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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Introduction• Distance Education is getting popular day by day, but still it faces various problems because of 1. Introduction• It requires strong Learning Governance System which can • Control and monitor quality education delivery, • Support services, • Examination,• other administrative services • Admission, • Payment, • Announcement • Notifications, • Job assistance etc.
TQM Framework integrated with ICT• The following TQM Principles are integrated with the Learning Governance System to provide not only governance but also the total quality along with it.
Learning Governance with TQM and ICT• With ICT and Learning Governance, DE is not restricted to self learning, it exposed to social and collaborative learning• Online Governance can be provided in all stages of teaching learning and administration like • Admission management, • Learning and content Management, • Online Learning • Online Examination Management, • Online Assignment submission, • Communication Management, and • Decision Support System. Learning Governance with TQM and ICT• If Learning Governance is imposed on Distance and Open Learning by the universities, it will • Reduce the redundant administration, • Imply quality learning, • Establish overall control mechanism for effective and quality learning • It will facilitate collaborative learning, • Improve communication between students, teachers, administrators and experts. Learning Governance with TQM and ICT• Such governance model if effectively implemented by the universities, then the distance and open learning can provide quality education and turn to be more competent than regular education.
Importance of biodiversityMany biologists who study biodiversity confine themselves to theobjective assessment of ecological processes.
Economic benefitsThe notion that biodiversity has provided us with many benefits iswell understood. Aesthetic value and recreationIn North America, protected wild areas where indigenousorganisms live undisturbed give people a sense of satisfaction inknowing that there are bears and wolves and rare plants andinsects that still exist on their continent. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. I did this presentation at the Intranatverk conference May 21st to share the analysis I did at Bayer CS. Others believethat scientists should comment on the moral, philosophical andpolitical aspects of biodiversity.The first approach risks losing many species of plants andanimals to exploitation or development, whereas the secondleads people to question the impartiality of scientificconclusions. Some of these benefits come in the formof goods that can be directly valued and costed because theyprovide something that can be extracted and sold. Their role in the hydrologic cycle is crucial.A multiplicity of organisms is required to create soils andmaintain fertility through complex cycles and interactions. Natural and wildlandscapes are aesthetically pleasing and provide opportunitiesto get away from human-dominated landscapes.
We would not haveotherwise considered the organisms from which these chemicalsoriginated as valuable and worthy of conservation. It helps promote calcium absorption, and calcium is the major building block of bones and teeth. It has been shown to improve the symptoms of autoimmune diseases in which the immune system attacks body systems as if they are foreign invaders.
Which do you think is preferable?Arguments for protecting biodiversity fall into twocategories:Biodiversity has an intrinsic value that is worth protectingregardless of its value to humans.
But Ithink we have an obligation, now, in our generation and inforeseeable generations, to try to protect every species, try tomaintain every species, because virtually every species that isgoing extinct now is going extinct due to human activity notbecause of natural processes" R.

These goodsinclude everything from all the domesticated agricultural cropsthat form the basis of the worlds food supply, to medicines thatprotect and cure us to the fibres that make up the clothes wewear.
Plantroots break up rock to create soil particles, small animals likeearthworms, mites, insects and millipedes help give soil itstexture and fertility and are crucial to its aeration.
Not only are most people deficient, but numerous respected scientific studies have demonstrated that low levels of vitamin D are linked to many diseases and disorders. With osteoporosis, as with many disorders, the foundations for prevention are laid down with ample nutrition in childhood and adolescence, even though the disease does not appear until middle or old age. In other studies, ample vitamin D levels have improved the symptoms of people with congestive heart failure and reduced the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. The way your company communicates (the communication culture), and the way the Digital Workplace concept is perceived in your organization can also have an impact on the setting up and success of the Digital Workplace. Todd Littleton Leave a Comment Water was, is and always will be an important part of our daily lives. The tenet that humans are part of nature questionswhether humans should endanger their own milieu and theprocess from which they stem. Thus biodiversity is widely valued as food pantry, geneticstorehouse for biotechnology and a place to retreat to when weneed to get away from our hectic urban existence.Biodiversity also provides critical indirect benefits to humans thatare difficult to quantify because we have never had to put a pricetag on them.
Even tinier soilmicroorganisms and fungi are responsible for cycling essentialnutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur and making themavailable to higher plants. Osteoporosis, the disease of weakened bones common among the elderly, and osteomalacia, a rickets-like disease in adults, are both linked to low levels of vitamin D. Nevertheless, nutritionists already recommend 1,000 IU for people at risk for osteoporosis.
In one 2009 study, researchers even discovered that ample vitamin D intake in pregnant women reduced the risk of asthma and allergies in their infants in later childhood. The more the Digital Workplace is seen as strategic for business (and not just answer the technologic user needs), the more chances the Digital Workplace will have to be successful. To people like us, who are spiritually oriented, water plays an important role, so to have water containers in each of our bedrooms would definitely be an excellent habit. Bell, pers comm).Both points of view (intrinsic and anthropocentric) need not becontradictory, as they serve the same ultimate purpose. These benefits encompass ecosystem services ,such as air and water purification, climate regulation, and thegeneration of moisture and oxygen. This dosage is especially helpful in winter or when people are confined to nursing homes, where they rarely get enough sun exposure. A group of ecologists whorecently attempted to quantify the price of replacing theseecosystem services calculated that they would cost over $3trillion.
Agram of fertile agricultural soil may contain 2.5 billion bacteria,400 000 fungi, 50 000 algae and 30 000 protozoa. Second, this aesthetic argument is relevant only to aminority of wealthy citizens in developed countries and holds littlerelevance to the majority of the worlds population(Takacs, 1996)Future potentialWhile there are hundreds of examples of known economic andaesthetic benefits of biodiversity, biologists and other scientistsfrequently outline that more is unknown than known.

Insufficiency of this vitamin has also been implicated in diabetes, autoimmune diseases (multiple sclerosis, chronic muscle fatigue, and fibromyalgia), heart disease, strokes, kidney disease, and malabsorption disorders (for example, celiac disease and cystic fibrosis).
Vitamin D not only seems to strengthen bones and reduce the risk of fractures, it also increases muscle strength and improves balance.
All theseorganisms have particular functions and interact with each otherand with their physical environment to create the fertile soil thathumans depend on for agricultural production.Natural ecosystems also help absorb the wastes we create andrender them nontoxic. Importantecosystem services and uses for plants and animals are stillunknown and await discovery. There is evidence that it is associated with resistance to infections, such as influenza and tuberculosis.
This evaporation is responsible for the elimination of harmful radiation because water neutralizes any wrong vibration and simultaneously increases greatly the positive benefits from good vibrations. In other words,the world cannot afford to replace these services, therefore wemust work to protect our ecosystems.Natural communities maintain proper gaseous concentrations inthe atmosphere and prevent rapid climate changes. Wetlands are large filters which purifyfreshwater and remove heavy metals and other contaminantsfrom it.
Some scientists even believe that further research will prove a connection between the brain and vitamin D that explains conditions such as depression and autism. Let’s keep in our minds that not only our material bodies are made with great quantity of water, but also our true high selves. We often depend on rivers to flush away and break downthe sewage and effluents that we put into them, which againdepends on the array of small and large organisms thatdecompose and transform wastes in water.
Humidity in our environment is required to express all our attributes, skills and spiritual gifts. Soil organisms canslowly decompose food items, paper products and other wastesproduced by human activities. Besides it is important to be aware of the fact that never before than our current times us human beings are exposed to very high different kinds of harmful radiation sources. A singlecorn plant (1 lb dry weight) can transfer 60 gallons of water fromsoil to atmosphere in a few months. Indeed, an excessiveemphasis on the economic values of different species is seen asdangerous for two reasons: there is bias towards the protectionof species and ecosystems that have attributable economic valueand this perspective may also lead to the conclusion thatecosystems that are not directly benefitting humans are worthmore to humans developed than undeveloped.
These scientists emphasize the harmful effects on us by satellite Communications, telephony towers, high voltage towers, home appliances, for example microwave ovens.

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