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Though the chances of problems occurring on Yahoo are less but if, by any chance, you have any ambiguity or you are facing any issue, then there are several ways to report your problem and find an appropriate answer for the issue. The procedure explained in this article will help you in finding a way out of the hassle through an email. Log into your Yahoo account or any other account and click on the option from where you can create a new message.
Type in your problem in detail; do not prolong your issue and clearly explain what ever error or problem you are facing. Avoid irrelevant discussion because the experts sitting on the other end have to deal with several issues of millions of Yahoo users. The best idea would be to bold your problem so that the customer support staff can directly jump to it. Type the subject of the mail; the subject can be the title of the problem you are reporting. Atari’s failure can be attributed to mismanagement and a sheer habit of acting on collected impulses. The problems with Yahoo’s approach to business and the Internet (in general) are manifold.
Yahoo acquisition-heavy warehouse of services are ailing without any major advancements, updates or breakthroughs. In direct disagreement with current CEO Carol Bratz, Yahoo isn’t as diversified as it ought to be. Data from Comscore also showed that Facebook has surpassed rival, Orkut which was leading in some countries including India, to reach the top position in the country.

About 33 million Indian Internet users logged on to social networking sites, which is about 84 per cent of the total Internet users in the country. Remember when Yahoo announced a plan last summer to recycle its inactive email accounts – and give some lucky customers their pick of previously unavailable user names? Jenkins jumped at the chance to claim a previously used email account that included his old high school nickname, according to Burnham. Burnham cites two other Yahoo mail users who had similar experiences, including a software executive who started receiving department store receipts and other financial statements containing the name and address of the person who previously held his “new” email account.
Yahoo’s plan for recycling those old accounts must have seemed like a great idea for an Internet company that’s eager to get consumers excited about its products again: Take those long-dormant user names and make them available to people who previously missed out in obtaining a popular name or nickname.
Still, the idea drew warnings from security experts as soon as it was announced last summer.
A Yahoo spokesman told InfoWeek that the company had heard complaints from “a very small number” of email-users, and that Yahoo is addressing the issue.
So how did a producer far ahead of current trends and technology, manage to be reduced a mere producer and distributor of digital software products? That vice took Atari from being the central vein of arcade entertainment, to a company weathering away with numerous internal feuds and lawsuits, ultimately leading it to failure against a growing consortium of competitors.
Instead, the company seems desperate to acquire seemingly relevant companies within their arsenal of allied-products & services.
India Managing Director Arun Tadanki expressed that the global re-branding initiative had an positive impact on the figures for Yahoo!. There was a generation that grew with Yahoo and hence there was no need to make them familiar.

But soon after he was awarded the account, which was supposed to have been abandoned by its former user, Jenkins said he started receiving all kinds of emails intended for the person who had the account before him. Like other web email service providers, Yahoo also offers several ways to get touch with the customer suppoert staff and report an issue. It was most definitely amongst the front runners during the dot com doom between 1999-2001. The company also went though re-branding to attract attention and increase the number of users and the now it might be beginning to reap its fruits. But there are a lot of people who have now come to use the internet and need to know about us," said Tadanki.
It’s really no wonder that Yahoo is in the situation they are in now – what is their value? Shares rose steeply, keeping Jerry Yang and David Filo (the founders of Yahoo!) atop what would soon become the most surprising bubble-burst in the history of corporations. That’s right, Yahoo survived the dot com bubble burst between late 2001-02 and stood resilient amongst the few large Internet corporations to emerge from the rubbles somewhat scarred, but still functional. She should probably put the top executive staff of yahoo in there as well for all the good they have done for the company these past many years.

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