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The Pianist Zombie's appearance with many Conehead Cowboys and Buckethead Cowboys will become a big problem. Plant a Wall-nut one the third minecart rail and plant as many Wall-nuts as you can to protect from the dancing zombies.
Before the final wave, ensure that you have another set of Pea Pods on the fourth column, second row, and fourth row, last row.
There are only eleven Split Peas, five Wall-nuts, and three Chili Beans given to the player via conveyor-belt while Pea Pods are unlimited.
The first Wild West Gargantuar always appears at the third row while in the final wave, the second one is at the second row and the last one is at the fifth row. To complete this level, the player must survive a massive attack in Wild West without any lawn mowers. The lawn's layout can also prove it as a detrimental too, as three columns are completely occupied by minecarts and rails, making the level hard. You can kill it even if it wears a metal grate to save Chili Beans, but it is better to use Chili Beans instead.

This is better because you do not have lawn mowers to accommodate you in this level and Prospector Zombies will most likely overrun your lawn along with the other zombies. This is to help you prepare for the last two Wild West Gargantuars that will arrive on those rows.
When this level is finished for the first time, the player gets a World Key which can be used to unlock another world.
If it comes near to your Pea Pods, keep moving the minecart to make it impossible to move or smash your plant.
Also plant another Pea Pod on the second minecart rail then keep planting Pea Pods on that two minecart rails.

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