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Even if you are young, diabetes is likely to increase your chances of developing erectile dysfunction compared to men who do not have diabetes. Men having heart related problems can find it difficult to take certain medications as they can be inappropriate and potentially dangerous.
The vacuum constriction device uses a cylinder (acrylic) placed over the penis with the help of a lubricant. In addition to prescription medications, traditional treatments and lifestyle changes, alternative treatments provide some helpful and beneficial options for men with ED. As the fastest growing consumer health information site a€” with 65 million monthly visitors a€” Healthlinea€™s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being.
Metabolic syndrome -- a cluster of conditions that includes obesity and abdominal fat, unhealthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance -- is also a risk factor for erectile dysfunction in men older than 50 years. Low levels of testosterone can be a contributing factor to ED, but this is in about 5 percent of men. Anxiety, stress and depression are conditions that need consideration when addressing the causes of ED. While vitamin D deficiency may not play a direct role in erectile dysfunction, it is a risk factor for a number of other conditions, like heart disease, which has been linked to impotence. A recent study found that 40 percent of patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) also suffered from erectile dysfunction (ED), while another study showed that 91 percent of men with ED also had OSA. A new study out of Turkey says that men whose necks are more than 16.3 inches around are more likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED). Alcohol is associated with other conditions, like obesity and high blood pressure, which can directly cause erectile dysfunction. Nicotine is known to constrict blood vessels and may cut off blood flow to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction. Stress is a silent killer and can cause many heart related problems and hypertension which are factors that cause erectile dysfunction as well.
Another surgical procedure is to help alter the arteries so that the blood flow to the penis is increased. Viagra and Levitra are normally taken one hour before intercourse and Cialis can be taken daily or even 36 hours before intercourse. Sometimes external stimulation of the penis can increase blood flow and create an erection. Once the blood flows into the penis, a rubber ring can be slid over the penis and secured in place at the base so that the erection remains for about one hour. The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
It is common to find people who are completely unaware of the presence of Diabetes in their body systems.
It is important to recognize the symptoms of Diabetes at an early stage, so that all the right precautions and medications can be administered without waiting for the serious complications to reveal themselves. If you find yourself urinating more frequently than usual and visiting the bathroom at shorter durations, then it may be one of the earliest tell tale signs of Diabetes. The urge to drink excessive quantities of water and other fluids is directly related to the frequency of urination.
The absence or low levels of insulin in the body leads to lower level of energy, as the digestive system fails to function in the normal manner. The urge to eat more and frequent eating habits, leads to an increase in weight in diabetics.
The lower energy levels and higher fatigue levels makes diabetic patients irritable and nervous. Blurred vision and the inability to focus properly is one of the other important symptoms of Diabetes. As the disease proceeds towards its advanced stages, the patients may suffer from complete blindness or prolonged vision problems.

If you find that your cuts or bruises are taking longer than usual to heal, then the condition may be the result of increased levels of glucose in the blood stream. The presence of high blood sugar levels makes it difficult for infections to heal speedily. One of the other common recognizable symptoms of Diabetes is the presence of itchiness in the skin. Dental issues and problems are often caused due to the presence of excessive blood sugar in the body.
Diabetic patients above 50 years of age, often suffer from erectile dysfunction, which leads to sexual problems. The tiny blood vessels which feed the nerves and the nerve endings reaching the far flung digits of the hand and feet get damaged due to excessive sugar levels in the blood.
The common signs and symptoms of Diabetes should be taken seriously and the prolonged presence of any of these factors should be referred to the medical experts with immediate effect. It is evident to look for treatment options for a problem as ED which (can) affect up to 75% of men having diabetics and an astounding 95% of men above 70 years of age. Depending upon your health, tolerance and need, you can decide what treatment can best suit your situation.
Cialis, Staxyn, Levitra, Stendra and Viagra have been implemented successfully in treating ED among diabetes men. You may need some training in the second case (which your doctor can provide). Alprostadil can be your treatment option when you are responsive to other treatments or not inclined to implement vacuum pump therapy oral medications.
The intracavernous injection therapy is one such non-oral treatment method for dealing with ED. Psychotherapy is another treatment option for men experiencing erectile dysfunction. The sex therapist implements ‘assignments’ with the patients which may help healthy men having normal erection while sleeping.  Sex therapy is likely to help men experiencing erectile dysfunction due to stress as financial worries and relationship conflicts. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family.
Due to the very nature of ED, undiagnosed psychological underpinnings can lead to a vicious cycle, where ED becomes a greater issue as a man becomes anxious or depressed about his inability to perform. Researchers from the University School of Medicine in Ankara, Turkey, said that those with wide necks were more likely to suffer from metabolic syndrome - a combination of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity - all of which can affect sexual performance.
Men who are avid bike riders, horse back riders or spin class fans may want to scale back their hours doing these activities if symptoms persist.
On its own, alcohol acts like a depressant in your body, which can cause problems with erections.
However, the problem is not just limited to old age and many other factors too can cause the condition ranging from hypertension, arteriosclerosis, diabetes etc. Erectile dysfunction occurs when this function is not properly carried out due to several reasons like stress, lifestyle, injury, nerve disorders, lack of adequate testosterone etc. Are you faced with erectile problems?
For instance, obesity can lead to erectile problems as there would be hormone fluctuations in the body. If these habits and conditions can be taken care of, erectile dysfunction can be easily controlled without the help of any medications as such. Psychotherapy is a treatment option that helps in reducing stress and anxiety and prevents general discomforts of the body including erectile dysfunction. Three surgical options are used for correction based on what has caused erectile dysfunction in you.
However, these medications have side effects if not taken with care and may not be effective in all men.
However, the ring can interfere with ejaculation in some cases and using the ring for longer time can cause damage to the nerves and circulation problems.
The signs and symptoms of this disease are quite harmless in their individual capacity and are passed off without being given any serious medical attention. The failure of the kidney to filter the excessive glucose content back into the blood stream, in the absence of adequate levels of insulin, creates the urge for frequent urination.

The need to replace the lost liquid content is fulfilled by drinking more water than usual.
The rate of breakdown of consumed food to release adequate amount of calories, is quite low in diabetic patients and this leads to sudden hanger pangs and cravings to eat more than usual. It is quite common to find obese people being diagnosed for Diabetes at some stage of their lifetime.
The absence of insulin in the cells leads to a reduction in the glucose level, which acts as an important source of energy. The absence of glucose in the cells to provide energy, leads to increased fatigue and lower levels of enthusiasm.
They find it difficult to manage real life situations in an amiable manner and often have very poor anger management techniques.
The tissues get pulled back from the eye lenses and this leads to multiple problems related to the eye and vision. Such patients are advised to go in for proper blood tests to measure the levels of blood sugar in their body. Diabetic women suffering from vaginal and bladder infections, also find the healing process prolonged and painful.
If your gums appear to be swollen or red and you feel your teeth loosening due to the pulling away of gums, then you may be suffering from the early symptoms of Diabetes. The signs and symptoms are largely related to the type of disease which is diagnosed in the body system. Choice can depend upon various factors which can be ascertained after due consultation with a doctor. It can be administered as intracavernosal injection (given as injection into penis) or intraurethral application (given as a pellet into the urethra). However, men intending to opt for this treatment should have well controlled diabetes in order to undergo surgery.
When a man attains erection, the arteries in the penis are dilated as a result of release of a chemical by the nerves. Similarly, smoking and lack of exercise are contributory factors that can lead to erectile dysfunction.
The device can be fitted over the penis and pumped for about 3 minutes to increase blood flow. The water present in the blood is withdrawn to dilute the high sugar levels and this fills up the bladder and causes patients to urinate more often than usual.
You can recognize the presence of Diabetes by checking on the total quantum of water intake consumed on a daily basis.
This in turn leads to the breakdown of fat and muscle tissues to release the much needed energy for the proper functioning of various metabolic activities.
These people have an extremely low urge for physical activities and often spend long hours resting or relaxing.
One of the most concerning issues connected with these signs is the fact that they do not define Diabetes in a unique way. Diagnosis at an early stage and proper co-operation with the health team helps in proper management of the disease, which in turn leads to a more healthy and active life.
This device is not useful for men having bleeding disorder or consuming anticoagulants for some reason. Weight loss also takes place in Diabetes Type 11 patients, but the process is more gradual. Headaches, weight gain, infections, vision problems and some other harmless symptoms are connected with many other physical conditions and this makes most people ignore their presence until more serious symptoms appear.

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