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Snow Leopards are exceptional athletes and they can bring down prey almost three times their own size. Male Snow Leopards are larger than females but apart from that they are visually difficult to tell apart. They are solitary animals, except mothers with cubs, and males and females have been known to hunt together during the breeding season.
A Snow Leopards diet is mainly made up of wild sheep and goats but it also consists of yak, asses, pikas, marmots, hares, musk deer, birds and domestic livestock. The cubs stay in the company of their mother until they are between 1 and 2 years of age after which they leave to find their own territory. Females become sexually mature at 2 - 3 years of age while males reach sexual maturity at approximately 4 years of age. And in the snow-covered fields and forests, the great northern plains, vast stretches of frozen tundra, and icy polar regions, wild animals have to survive day after day, night after night, out in the cold.

Their markings consist of spots around their neck and lower limbs and rosettes on other parts of their body. Their tail is exceptionally long and they sometimes wrap it around themselves while resting to help keep warm. They inhabit areas of mountain steppes and forest scrub at altitudes of 2000 - 6000 metres.
Snow Leopards mate between January and March and after mating the pair go their separate ways, with the female preferring to do all of the parenting herself.
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These markings help to camouflage them on the rocky slopes so they can sneak up on their prey.
At 2 months old the cubs are eating solid food and at 3 months old they begin to follow their mother around.

Due to the length of time the cubs stay with their mother, Snow Leopards mate every other year.
Kids can bundle up and join award-winning author, illustrator, and naturalist Jim Arnosky as he follows the tracks of otters, beavers, moose, polar bears, killer whales, penguins, fur seals, and other creatures to discover more about their lives during this frigid season.
Where prey is abundant their ranges will be between 30 and 65 Kms (19 - 40 miles) but where there is less prey their ranges could be larger than 1000 Kms (620 miles).
Arnosky's stunning art includes five magnificent foldouts that reveal worlds under the ice and at the farthest, frostiest reaches of the globe.

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