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I post news articles, videos, audio clips, interviews, photos, gifs, and fan art relating to Ed. It's possible that I've already answered your question, so please check out my FAQ if you want a quick answer to something! Also, I'm a writer in my real life, so you'll have to forgive me if my answers get a little long. ETA: I just looked at this song from a completely different angle and have changed my entire perspective on it. Sort of like how so many people want to credit Alanis Morissette with the brilliant irony of the song Ironic not actually listing any real ironies, but she probably didn’t really plan it that way. I grew up in a very musically-oriented family (my brother is a musician) and so I like music, but I myself am a writer (and so is my sister) and I’ve always relied more on the lyrics of a song than on the music when it comes to deciding whether or not I like it.
I also love singing it because I dig the music so much, but I can’t pay attention to the lyrics or I’ll get caught in a thinkstorm in my head!

I think any kind of art is a success when it forces you to engage with your own emotions, and I’m a Mess certainly does that.
The conflict between the different parts is so engaging and Ed’s voice is raw and passionate and perfect.
Usually with Ed’s songs, I have a pretty solid feeling about whether I like them or not, but with this one, I keep going back and forth. I agree that it sounds raw - I would even say desperate and vulnerable - but I don’t really see an apology in there. Ia€™ll answer almost anything to the best of my ability, or at least try to point you in the right direction.
In fact, the first week I had the album, I was skipping this track most of the time because I didn’t like the words.
To me, it’s more about giving in (in spite of uncertain consequences) than feeling sorry.

The tension between these parts is so captivating to me, and I think that’s where the heart of the song is, this certainty and doubt warring against each other, which does seem to create a mess of feelings inside your head.
When I figured out where it was from, I started listening to it while I was doing other things, so I could hear the music but not get caught up in the words. I think the combination of these sounds is perfect and perfectly reflects what I take to be the meaning of the song.

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