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Pregnant women who are experiencing swelling should stay well hydrated and eat a nutritious diet.
A woman's body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and swelling is not uncommon.
Swelling in pregnancy is completely normal, especially towards the end of the second trimester and throughout the third, and it can be uncomfortable. Drinking plenty of water is not only good for you and your baby, but it can also help to reduce swelling in pregnancy. Wearing loose fitting, cool clothing can help to make any swelling you are experiencing more tolerable.
Staying active can not only help you have a healthy pregnancy, but also improve your body's circulation, thus reducing swelling. Massaging the affected body part with good oil can help to properly circulate the water in the tissues and thus reduce the swelling. Parsley that is used in dishes or for garnishing food items can be used to deal with edema problem. Flaxseeds are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that will help to deal with the inflammation problem. You can manage swelling in pregnancy by making diet changes, staying off of your feet, wearing proper clothing, and staying active. In order to help your body expand to accommodate your growing baby, and to ready your joints for giving birth, your body produces up to 50% more blood and fluid than normal. If you're on your feet for a long period of time, gravity will pull fluid down towards your ankles, thus causing them to swell.

Too-tight clothes can make the feeling of swelling more noticeable; for some women, it can even make the swelling worse. Sleeping on your side can also be helpful; sleeping on your back can cause the baby to put too much pressure on your organs which can increase swelling.
The high content of water contains good types of nutrients as well as other compounds that will take care of the edema problem. This vinegar is high in potassium content and hence will help to maintain the level of potassium inside the body.
Parsley contains properties that will help to flush out all excess amount of water from the body. It helps to get best taste for dishes and it can also reduce the effect of edema in human beings. Intake of flaxseeds will help to add nutritional value to the body and treat edema problem. These lifestyle changes can help to reduce swelling and make the final stages of pregnancy as comfortable as possible. This can, and often does, result in the swelling of your hands, legs, feet, ankles, and face. It is not always easy to avoid standing for long periods, especially if you work in a job that requires it. Support stockings can also take some of the strain off of your lower body, thereby preventing and reducing any swelling of your legs, feet, and ankles. The weight of the water and the cool temperature of a pool or bath can also temporarily make you more comfortable.

The anti-inflammatory properties present in these seeds will help to reduce inflammation and cure edema. If you are experiencing swelling in pregnancy, it is important to bring it up with your doctor, especially if it seems severe or comes on suddenly; significant swelling can be a sign of other health issues. Drinking water helps to keep you hydrated and flush your system of any unnecessary fluid, which can keep swelling in pregnancy to a minimum. If you notice your shoes are becoming uncomfortably tight, try to take a break and elevate your feet above your waist for at least ten minutes. While swelling in pregnancy is a common pregnancy problem, too much swelling could be a sign of preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous complication.
Add some of this vinegar to water and drink it on regular basis till the problem of edema is permanently cured. Try to carry out this kind of step at least thrice in a day to see visible results while curing edema. It can also be helpful to limit your salt intake because salt forces your body to retain water, which can make swelling even worse. Talking to your doctor and coming up with a plan to manage swelling in pregnancy can help to make your last few months much more bearable. Many people’s are suffering from the bad effects of edema and want to cure this problem through various methods.

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