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Merriam Webster defines first aid as emergency care or treatment given to an ill or injured person before regular medical aid can be obtained (Merriam Webster, 2014).
Obviously one of the problems you may encounter in an emergency is lack of timely medical care. It is important that you know how to treat some of the more serious conditions that could be fatal if not treated in a timely manner. If you have no training at all you should still administer chest compressions and call for others that may be able or willing to administer mouth-to-mouth, with or without a protective mask. The ratio of 30 chest compressions followed by 2 breaths is the same, whether CPR is being performed alone or with the assistance of a second person. Place the bandage or other material directly over the wound and compress to staunch the flow.
A tourniquet is a last resort measure to stop blood loss from a wound or to control bleeding resulting from an amputation.
Place the tourniquet 2 to 4 inches above the wound (never directly over the wound) between the wound and heart. If you are, the victim and are alone do not loosen the tourniquet for fear of passing out and bleeding to death. Assume shock is present or will occur and treat for it after a heart attack or any trauma to the body. You should not waste time looking or waiting for symptoms unless you are a trained medical professional so once again assume the person has shock or will have shortly and treat for it. If the victim is conscious keep them warm, and raise their legs up to 16 inches to increase and improve blood flow to the brain, lungs and heart. First, can you see any yellow fat tissue or bone and is the laceration A? inches or more deep, if so stitches are likely needed? When closing the wound do not overlap or stitch too tight, because this can cause cross-hatching and cause ischemia of the wound edges, increasing the risk of infection. Stitching a wound to some people can be an invasive technique so attempt to close the wound with strips of surgical tape or bandages first if the patient is fearful of the process.
If the wound will not scab over after a few days with bandages or tape then it will need to be held together with sutures or otherwise, the wound will not heal and will become infected easily. If you suspect or know a bone is broken in a limb immobilize immediately (treat as if broken until verified otherwise by a medical professional). If treating someone in an oxygen free environment and there is oxygen masks available treat yourself first so you are able to render aid. Obviously, no one article or even book can cover all of the possibilities so the more likely have been referenced.
Cardiac arrest will be more common in a survival or crisis situation because of an increase in stress and physical activity. Mechanical injuries (broken bones) will also increase due to an increase in physical activity. Shock is a byproduct of any trauma to the body and it can be present in all situations presented here and numerous other situations as well. The first aid training programs are specifically designed to increase awareness among people to professionally handle emergency situations. The future is uncertain, and it is true that the accident can happen anytime and at any place, such as home, sports club and roads. Injuries and illness are not just for strangers, but your loved one may also get affected by a roadside accident. First few minutes right after the accident are really important for the injured person because an instant first aid during these minutes can save the life of a person. In the emergency situation, the people often fail to deal with the causalities because they get nervous and anxious. Knowing how to administer basic first aid is very important in a survival situation and can mean the difference between life and death.
Knowing how to administer properly, presence of mind and quick action are the main factors of a successful first aid. One of the most important first aid skills to learn would be making your own makeshift splints or slings for broken bones. CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation is one of the most important first aid skills which are used to help victims with cardiac arrest.
The first thing you need to check if the victim is still breathing, if the victim has stopped breathing put the heel of your hand in the middle of the victim’s chest with your other hand on top of the other interlacing your fingers. After 30 compressions you need to open the victim’s airway by using the head-tilt, chin-lift method. Keep doing steps four and five for about two minutes which is about 5 cycles of 30 compressions and 2 rescue breaths. Recheck the victim’s breathing after continuous chest compressions and rescue breaths for 2 minutes. The Heimlich maneuver is a very useful first aid skill that is performed to help victims that are choking. Lay the victim on his or her back and raise the victim’s feet at least a foot higher than the head. Check and make sure if the victim is breathing or showing coughing signs, if not  you need to apply CPR immediately.
Loosen any belts and tight clothingand cover the victim with a blanket to keep him warm and comfortable.
If the victim is vomiting or bleeding from the mouth it is important to make sure that the victim’s airway will not be blocked so you need to turn the victim on his or her side. If the victim sustained any injuries like broken bones and wounds you need to stop the bleeding immediately and apply necessary first aid to prevent any complications and bring immediate relief. My name is Jack and my blog is a great way to get new and useful tips on how to get your house ready for anything, whether its a terrible storm or a really long power outage. Most people don't go looking for a fight but when you are confronted, you need to have options. Aside from stockpiling the basic necessities we need to survive in times of disasters and emergencies its also important to learn and practice the necessary skills for survival. For this topic we wanted to share with you some of the most important first aid skills you should learn since these are very common injuries you or your family might encounter when SHTF hits. If you really want to be handy in a crisis, Accel Health and Safety offers classes in adult and pediatric CPR, AED (automated external defibrillator) use, and First Aid. All of the latest news on EvacConnect, Australian emergency management, procedures, and compliance.
There is one other item that is equally important as everything else on the abovementioned list, and it is one which should be given primary attention: emergency first aid.

When it comes to first aid, every First Aid Warden should undergo training to provide them with the necessary knowledge on how to apply first aid measures. About the Author Ben Swan is the founding CEO of EvacConnect, Australia’s premiere provider of emergency planning services.
First, ask yourself, do you have basic first aid skills, first aid supplies and a willingness to render aid to someone who is injured.
Obviously, there will be situations where not moving an injured person would result in certain death, such as when a person is trapped in a burning car or structure. Remember you can render aid to an injured person by simply comforting them if you do not have any skills, or are hesitant for any number of reasons to render aid.
You want to preserve the life of the injured person, but you also want to preserve your own, and the life of others that may be helping. Other countries and people not friendly to us have learned from past conflicts how Americans treat their wounded. The enemy also knows that killing or injuring a medic has a psychological effect on troops, so what better way to lure out the medics and Causality Evacuation (CASEVAC) helicopters or other methods of transporting the injured then having troops injured. Terrorist will stage attacks so they can kill or maim those rushing to give aid after an attack. In a SHTF situation there may not be medical professionals on hand, no one to call, no hospitals or first aid stations, so it is on you. Rushing in sometimes can lead to more injuries or death, but you only have seconds to evaluate any situation, and to do so effectively you need certain skill sets. If the country collapsed today would anyone be able to seek medical care other than what you or others could provide in the form of fist aid.
In other words, the person performing CPR is providing blood flow by compressing (pumping) the heart and providing the body with oxygen through mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. The bandage will become soaked with blood and if available add another bandage without removing the blood soaked one.
Once controlled secure the bandage to the wound and raise the wound above heart level if possible. Ideally, you would use material designed for use as a tourniquet, but you can use a bandana, gauze or other material. This is to alert rescue personnel or others to the fact the person has a tourniquet in place and the time applied.
Do not raise the legs if you know or suspect a bone fracture of the leg and it has not been splintered or if the victim has an abdominal injury or bleeding head wound. Sutures used to close flesh are not necessarily used to stop bleeding unless a trained professional is attempting to suture a severed artery.
Ask yourself first however, if the wound could be closed using butterfly bandages or surgical tape.
Pad the splints and apply ice by wrapping in material first never apply ice directly to the skin.
Bleeding wounds can be caused by any number of things and if not treated quickly can be fatal. Make sure your first aid kit is up to date, and that you know how to use the supplies it contains and it is capable of treating a variety of conditions. Some accidents may cause serious injuries and wounds, and in some circumstances, it is really important to treat a wound.
The increasing rate of cardiovascular diseases, such as heart attacks and angina increases the death rates. You have to keep in mind that in a survival situation getting professional medical help may be impossible so knowing the right first aid skills will greatly increase you and your family’s chances of survival. Keep in mind that knowing what you need to do in an emergency situation and not being afraid to act will help you administer efficient first aid properly. Having the right skill to properly disinfect and bandage wounds aside from having the best first aid kit is really important. Broken bones and sprains are inevitable injuries that need first aid especially in a outdoor survival or emergency situation, the main key to a fast recovery would be protecting and avoiding further damage by completely immobilizing the part where the injury is. Cardiac arrest could be fatal and would certainly result to death of a victim if not treated with CPR as the heart stops pumping blood. Compress the chest at least 2 inches but remember to allow the chest to completely recoil before doing the next compression. If the victim is breathing you can stop administering CPR, if the victim is still not breathing continue CPR starting with chest compressions. By performing abdominal thrusts to the victim you can expel objects that are blocking the victim’s airway. Very low blood pressure can be very fatal and could kill a person in just a few minutes, if you were unsuccessful in stopping the bleeding then you need to administer shock treatment if necessary. Remember not to give the anything to the person by mouth even if the victim complains of thirst to avoid chocking and blocking the victim’s air passage. The purpose of CPR is to keep someone technically alive until higher emergency medicine can arrive, and a stopped heart can possibly be re-started. Maybe you took a CPR course back in high school when you were going out for that lifeguarding job.
The twist: Goldberg, teaches his classes at private homes, for small groups of four to eight people. While employees are not necessarily expected to possess the same technical skills and know-how as a regular medical professional; there should be, at the very least, some First Aid Wardens on site with the ability to administer basic first aid to injuries or other medical emergencies during a disaster.
Guaranteeing availability and completion of these trainings would fall upon the shoulders of company officers. He believes that emergency preparedness is a crucial a factor in the success of a business, and so offers personal and online training for safety compliance. If you simply have no skills at all, or fear to give aid, but want to learn to overcome your fear or reluctance then it is important that you take accredited classes. This means you know enough not to move certain injured persons, for example, which may result in greater injury. Decisions have to be made quickly, and having training and some experience means you are more likely to make the right decision.
It is a choice you have to make, and in some cases there are ramifications when giving aid, so it is important once again that you take classes, learn the laws, and build skills, which will lead to greater confidence. Before rushing to help you have to make sure the situation unfolding will not cause you injury or even death.
The hard reality is that dead people do not need aid, so injured personnel create more chaos than dead people do, and injuries tie up soldiers or even first responders who would otherwise be engaged in the situation at hand.
People at traffic accidents will rush across busy highways endangering themselves and others to help those injured.

You need skills, knowledge and above all you must have practiced rendering aid under various conditions. The heart compressions will pump blood to the organs and brain providing them with lifesaving oxygen.
Professional first aid kits will have resuscitation masks that can protect you from an infectious disease. Typically, you treat this type of bleeding wound before administering CPR unless you have extensive medical training and can make a determination otherwise.
The bandage needs to be tight enough to stop blood loss, but not so tight, it completely restricts blood flow to the surrounding tissue. It is important that you remove the pressure every 20 minutes to allow blood flow to the limb to reduce tissue damage this is to prevent gangrene.
Closing a wound helps prevent wound contamination and to help promote healing and to some extent for cosmetic purposes. Puncture wounds or cuts caused by scrapes or where the flesh is literally flapping or ragged at the edges, are not sutured usually unless performed by a trained professional.
The one should learn First Aid Training to gain the skills, confidence and knowledge of different kinds of emergencies. After getting first aid training, you can learn essential skills to attend any injured person at the roadside or workplace. Almost 80% cardiac arrests may occur in the home, and it is important to get CPR training to treat any casualty with your friends, child or partner. It is not enough to just slap on a bandage, first thing you need to do is to determine how big the wound is.
Doing the proper method and applying the right force when doing the Heimlich maneuver is very important to avoid causing injuries. CPR IS a good skill to have in ordinary life, but I think less useful in a serious on-your-own-far-away-from-anything true survival event. What makes it even more terrifying, however, is when the life and safety of a colleague suddenly falls in your hands.
When it comes to building tenants, however, or workplace employees, there is a little bit of difference when it comes to their context. After having been armed with first aid knowledge and skills, the First Aid Wardens must be able to utilize them when someone needs assistance. Meant to be light and mobile, these little boxes should be enough to contain all that you will ever need for an emergency response.
You need to know the level of your own training, and have the ability to assess the injured person to some extent. When using other than a rubber band type material you will need to use a stick or stick like object ridged enough to insert and twist the material tight. The training will keep up-to-date with various treatments and the frequent renewal of certifications will help you to learn refreshing skills. The training provides you the opportunity to learn exact techniques and react in any situation with great confidence. If nothing else, to do good CPR, one needs to rest after only 2 minutes (research has shown), even for experts.
And you should be prepared to perform first aid treatment whenever necessary to avoid loss of life. For workplaces, in particular, each company must have their own procedures that tie in with the building’s procedures.
Expectedly, there will be different requirements for first aid response from workplace to workplace. When stocking up for the office first aid kits, it is important that there is going to be enough of everything.
The enemy knows that a soldier’s comrades will render aid and this means soldiers are distracted from the battle and are grouped in one place. You becoming injured means you are of no help to those you are trying to help, and of course, you certainly do not want to become injured.
If you are interested to start your career in the health care profession, then the first aid training will serve as a first step in this profession. The first aid training helps you to learn all important life-saving techniques and improve the outcomes of the injured and ill persons. This can be done by lifting the body part where the wound is on above the heart’s level in order for the blood to flow away from the wound and downwards. If you notice that the chest is not rising just reposition the victim’s head and try it again. Hence, to do CPR effectively over any length of time, several skillful people need to be active. But an emergency requires quick, immediate action, so even if being scared and overwhelmed are legitimate reactions during these circumstances, it must be set aside so that appropriate emergency assistance can be administered to those who need help.
What remains important across the board is that each and every employee is educated and trained in the same emergency plan and procedure established by the company.
Of course, these kits must be scattered throughout strategic areas in the office, must be properly labelled, and easily seen and accessed.
Parents are instructed to take the oxygen mask and place it over their own faces first, so they stay conscious to help their children when on an aircraft. One one’s own, or with only a few folks around, under increasingly desperate conditions, CPR would prove nearly useless. Simply put, there has to be uniformity and order in any given emergency situation to ensure the most optimal chances of survival for all. Workplace hazards, location, context and size, are all factors that must also be considered when identifying what kind of first aid measures will be needed. When the bleeding has stopped the next things you need to do is clean and disinfect the wound to avoid infections. Contents should contain first aid equipment for a variety of emergency situations, such as scratches or puncture-type injuries, minor burns, bleeding wounds, broken bones, muscular strains or sprains, eye injuries, or even shock. If it is a chemical plant, for example, then obviously workers will be more prone to chemical burns. Aside from the training and the kits, it is also important to put up clear labels and signs. As the Red Cross Australia explains, “Properly stocked, up-to-date First Aid kits with adequate signage which are correctly placed are requirements for all workplaces.

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