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MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. I don't have an attitude problem, you have problem with my attitude and that's not my problem. Now I'm in a new relationship and we've been together for a year now and am head over heels in love and I know he's the one.
When you can tell your story and it doesn't make you cry, that's when you know you have healed.If you hear people from my past speak of me, keep in mind they are speaking of a person they don't even know anymore. So to avoid all that I safely get my fix from American TV shows and mentally insert myself in place of the heroine like the completely normal person I am. I had to steal a collage because choosing one pic would be ridic and no girl should have to do that.
Damon Salvatore, is played by Ian Somerhalder, or as I like to call him Ian Somersmoulder because I guess I'm just witty like that. But my trust has been broken due to him lying about a couple of things and now I feel like my last relationship and I KNOW my boyfriend now is not like my ex in anyway. A lot of my issues like you came from an abusive relationship when I was younger, but my "nice" husband has made mistakes and I like you feel high levels of paranoia and anger when these issues arise. Apart from being a super-spy who kicks ass in Loubs with a weave that swishes better than Queen Bey's, in my head I  also have the emotional capacity to handle a badass hottie that plays with my feelings.

In light of this, here, for no reason whatsoever aside from a gratuitous desire for prettiness on my blog, here are a few of the current hot bad boys I make out with in my head on the regs.
Yeah he kind of sold his girlfriend for a hotel, did some questionable things with a younger, vulnerable girl and technically let his dad fall off the edge of a multi-storey building, but his heart is basically gold. I know vampires have saturated the hot baddie market ever since the cringe-fest that was Twilight, but Damon Salvatore is different. Fitz, president of the Us of A in the high-octane drama series Scandal , is pretty much a stand up guy when he isn't have hot elicit sex with his (badass may I say) ex-PR lady Olivia Pope and killing a judge who took part in the rigging of his election.
He skin doesn't glitter in the sunlight because that's lame and who wants their boyfriend bedazzled anyway?!
I get anxiety and I tend to stress eat, so I'll probably end up being obese and even more neurotic. In fact more often than not, it's the girl who gets the full brunt of his assaholic (coined it) tendencies.However in the TV world where it is somehow possible to strike a balance between being a psycho and being an amazing boyfriend , bad guys are oddly alluring.
A man with a tough exterior, but whose only achilles heel is you, the girl who can tap through that outer shell and get to the warm loving goo that undoubtedly resides within his seemingly black soul. Maybe it's due to an innate need to fix what is broken that generally resides in a lot of females,  or the blatant disregard of danger. But I feel so deceived and disappointed that I turn it into anger towards him to sort of protect me.

He would kill for his brother, loves hard and also happens to be the purveyor of the hottest on-screen kisses ever. It could also be down to the fact that the actors who play them are all ridiculously attractive. I feel if I don't get so angry then my guard is let down and I feel if I forgive him then I've unwillingly swallowed my pride and I almost feel more hurt in a way and then I end up blowing up the next day.
Kerry Washington makes up for his lack of lips, and when he's being all bossy and Presidential and making Kerry Washington's eyes wide and said lips quiver?! So, you're in a good place to begin your change process.You will find some very powerful and helpful tools described on this FAQ page. If you found this to be helpful, please consider making a donation to this site to support our mission to help you become your own best anger management resource.

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