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Murray Timber Group use purpose built industry leading treatment facilities to pressure treat our timber to the highest standards. Arch Timber Protection specialises in the development and supply of innovative protection products to meet stringent industry and regulatory demands.
TANALISED E has a natural pale green colouration, whilst TANATONE has a built-in rich brown tone.We also offer low pressure treatment which is VACSOL AQUA. PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER (Suitable for classes 1,2,3 & 4)TANALISED E pressure treated timber has been impregnated with TANALITH E, a waterborne product based on copper triazole technology. PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER WITH BUILT-IN COLOUR (Suitable for classes 3 & 4)TANATONE pressure treated timber has been impregnated with TANALITH E preservative containing a built-in brown colour. Timber appearance unchanged (many suppliers use a yellow colour tint for ease of identification).
Treatment does not significantly alter the dimensions or moisture content of the timber - ideal for stress graded material in accordance with BS 4978.
Conforms to new European Standards for treatment of construction timbers in Use Classes 1, 2 and 3.1. Simply fill in your details below and a member of the Murray Timber staff will call you back and discuss your order or query. We provide an exceptional level of customer service, whether someone is an DIY or a novice embarking on a maiden project.
We partner with our contractors, not only serving as a source of materials, but also as a business-building resource. We understand the specific requirements for preparing quotes and doing business with municipal customers.
With our in-house milling capabilities we can make patterns that meet specific measurements and specifications for manufacturer customers. J&W Lumber has the experience and infrastructure that will allow you to set no limit on your outdoor project. Bring your measurements to one of our six locations and our design professionals will help make your dream a reality. Save time and hassle by having our lumber professionals build your order and deliver it to your home or job-site.

Most woods are susceptible to decay when four conditions are present: high moisture, favorable temperatures, exposure to oxygen and the presence of wood fiber (which is a food source for insects).
Wood is pressure-treated by placing raw lumber into an air-tight vacuum, which is then filled with preservative fluid and pressurized to force the fluid deep into the wood. While the old adage that “opposites attract” is true for some couples (and all magnets), pairing treated wood with untreated metal hardware can have disastrous consequences. Any metal fastening hardware (screws, etc.) must also be “treated” when used with pressure-treated lumber.
The most effective hardware for use with pressure-treated lumber are fasteners that have been galvanized via “hot-dipping.” This process coats steel and other metal fasteners with a layer of zinc that prevents them from corroding when touching the ACQ chemicals present in the wood. Your outdoor construction can provide you with a lifetime of good times and great memories – BBQs on your deck with family and friends, the joy of watching your kids play in their treehouse, the fence that keeps your nosy neighbors out, and your loyal dog in.
To learn more about how to create the perfect outdoor project using the perfect materials, contact our outdoor building experts.
Copper is derived from recycled sources and triazoles are organic biodegradable biocides, commonly used to protect many of the food crops we eat. TANATONE is usually specified for fencing and landscaping applications, eliminating the need for brush applied colour at the point of installation. VACSOL Aqua treated timber is usually specified for above dpc level construction timbers with a low to medium risk of decay or insect attack.
The first step is to get an outdoor project estimate from us, and we’ve made that process as simple as possible. Any structure that you build outside of your home – be it a fence, deck, awning or a treehouse – will face constant exposure to the elements. Often, the wood is incised to increase the penetration and retention of the treatment fluid. Dependent on where the wood will be used, different standards – called the Use Category System (UCS) – apply. Over the last 10-15 years, almost all pressure-treated lumber has been preserved with Alkaline Copper Quaternary (ACQ). While there are various methods for galvanizing hardware, J&W Lumber recommends products that utilize hot-dipping (Simpson and Fast Master products are great options), as the process creates a metallurgical bond between the zinc and the metal.

Premium pressure-treated lumber has been dried after its pressure treatment to remove excess moisture.
They provide us procedures for using their wood preservative and closely monitor that it is done in accordance with these procedures. TANALISED E pressure treated timber is usually specified for both in and out of ground contact applications where there is a medium to high risk of decay or insect attack. Sun, wind, rain, snow and insects can quickly deteriorate and decay wood – and your outdoor structure. The switch was made from Chromated Copper Arsenate (which contains arsenic) to ACQ in an effort to protect the environment and public health. That’s why you should consider utilizing pressure-treated lumber – and compatible hardware – for portions of your outdoor construction.
And while ACQ has succeeded in this effort, it has created a new complication: ACQ is a far more corrosive substance, which can be a big problem for fastener hardware. Failure to use the right hardware with pressure-treated wood will make your construction susceptible to erosion and even failure. Ordinary pressure-treated lumber from a home center, however, requires anywhere from two to three days to dry sufficiently before you can apply a water-based semitransparent stain.
If the water beads up immediately instead of being absorbed, you need to wait a little longer. Every day that the exposed wood has no coating on it, ultraviolet light can degrade the cell structure of the surface wood fibers. This reduces the effectiveness of any stain or preservative that you apply.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowThe other major factor is the type of finish you use.
Some manufacturers may want you to thoroughly wash the surface with wood cleaner first, to remove surface dirt and open the wood pores.

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