicate Watches, you will be able to buy a specific watchfulness that is also a bit of fashionable trinkets and a classy same as accessary, all under a far-famed fire-brand name. List of coaching classes for the same?Difference between BBA and BBI?Admission procedure for doing CS course after 12th?
What is the fee structure and syllabus?IAF technical based exams information?How to get a job in MNC companies?
Also there are books on communication skills by Kerry Patterson, to know how to speak with different people of different status and different designations.

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