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02-06-2014Dear Families,Next Friday we will be having a Valentine's celebration (Friday, February 14th). 01-30-2013REMINDER:If your student is participating in the Six Flags Read to Succeed program please turn in the reading logs to Mr. 01-23-2014Just a reminder to the second grade families, your project presentation sign up sheets are due today. 10-20-2013Just a reminder, tomorrow (Monday October 21st) will be our Quarter 1 conferences.

B's Advisory for bringing home the Study Island blue ribbon award for the month of January! I hope you had a terrific winter break with your families and feel ready to start the 2nd semester!School will resume this Tuesday January 7th.
B will be providing pizza for lunch (if you eat a big lunch, bring a little something on the side).
Homework will be coming home more consistently now that the students are comfortable with the new schedule and the routine has been set.

Again, please make sure that your student is coming to school next week with their planner and their homework folder each day.WAY TO GO MR. Please assist your child on coming up with their focus and make sure that they write complete sentences for their 3 meaningful questions.

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