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Dry eye can unfortunately plague many patients suffering from seasonal allergies and hepatitis C, reported John D. Nasal sprays can often be helpful for ocular allergy patients for whom dry eye is also a concern, Dr. It would be the rare patient, however, that would be in this position because Sjogren’s syndrome would be a contraindication for LASIK, Dr.
Andogsky syndrome variant: atopic dermatitis with ocular allergy and bilateral cataract There are a couple of considerations when dealing with patients with Andogsky syndrome, said Dr.
For some, the itching, redness, and watery eyes associated with seasonal allergies come part and parcel with other co-morbid disease. Sheppard is referred some of patients who were given a LASIK procedure in the context of post-menopause and systemic autoimmune disease.

The usual ocular allergy approaches often need to be modified for these patients saddled with additional conditions. Sheppard said, adding that practitioners need to move quickly to punctal occlusion and should put patients on topical steroids as well as topical cyclosporine.
In such cases, dual punctal occlusion is often necessary, with double plugs placed in both the upper and lower lids, he said. In the exceptional case in which this does occur, anti-inflammatory therapies such as steroids and cyclosporine may be the answer, he said. Sheppard has used FML (fluorometholone, Allergan) ointment in such cases with some success. Pflugfelder recommends one of the newer antihistamine mast-cell stabilizing drops such as Patanol or Elestat along with judicious use of topical steroids.

In addition, using Restasis along with careful application of a low-potency steroid may help, he said. Otherwise, if steroids are problematic, patients end up on the same type of drugs used to treat cancer.
Pflugfelder said that topical steroids work well for both conditions, decreasing some of the inflammatory mediators. Sheppard is cautious not to prescribe any allergy medicines in patients that may exacerbate a dry eye.

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