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In the beginning of the storm season all through the Caribbean and South Atlantic, tropical depressions, storms and other atmospheric conditions stew.
As with all aspects of meteorological science, there are clear definitions of what constitutes a hurricane. While we are looking at definitions, it is important to understand what a “category” refers to in reference to hurricanes.
Many homeowners learned the hard way that their insurance policies did not cover all hurricane damage or, even as important, flooding.
Take into consideration that you will hear on the news about the coming hurricane hours before it will actually hit your home. Also be aware that electrical light and communications sources reliant on electricity will be unavailable. Store an extra set of clothes, warm socks and a pair of shoes in a waterproof container for each family member. Last but not least get in touch with your insurance broker about what you need to do to prepare for a hurricane in order for your policy to cover any resulting damage. The best bet for you when a hurricane is approaching is a specially built basement or better in a ground floor room with no windows where water cannot reach high levels. If you want to work your way through the aftermath of a hurricane, you will need more than supplies. As you might have seen by now, surviving a hurricane is not the most difficult task in the world, per se. To the uninitiated, a tropical storm with the name of Mary or Susan may sound benign enough. A majority of them become nothing more than major rainstorms that empty their energy on the open ocean.
Officially, it is defined as any tropical or subtropical storm with sustained winds above 74 miles per hour. If you choose to live in an area that is prone to these storms, you must be serious about the threat that they present. Improve your fortress. By making modifications to your home, you can better protect your home and possibly your life. Keep your vehicles completely fueled up. If a hurricane makes landfall, gas will often become scarce because of power issues. Bring all items inside, such as lawn furniture, barrels, tables, etc. With winds over 100 mph, these object can become lethal when airborne.
Prior to that, set your refrigerator and freezer to their coldest settings and don’t open the door. Store sufficient amounts of non-perishable food. If the power is off for a prolonged period, the food stored in refrigeration will spoil.
Store enough water to last for at least a week. This includes water for sanitary purposes, such as cleaning and toilets. Assemble an “after the storm” kit. It should have items such as blankets, books, games, copies of identification, handheld can openers, personal hygiene items and plastic tarps. Keep emergency cash on you. As with gas pumps, when the power fails, cash will be hard to come by. A hurricane is not a doomsday scenario, but it’s probably your closest challenge to see if you are really prepared.
This is one of those moments when having a generator will pay off.  It will ensure that you have electricity until the power returns. If you don’t have food reserves in your house you should rush to the first store and buy canned food only.
Wind usually reaches speeds of about 100 miles per hour and at such a speed, a lot of debris can be taken up into the air. The room should be big enough for your whole family to fit comfortably and also provide enough space for a shelf on which you can place various provisions.
If you smell gas, see flood waters around a building, or the building has been damaged by fire and hasn’t been declared safe by the authorities, do not enter the building. However, there are a lot of factors that can greatly affect the gravity of the situation and you wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard by any of them.
In over 30 years of living in Central Florida, I can count on one hand how many severe hurricanes I have been through. People living in these areas should seriously consider evacuation routes, shelter options and survival kits for their families.
To those who have spent generations in this region, they know there is nothing benign about the storm attached to the name. The recipe for a hurricane begins with a tropical disturbance, which can become a tropical depression. It is officially defined as the following by the National Weather Service: “The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale is a 1 to 5 rating based on a hurricane’s sustained wind speed.

With eyes that can be as large as 20 to 30 miles in width and an overall diameter of up to 500 miles, hurricanes are beyond imagination at times. The storm left many homeowners wrestling with insurance companies over whether the damage they suffered was from wind or water.
The cost of that lifestyle is the necessity to plan ahead for the inevitable storms that frequent the area. We have compiled the top 20 things you can do to prepare for a hurricane and survive in the aftermath of its destruction.
If the storm is large, it can devastate the infrastructure, leading to a long period without power.
While rescue crews and emergency services will be scrambling to assist, it is ultimately up to you to maintain until help arrives. Nature is unpredictable, even if we now live in an era full of advanced technology that can provide accurate estimates of the future weather.
This includes using hurricane shutters for all external windows, clearing away all debris likely to fly during the storm, turning off propane tanks and fastening your roof if you have the means.
Each branch, plank, stone or whatever goes airborne because of the hurricane is a potential projectile. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricane appearances, then you should consider investing in one of your rooms and make it a secure place during such a storm. During a power outage, ATMs are useless and it is better to rely on printed money than having nothing at all. So, if you want to survive a hurricane and be able to recover from the material losses with ease, protect yourself by staying indoors. Generally speaking, Central Florida deals with two to three tropical storms in a season, and thata€™s being generous. They look out to sea for telltale signs, they pay close attention to the weatherman on local news and they almost subconsciously begin to buy extra water and supplies. Unlike storms faced by the interior of the country, a hurricane can last as long as two weeks, wreaking havoc and damage along a huge path. Close behind it was Hurricane Camille, in Louisiana and Mississippi, which took 256 lives and caused flooding all the way to New England. Add storm clips to your roof to better secure it to the house and help minimize roof damage. However, there is always enough room for more knowledge and if you truly want to be protected and survive a hurricane, then you should know some important things which can prove useful during the worst case scenario. Another useful item is a self-powered radio, a self-powered flashlight and a phone charger. If you want to avoid a replacement of the wiring, you should turn off completely the power so a short circuit cannot appear within the network of your house.
First of all, you might want to avoid adding windows to it, or you can opt to reinforce them. Keep some money in the safe room at all times, along with other resources, or have them in your wallet. Once every four or five years, we may deal with a hurricane.Being in the center of the state, if a severe storm hits, the coastline gets the brunt of it.
The worst-case scenario is that all of the unfortunate components fall into place and they become a full hurricane. Hurricanes reaching Category 3 and higher are considered major hurricanes because of their potential for significant loss of life and damage. Along with high winds, torrential rain and storm surges increase the destructive power of the storm. What is important to understand is that while most homeowner policies in the region cover damage done by hurricane winds and related damage, they will not cover flooding. New York is not a name that is synonymous with hurricanes, yet it suffered extensive damage because of flooding caused by the storm. Educate yourself on the fine details of your home insurance coverage and know what is and isn’t covered. Explore different evacuation routes away from a potential storm as traffic could become a real issue. With the official hurricane season kicking off on June 1 of each year and running to November 30, residents along the coast endure an uneasy six months each and every year. What was unfortunately discovered by many, especially in the New York area, is that they did not have hurricane insurance. Even if you are tempted to look on the window and see the raw force of nature, it is for your own safety to avoid such a thing as you never know what can happen at the most unfortunate time. Always have a stash of supplies within the room and be sure that you have a way to communicate with others.
Estimated to be a Category 4 storm, it claimed more than 6,000 lives and is noted as the worst natural disaster in our country’s history.

Keep in mind that you need more water than just the bottle each of your family members will drink.
You probably have your mobile phone with you, but you will want to preserve your battery until the power comes back on. If the system stays organized, it will grow to a tropical depression and, after that, possibly a tropical storm. More recently, we have experienced both Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina; both have left their mark on the entire country.
Running water could be unavailable for days and you should store enough so you don’t get thirsty. As we endure these storms, we must continue trying to get better at preparing for and surviving such events. After Sandy, FEMA was forced to restructure its flood zone maps and add over 35,000 buildings to its flood danger list. Afterwards, get out of the shelter, assess the damage and be ready to start all over again, in the worst case scenario.
Here in Florida, our weather persons always give us a a€?heads upa€? right from the very beginning. However, those who have been through it before know we really only need to concern ourselves once any system gets near the Caribbean, especially Cuba.Wea€™ll watch the updates, and wea€™ll watch the projected path a€“ and that projected path will change so many times, ita€™s almost comical, but thata€™s how nature can be. It isna€™t until about four days ahead of the projected landfall date that we can really tell where the storm is going, and, even then, it can change. In fact, you really should read these policies over before you actually book your trip.If you are traveling during hurricane season, then you may want to consider a travel insurance purchase, so long as it covers weather-related cancellations. You should keep in mind that even if a tropical storm or hurricane does not actually make landfall and touch Central Florida, the weather can still be impacted. This is mostly due to the outer bands of a tropical system, which can sometimes bring severe thunderstorms and tornadoes.
Not all front-line staff members will know all the ins and outs, so if you have specific concerns and need specific information, it doesna€™t hurt to ask to speak to a member of management.Most hotels have a phased plan, where the procedures change based on the severity of the storm. Also, most hotels have whata€™s called a ride-out crew, which is made up of staff members who voluntarily sign up and agree to stay at the hotel and be on-site to assist while the storm is hitting.
It bears mentioning that all commercial buildings must adhere to very strict building safety codes, and Florida has its own set of safety codes pertaining to strong, high-speed winds.Additionally, if the power goes out, it wona€™t be out for longA a€“ usually.
This is especially true if you are at a Walt Disney World-area or a Universal Orlando hotel.
Both destinations are practically on their own power grid and usually get priority when it comes to emergency needs. Please keep this in mind if your hotel or theme park has to make a change to their normal operation in order to keep their guests safe.
For example, the weather can impact staff members having the ability to safely get to work. If a tornado is spotted near the hotel, they will most like make an announcement that all guests need to head into the interior hallways. In fact, if local authorities determine the weather to be bad enough, they may implement a curfew (in rare cases). There can also be road damage during and after a storm, too.Find out if your hotel has board games that can be rented. If not, consider packing a travel-sized board game and deck of cards, just in case you have to stay in the room. Find out if there is a small food market on the premises and make sure to grab a few non-perishable snacks to have in your room in case you have to chill there for a while.If you require some libations during your getaway, please know that local authorities can ban the sell of alcohol if the weather is bad enough. This is to ensure citizens and visitors are alert and able to respond to a situation in a safe manner. One of the only benefits of a tropical storm or hurricane is that it gathers up all other neighboring minor storms and also sucks up the humidity.
Blue skies in Islands of Adventure.However, there may be damage, so some attractions may not reopen right away. In fact, it is my hope that this information has helped to calm your fears and paint a realistic picture of what goes on.
The chances of your vacation actually being impacted by a severe weather system are so small. With work experience in six of Orlando's theme parks, she now works in the world of hotels. October 29, 2012 Taylor Strickland 0 11 tips to survive theme parks with large families March 20, 2015 Taylor Strickland 0 Universal’s on-site hotels kick off the 2012 holiday season with Thanksgiving Celebrations November 5, 2012 Taylor Strickland 0Comments Orlando Informer NewsletterOrlando Informer Travel Let the experts help book your trip!

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