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Following an early preview, the new Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine, built by Galpin Auto Sports (GAS), was revealed in full at the New York Comic-Con. Designed by Zombie enthusiast Anson Kuo, the Hyundai Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine is appropriately fitted with lots of armour and defensive features to keep the human-based creepy-crawlies out.
The Zombie Survival Machine features knife blades, an automatic crossbow, razor-wired windows, three machine guns, a samurai sword, aluminum armor and a muffler silencer. As it stands, maybe not entirely road legal, but should the living dead take over the world then you're sure as hell going to want a Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine.
Galpin Auto Sports, revealed the pictures of how did they assembled a nasty looking Zombie Survival car, here are some of the pictures from various stages of car modification. There is a huge list of pictures are Galpin Auto Sports website, as they are showing how did the modified the car live, infront of people at San Diego Comic Con this year.
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Following last year's Elantra Coupe Zombie Survival Machine, Hyundai returned to the San Diego Comic-Con with a similarly themed Veloster. In its quest for outrunning the undead, the coupe gets a plethora of mods, including a new hood with a double-barrel shotgun and sand bags.
The rear end features knife blades, a samurai sword, baseball bat with spikes, and an armored rear bumper. The design was chosen from more than 82,000 submissions on The Walking Dead Chop Shop configurator app.
But it also has some good weapons should you decided to go on the offensive and finish the poor sods off. With a terrifyingly pointed cow-catcher plough at the lead, spiked tires and armored windows the Zombie Survival Machine would also come in handy if you ever get stuck in an overblown Michael Jackson music video. While there are many other things which makes it an interesting viewing with thick steal plats on sides of tires.

On reality this car will never hit the production line, but it makes an interesting viewing in reality other than we see every day in horror zombie movies.
The front bumper receives two quick-change chainsaws and a horde plow, along with front-grille mounted saw blades and door-attached flame throwers. The interior gets metal interior walls, LineX-style sprayed flooring and several reinforcements for the roof hatch and roof-mounted .50 caliber machine gun. That said, as is usually the case with Korean cars, all the weapons and armours may fall off a day after the warranty runs out.
Thankfully, it's based on the turbocharged Veloster, which should give it enough poke to scythe through the evil hordes.

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