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In our business lives, we all need to apply a wide range of communication skills successfully so that we and our companies can excel at what we do and gain an edge in the competitive business environment in which we operate today. As reported by the Council of Graduate Schools, employment for individuals with master’s degrees is expected to grow 22% from 2010 to 2020.
Have you ever wondered how in the world you did so poorly on a test when you studied your heart out? Communication is very important in life, and misunderstanding is so easy that it is up to us to frame our communication in a manner to avoid misunderstanding.
Listening is the ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process. Listening is key to all effective communication, without the ability to listen effectively messages are easily misunderstood – communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated. Effective listening is a skill that underpins all positive human relationships, spend some time thinking about and developing your listening skills – they are the building blocks of success. See our pages: Employability Skills and Customer Service Skills for more examples of the importance of listening in the workplace. A greater number of friends and social networks, improved self-esteem and confidence, higher grades at school and in academic work and even better health and general well-being. Studies have shown that, whereas speaking raises blood pressure, attentive listening can bring it down. Hearing refers to the sounds that you hear, whereas listening requires more than that: it requires focus. Adults spend an average of 70% of their time engaged in some sort of communication, of this an average of 45% is spent listening compared to 30% speaking, 16% reading and 9% writing. (Adler, R.
Effective listening requires concentration and the use of your other senses - not just hearing the words spoken. Listening is not the same as hearing and in order to listen effectively you need to use more than just your ears.
A good listener will listen not only to what is being said, but also to what is left unsaid or only partially said. Effective listening involves observing body language and noticing inconsistencies between verbal and non-verbal messages. Maintain eye contact but don’t stare – show you are listening and understanding what is being said. Be patient and let the speaker continue in their own time, sometimes it takes time to formulate what to say and how to say it.
Don't become irritated and don't let the person’s habits or mannerisms distract you from what the speaker is really saying. A good speaker will use both volume and tone to their advantage to keep an audience attentive; everybody will use pitch, tone and volume of voice in certain situations – let these help you to understand the emphasis of what is being said. Maybe one of the most difficult aspects of listening is the ability to link together pieces of information to reveal the ideas of others. With proper concentration, letting go of distractions, and focus this becomes easier. We don’t just listen with our ears but also with our eyes – watch and pick up the additional information being transmitted via non-verbal communication. Learn more about the key communication skills you need to be a more effective communicator. Our eBooks are ideal for anyone who wants to learn about or develop their interpersonal skills and are full of easy-to-follow, practical information.

Why We Need to Communicate EffectivelyWhen you are looking to move ahead in life, whether it is in terms of your employment, your personal relationships or with regards to your community, you will find that one of the most important things that you need to consider is effective communication. Anyone Can Learn Effective Communication Skills One thing that you need to understand about effective communication skills is that while some are born with them and some aren't, almost anyone can learn them! Follow me on facebookinterpersonal communicationFacebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. Mike 5 years ago Hi there,Thanks for your comment EgbeI wasn't excluding anyone when I wrote this hub. Michael Noone 2 years ago from Thailand Author I am absolutely delighted to get all of this great feedback on these hubs. Theories of communicationCommunication theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaWhat is communication. Follow me on FacebookInterpersonal communication skillsFacebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. More by this Author8Business Management & Leadership6 communication skills you must have in your relationshipsI say that there are 6 communication skills that you must have in your relationships.
6Home Schooling & Life Experience Educationcommunication skills- mirroring body languageBody language and mirroring body language are two of the invisible communication skills. 0Workplace CommunicationsDevelop Effective Communication Skills with Assertive Workplace Tipsby Dr. Crossroads offers a wide range of Communication skills workshops to help business people develop their ability to perform effectively when communicating with other people. Completing a master’s degree can enhance your career prospects by providing you with deeper knowledge in the content area as well as transferable skills for the current job market. Have you ever wondered if you misinterpreted the information, or maybe you didn’t study the right material?
Human beings live in language like fish live in water, it is the medium of our lives and everything meaningful that we can come to understand and communicate with one another. New words are constantly conceived to describe new human experiences and this is nowhere more clear than in innovative communication technology and social media. One day I was talking to some of the brand-new freshman on campus, and one of the new students was telling me about her academic plans.
For example, if someone tells you that they are happy with their life but through gritted teeth or with tears filling their eyes, you should consider that the verbal and non-verbal messages are in conflict, they maybe don't mean what they say. Avoid unnecessary interruptions.  These behaviours disrupt the listening process and send messages to the speaker that you are bored or distracted.
In any situation that causes stress, you'll find that clear and worthwhile communication is something that can make things much easier. Good communication is something that can be taught, and people who make the effort to learn all about this important skill come out much profited from the experience.
Looking at effective communication, you will find that this is something that people as a whole are always working towards. The way to measure how effective your communication skills are is to look at the results you get. Why would you want to create it and how can it assist you in creating trust in relationships ? Because most people are not aware of them you can use these skills to influence other people.

According to research conducted by the Council of Graduate Schools, graduate students need to develop transferable skills in order to be successful in the workplace, whether seeking a new career or advancing in a current one.
How much material and what specific information must be studied, taking proper notes, and the list goes on.
There is text-messaging and tweeting and a new “shorthand” including such phrases as BTW (by the way), IMHO (in my humble opinion), NP (no problem or nosy parents, depending upon the context), etc.
The industry is constantly looking for new recruits to fill out positions, but with the shortage of qualified applicants there is an abundance of open positions on the market. If you can clearly and without any stumbling make your needs known and convey information in a way that takes up the least amount of time, you'll find that things will go much more smoothly. You'll find that with just a little bit of work, you'll be able to streamline many things, both in terms of your work and your personal life. In the last hundred years, we have made impressive leaps and bounds when it comes to putting us in contact with each other. However if you knew all about effective communication then how much better will your life be ? Many students think they’re taking accurate notes, know how to properly review the material, and can ask the professor questions in preparation for tests. The most important aspect of studying for a test is not only reviewing class lectures, notes, and textbook material, but also the process that needs to follow is imperative. Other symbols can represent things in tweets of 140 characters or less (# hashtag) and then there are emoticons (Confused o.O O.o)! For those that found their passion pulled into another direction, say liberal arts, it may seem that you’re limiting yourself to a low paying position with thousands of competitors vying for the same spot. While I’m sure she went onto a successful college career, this story illustrates the importance of communication and the proper use of context. Good communication skills are an important part of working with other people and those that have it do much better than those who don't.
When you can communicate clearly, you'll be able to make everyone's life a great deal easier. Putting forth every effort in studying to only find out that the efforts made were not good enough can be detrimental to a student’s psyche. Here are my thoughts as an instructor on the most important features of studying for an exam. While some of this may be true there are good things to consider about a degree in this area that outweigh the bad. Do you need to use things like instant messenger to really convey what you are thinking via text?
You'll find that if you can figure out what your strengths are when it comes to communicating with other people that you will be far ahead of the game when it comes to getting your needs met.

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