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Schedule an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss your treatment options to minimize the appearance of pitted acne scars. Treat pitted scars that are shallow or do not reach down as far into the skin, with chemical peels. The American Academy of Dermatology--AAD--explains that chemicals, including trichloroacetic acid, are applied to your face to essentially burn off the top layer of skin where the scars appear. Laser therapy can cause some discoloration, mainly redness, of the skin for up to three months after treatment.
The type of material injected into your scars will determine how long the results will last; many people who have undergone filler treatments for scar revision or wrinkles need to repeat the treatment within months or years. Laser resurfacing is a very competent treatment method that gives excellent results with a few sittings.
If the pitting on your face is not so severe, you might want to try over the counter creams and lotions first before going into more complicated and lengthy procedures. This website's mission is to provide comprehensive education about all aspects of dermatology and skin health.
Symptoms of peripheral edema include swelling of the affected area(s), which causes the surrounding skin to "tighten." The swelling from peripheral edema is gravity-dependent (it will increase or decrease with changes in body position). In the case of pulmonary edema, there is often no evidence of fluid retention or noticeable swelling on examination of the patient's extremities. Lymphedema is the swelling of one or more of the legs and arms caused by poor function of the lymphatic system.
Read What Your Physician is Reading on Medscape Congestive Heart Failure and Pulmonary Edema »Congestive heart failure (CHF) is an imbalance in pump function in which the heart fails to adequately maintain the circulation of blood. There are many triggers to pitting edema, sometimes it can be just a few bad choices in your diet.
As mentioned before, a simple pitting edema treatment would be just to make some changes in your diet. Eating foods that contain B-complex vitamins is another type of food that will help a person to remove any build up of fluid from the body and can be used as part of the pitting edema treatment. Ask your doctor before increasing protein, since your doctor may restrict your protein intake if you have certain types of kidney disease. For those who have any type of kidney disease, too much fluid may not be wise so please consult your doctor before adjusting your normal fluid intake.
These scars are indentations in the outer surfaces of your skin, and can give your skin a pebbly or uneven appearance.

Your doctor will examine you to determine that you're not in the midst of an active breakout before you begin treatment.
A chemical peel is a minimally invasive procedure that doesn't require as much healing time as other scar revision treatments.
Also called scar revision, high concentrations of light are beamed at the pitted scars to resurface the skin and develop a smoother complexion. Laser treatments do not tend to cause infection or residual scarring when compared to more invasive methods.
The AAD explains that fillers are materials--collagen, fat and acids--that are injected into the area of the scar to raise it up to your epidermal level. Your surgeon will remove each pitted scar with a tool that resembles a hole punch and replaces the damaged skin with healthy skin that is taken from behind your ears. They create an uneven and patchy look on the skin and can be very embarrassing to the person. For this, a competent dermatologist is required as the treatment involves using tiny crystals for removing the surface layer of skin.Removal of surface layers will make the pitted scar look flatter and more even with the skin and reduce its appearance greatly. In this procedure, a variety of chemicals such as glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid etc.
In this procedure, laser beams are used for vaporising the scar tissue which lies underneath.
Most popular topics include cosmetic dermatology, botox, laser hair removal, dermabrasion, skin tags, laser Cost and how to choose a dermatologist.. For example, if a person is lying on their back (supine), the swelling will not appear in the legs, but will appear in the area around the sacrum. Before you try your own pitting edema treatment, speak with your doctor first to make sure it is not diabetes or lymphedema which are the underlying causes. And because excess fluid is the cause of edema, cutting back on salt may help reduce fluid build up in the body.
But to be more effective, cutting right back on the amount of processed foods would be much better. You should be looking for foods  such as bell peppers, blueberries, cherries, squash and tomatoes. Visual examination of your scars will help your doctor recommend an appropriate treatment for your condition.
Studies reported in the February 2001 issue of "Dermatologic Surgery" show that 100 percent of patients studied showed positive results after several sessions of pulsed laser therapy, though the degree of healing varied.

You'll still have scars from the grafts on your face, but they will be minor when compared to the deeper, crater-like acne scars.
Pitting is the result of lack of adequate collagen in the skin and this will result in a depression in the area, leading to scars. The scar tissue which is vaporised will help in softening the underlying skin and reducing the severity of the scar.Laser resurfacing will not damage the top layer of the skin.
You might have to spend some time experimenting with several products before you find the right one that suits your skin and scar type.
The skin over the swollen area appears tight and shiny, and often when pressure is applied to the area with a finger, an indentation appears.
Natural diuretics will help a person to remove any excess fluid from the body.  Look for asparagus, beets, cranberry, grapes, green beans, leafy greens, pineapple, pumpkin, watermelon and onions.
Good sources of protein include chicken breasts, lean meat, fish and other meats with low fat content. This amount can stave of dehydration in warmer weather and also helps the body to function correctly by keeping its fluids at the right levels. Your dermatologist can perform invasive and sometimes painful cosmetic procedures that can smooth out your skin and eliminate pitted acne scars. As the top layers are removed, the depth of the scar too will be reduced and after several sittings, the scar will be considerably lightened and reduced. On the other hand, most fruit, vegetable and other natural foods have very low sodium levels. Also, adding spices such as ginger, garlic, fenugreek to food will help as these spices also contain diuretic qualities.
Be wary of the sauces the meat or fish is cooked in or what it is served with as some dressings and sauces may contain high levels of sodium.
Antioxidants are known to  fight and eliminate  free radicals, harmful molecules formed from toxins that can damage DNA in cells. To put a figure on it, a person should try to keep the sodium intake to less than 1500mg per day.

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