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In the start, the player gets 5000 sun and can choose any plant except Sun-shrooms, Sunflowers, Twin Sunflowers, Puff-shrooms, Sea-shrooms, and the Imitater version of any of them. Last Stand is frequently used for gold farming, with as many Marigolds as possible, Gold Magnets collecting the coins automatically for the player and Gloom-shrooms for attacking.
The mini-game may be named after many games or the actual term "last stand", which refers to when a small force holds its position when attacked by a much larger force, and while it knows that it will be defeated, the smaller force hopes to delay or severely damage the larger force.
If the player attempts to plant instant usage plants on his or her lawn before the onslaught, they will be used instantly even if there are no zombies, which is a total waste of sun. Sun-producing plants are prohibited because the whole purpose of the mini-game is for the player to build and enhance the fortress in between onslaughts and for the player to use their sun wisely. Puff-shrooms and Sea-shrooms are prohibited because they are free and their main purpose is to stall zombies which would give the player an unfair advantage should the player fill their lawn with those in between onslaughts. However, this is strange as since the level is set in the day, the player would have to use a Coffee Bean to wake the mushrooms up.
Last Stand is the mini-game with the most number of flags (excluding ones with unlimited flags), with 5 in total.
Last Stand is the only mini-game where the word "Final Wave" doesn't appear on the last huge wave. The Nintendo DS version is the only version to share icons of the Last Stand mini-game with the PC version.
Ladder Zombies, Jack-in-the-Box Zombies and Dolphin Rider Zombies only appear in each huge wave.
Beating Last Stand on the iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita versions with 2,000 sun left will earn the player the achievement Sol Invictus.
Last Stand is one of the hardest, but most interesting and challenging mini-games because of the numerous number of strategies.
In the newer iPhone and Android versions, the icon for this mini-game has changed to a second degrade Wall-nut; the previous picture is now used for Column Like You See 'Em. I'm working my way through the mini-games, trying to earn money and unlock as many trophies as I can. Note: Since there is no level select in the adventure mode, be sure to pick these up as soon as possible to avoid an unnecessary playthrough. You will need to complete all of the Survival challenges to unlock the Endless Survival Mode. As you need quite a bit of money to buy all the plants and food for the Tree of Wisdom, you will need to farm some coins.
Note: Thank you to NalaCin, for confirming that you can earn all trophies while in co-op mode! Home Lawn SecurityComplete adventure mode This trophy is story related and cannot be missed.
Master of MorticultureCollect all 49 plants in the game (2) There are 40 plants that will be obtained simply by playing the Adventure Mode, the other 9 plants must be bought from Crazy Dave. Smarty BranchesGrow the Tree of Wisdom to at least 100 feet Once you complete Adventure Mode, the Tree of Wisdom can be purchased from Crazy Dave for $10,000. At 50 feet tall you will get a ticker at the base of the tree to tell you how tall the tree is or how many more bags of fertilizer you need to buy to get to 100 feet. Crash of the TitanDefeat your first Gargantuar (1) This is story related and cannot be missed. ZFF's 4 EvrBowl a winner with a friend in Co-Op Wall-Nut Bowling (2) Once you have finished Adventure Mode Wall-Nut Bowling will become available in Co-op Mode.
PLEASE NOTE: Some people have reported needing to complete the bowling mini game in solo, before it will show up in co-op. Alive and PlantingSurvive 40 waves of pure zombie ferocity (23) To obtain this trophy you need to play the Endless Survival mode. From the main menu go to More Ways To Play and then go to Survival to find the survival challenges.
Soil Your PlantsPlant your first 10 peashooters This is story related and cannot be missed.
Using two controllers, set one controller to plants and the other to zombies, then select random battle, ensure that the wall-nut and cherry bomb are in your plant cards. On the far left column plant all sunflowers, then plant two columns of wall-nuts one column away from the red line, then let controller two collect brains. The lawnmowers are free and are automatically in place so don't worry about needing to buy them or equip them in any manner. Once a zombie has made it through your defenses and reaches a lawnmower, the lawnmower will activate automatically and run over everything in the row.
ShopaholicGo trunk diving and spend at least $25,000 on Crazy Dave's Twiddydinkies Trunk diving simply means spending cois to buy items from the shop.
Nom Nom NomStop the horde using only the Sunflower, Wall-Nut, and Chomper on any level (4) Stopping the horde simply means defeating all the zombies during a level. The only way this strategy can go wrong is with a stray Digger Zombie or a Jack-in-the-Box Zombie explosion at an inconvenient time.
Start with by only using Cactus, Snow Pea, and Lily Pad (optional: Magnet-shroom protected by Pumpkins).

There is a possible glitch on the iOS and Android versions where the seed selection screen is covered by fog.
The seeds have a recharge time between plantings, and ones like the shop upgraders take longer to recharge in addition to their sun cost. I was having some difficulty with it initially (and I'm still trying to solve some of them), so I looked on YouTube for advice.
A mob of fun-loving zombies is about to invade your home, and your only defense is an arsenal of zombie-zapping plants.
While the trophies are not missable and can be picked up in other modes and levels, I have given the recommended level in Adventure Mode that is easiest to obtain the trophies on.
So, if you finish your adventure mode playthrough and do not have the co-op bowling available, simply complete the solo bowling first. You are building walls to block up the zombies until they are in a group of 10+, the zombies will not start coming automatically until controller two places the first zombie.
Simply let the zombies activate all five lawn mowers, then defend your house and win the level. With a Wall-Nut in place, zombies must eat through the Wall-Nut before they can get any further. Once a chomper has eaten a zombie it can't do anything else until it has swallowed that zombie. Due to the frequent appearance of Screen Door Zombies, you will not being able to use plants that ignore the screen door and attack directly, making the Magnet-shroom pretty much a must. Zombies is their first stab at the tower defense genre, and it offers quite a lot of stuff for a game that's only $20-25 at your local store. You receive a silver sunflower trophy for beating adventure mode the first time, and a gold version can be earned by beating it again (it's harder) and earning all of the other unlockables.
Whereas more basic ones like the Peashooter and Wall-Nut are fast rechargers and very economical. One poster came up with a solution I really like, and it's deviously effective.Last Stand is simple. I still need to play around a bit with this one, but it will work well once the timing is set. It's seemed to me that the rate of drops has increased notably for some reason, but I won't complain about that. Use peashooters, wall-nuts, cherry bombs and more to mulchify zombies before they reach your front door.
You will need to feed the Tree of Wisdom for it to grow by buying packets of food, each pack of food will grow the tree 1 foot. This is easiest to complete during this level, as the level and zombies are still very easy at this point. If the Chompers are eating too slowly, simply dig them up and put another one in their place. Due to a column of Magnet-shrooms, the chances of a Digger Zombie getting to the back and eating your plants is small.
Zombies: Great Wall Edition and is unlocked after beating Adventure Mode and completing 13 other mini-games. In addition to the main adventure mode, you can unlock a slew of mini-games, puzzle mode (with two games, Vasebreaker and I, Zombie), and even create your own zen garden for making money. I recently was playing Bobsled Bonanza, where you have to deal with a lot of Zombonis (which can lay down ice and drive over plants; you can't plant on the ice of course) and Bobsled Zombies (which attack on the ice in groups of four, and are easier to kill out of their bobsled). The zombies will devour any plant they can touch, and they'll die faster when the enemies come in waves. It's based on a solution found on YouTube, which includes Magnet-Shrooms and Coffee Beans as a middle row to get rid of the pogo sticks. You start with 5 packs, so will need to purchase 95 more packets at a total of $237,500 (or $2,500 each).
Simply play through the Wall-Nut Bowling with two controllers ensuring that you use the first controller to kill the last zombie.
Press or to cycle through your plants and find the Peashooter, then press to plant the Peashooter in the desired position.
Lots of zombies will walk across only to be annihilated by the mowers, game over and up popped the trophy. The only way this can fail is if a Digger somehow gets all the way back or if a Jack-in-the-Box Zombie explodes and destroys the Magnet-shrooms. The fog is not an issue because it does not do anything and plus, this setup is pretty much going to get never beaten. It consists of a series of five flags, located in the Pool area, which the player must survive in order to win. There's also a cool music video awarded for beating adventure mode the first time.The premise is simple, though there's also a nice strategy element. I came up with a pretty good defense with a little practice.On some levels like this one, you have to survive multiple waves of zombies represented by the red flags. You can instantly plant whatever you wish before you start the attack, but you can't use Sunflowers or Sun-Shrooms and you won't get any normal free sunlight.

While that works, it's not necessarily a huge worry on this particular minigame since the Tall-Nuts serve as your first line and you can gather enough sun to get Winter Melons somewhat easily.
It could also fail if you don't replace the Pumpkins, but that are the only times you'll need to pay attention if you're doing the strategy correctly. However, unlike the Survival Mode, the player is not allowed to switch seeds between two waves of attack. You need to stop the zombies from entering your house and eating your brain, and to do that you have plants.
The lawnmowers and pool cleaners provide an extra layer of defense should the zombies make it that far, but they're only one use per level. You can use the shovel to remove a specific plant, although normally this will only be if you want to plant something better in its place or keep it from being eaten, and potentially letting one of your yard defenses kill the intruders. You'll get 250 sun per wave you survive, which you can use between attacks, but otherwise you have no resources. The first few pogo zombies will trip your roof defenses while you plant Sunflowers, and that will buy you enough time to get a good starting setup. They need sunlight to grow, provided by certain plants and for free in the daytime levels, and the plant's cost is proportional to its power. Since you have to deal with the ice, it's good to lay down a few Sunflowers and Spikeweeds early on. Things like ice and graves take up valuable space that you could use to plant defenses, so it's good to take them out when your strategy allows for it. You can use any combination of plants you like.This is a really great solution in terms of economy and effectiveness.
It's also key to have Crazy Dave's plant imitator on this level, as it allows you to plant two of the same seed type and thus deploy your Tall-Nuts much faster.I created a defense based more on offense, trading the Magnet-Shrooms for Kernel-Pults (for extra damage and immobilization) coupled with Chompers in the second row, which can take a little heat off the Tall-Nuts and be well-protected by the artillery. Once you get some sun going, it's good to upgrade the Spikeweeds to Spikerocks ASAP - a single Spikerock lasts a long time and deals great damage compared to its weaker cousin. Zombies will also eat something placed in their current location, so sticking a Wall-Nut in place of a plant that was eaten can be a useful delaying tactic. You will have to fight at night as well, which presents its own challenges, and defend the front and back yards (the latter has a pool) and the roof (where you have to plant defenses in pots). You also need some other defenses, and I found that Peashooters can be very useful because they're cheap and powerful in numbers.
The main trick is to use garlic at the front to force the zombies into the defense rows, where you'll have massive firepower from paired Gatlings and supporting Torchwoods. Setting up paired ones, along with uprating my Sunflowers, made a perfect choke defense for the mini-game.
The zombies will be bottlenecked into a single lane, and will be killed long before they can get close to your defenders. The water zombies aren't quite as troublesome as in other parts of the game, so I used a mix of Tangle Weeds and uprated my Lily Pads into Cattails. And while the artillery mops up the assault, the Marigolds will be free to pump out lots of coins for your Gold Magnets to collect, plus the coins dropped by some zombies. There are about 50 different plants against about 30 types of zombie, and most of these are awarded as you progress through the levels.
Because of the nice choke points you can make with the ground defenses, you can build up a lot of sunlight with twinned sunflowers, It makes it easier to afford the Cattails, and their darts are homing weapons. With a layer like the one here, you can deal a lot of damage against the zombies quite easily. You should replace the garlic periodically as it's about the only plant that will take regular damage, and its cheap cost makes that pretty easy.
I didn't actually twin them in this version, cause I need to buy an extra slot, but even with the normal ones you can get good sunlight collection. But if you succeed in slaying it, it will drop five diamonds on the first appearance and four diamonds thereafter. It's worth noting too that, unlike the other zombies, the yeti is not visible on the seed selection screen. You'll see a bullseye over the target several seconds in advance, and he'll take damage from any adjacent defenders, but Bungee Zombies are usually fast enough to get what they want. Must be planted on two adjacent Kernel-Pults.The Imitator seed appears as the little doodle at the top left, and must be purchased from the shop. It can duplicate the effects of any other seed and thereby give you an extra copy of that seed in your arsenal.
He can place any type of zombie on the field, and will also periodically launch attacks that are either fire or ice based. These take the form of an elemental ball that can roll over your lines, and you need to destroy them with either Jalapenos or Ice-Shrooms.

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