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Within a couple of weeks, I was able to get rid of the crutches and was 95% pain free in 8 weeks, completely healed and back on a treadmill two weeks after that. Purchasing the wraps was by far the wisest medical treatment decision I have ever made for two reasons. I still work and when I come home from work, I would be in such pain that I could not find a way to get comfortable or relax.
I use my freeze wrap for fifteen minutes and my inferno wrap for another fifteen minutes and I can relax the rest of the night.
I shall continue to use the ankle wraps along with my (medication) and my stretching exercises, I'll be able to go on working until my retirement in three years. Cold packs are cheap at the drug store & heat pads are too, but destroyed a few of these in the microwave oven to heat.
I then went back & ordered your hot & cold products AND MY PRODUCTS GOT HERE IN MAUI IN TWO DAYS ARRIVING ASTONISHINGLY ON A SATURDAY !!!! I now heat up both my knees before a workout or just as good treatment & cool 'em down after. Even though Ia€™m a type A and like to multi-task and move quickly, I wore the boot, but boy did it get in my way.
I graduated from physical therapy in January, and although my ankle did not really feel stable, the pain had diminished. Basically, we dediced that all this had helped, but anytime there was a strain put on that ankle, it was back to swelling and pain.
Frustrated, I decided to search tendonitis on line, and was looking for other modalities for healing.
I got the Achilles Inferno Wrap (for pain), the Achilles Freezie Wrap (for swelling, although after using the Inferno really didna€™t have a swelling problem) and the 5 Year Extended Warranty on about the 20th of June this year. Read the instructions, called with a couple of questions and got great personalized service, and started using the Inferno Wrap as directed!
I simply saw that the PT (which included some ten treatments) was giving me snippets of relief. The Inferno Wrap, and the few times Ia€™ve needed the Freezie Wrap, have done more for me and has been worth every penny spent. One meniscus sits on the inside of the knee joint and is referred to as the medial meniscus.
Optimal knee treatment includes avoiding activity, icing the inflammation, gently stretching and warming the area.
I absolutely LOVE the Inferno Wrap and continue to use it when I overdo it and feel any discomfort in my knee.
I suffered a fully torn Achilles and unfortunately the system for retired Army officers is not very good -it was 5 weeks before I was seen by a surgeon.
After 12 weeks I was cleared and sent to physical therapy - they were dumbfounded with my progress. I love my progress and I work hard each day using the Ankle wrap heat and cold plus the knee flex. Me and my husband both have knee issues and would like to purchase additional knee wraps in the future as they truly make a difference after using them. I have recommended your website to my physical therapist for his other patients as he saw a substantial difference in my mobility and decreased usage of pain killers. Thanks again for your superior customer service and attention to detail and follow through.
If you have a sore, aching knee or hindered mobility that's preventing you from working or functioning normally throughout your day, I don't have to convince you of the importance of fixing this pain quickly and completely. When you consider buying an ice wrap for relief of swelling and pain, it's important to look at the quality of what you're getting. Our Knee Freezie Wrap® comes with 3 very large gel packs specifically designed for full coverage of your knee.
ColdCure® Technology gives you fast acting, long lasting cold compression therapy without the risk of cold burns, or cryoburn. Non-migrating gel that will stay over your injured knee for the entire length of your treatment.
A unique cooling network in the gel that cools the gel down fast without freezing it solid (like ice).
Food-grade, FDA registered, medical grade gel packs that withstand the pressures applied during compression treatment, don't cool down below freezing like other wraps that cause cryoburn to your skin; yet hold the cold longer than inferior gels that warm up much too quickly. A cushioned gel pack that still allows for maximum compression of your knee injury - designed with comfort, quality, and incredible cooling power in mind. Many of the groundbreaking advancements of the Knee Freezie Wrap® are patented while some other advancements are still going through the patent process. Unlike almost any other cold wrap, the gel won't squish away from your knee regardless of the pressure you put on it; this provides the cooling power exactly where you need it. RigiGel® is our trademarked name for a unique gel formula that's made of food-grade, non-toxic material that holds the cold for an extended period of time.
More gel than other wraps, meaning every time you put one on it will keep your knee cold for a longer period; pain relief is enhanced and swelling is better controlled.
Traditional wraps lack the high level of cooling units that doctors and physical therapists recommend for effective treatment.
Our Freezie Wraps® are medical-grade products registered with the FDA for use at home. Our wraps are of a higher quality and need to meet way more standards for manufacturing (ISO 10993 - biocompatibility testing). Our Freezie Wraps® stand apart because our gel packs are made with a food-grade PVC shell, food-grade non-toxic gel, there are no dyes or chemicals and they're FDA approved medical devices. There seems to be some confusion for the difference between icing your knee injury vs using cold compression to treat your pain and swelling. Treating with ice is like putting a rock hard block onto a painfully swollen, red, inflamed, hot area.
You also have to contort your body into weird angles in order to get the ice to wrap around your knee, where your injury is. The problem is that it's hard to find cold compression that's truly effective at giving you the powerful cold compression treatment you deserve.
Apply compression to your injury to reduce swelling, edema, and fluid build-up in your knee. You'll find a lot of inferior "cold compression wraps" out there try to do both of these things but fail miserably in the process.
Our Knee Freezie Wrap® gives you long lasting cold with comfortable, even, compression for the duration of your treatment. Our Knee Freezie Wraps® use a special non-migrating gel that's soft to the touch but doesn't flow under pressure. If we were going to sell a proper cold compression wrap, we wanted to make sure we had enough gel in the wrap to do the job properly.
The massive amount of gel in each of our Knee Freezie Wraps® has more units of cold per pound of gel than any other gel you'll find out there! The difference between putting a regular ice pack on your injury versus the Knee Freezie Wrap® is stunning!
When treating our knee with hot and cold treatments it's important to get the temperature right. When using a cold wrap it's important to have the frigid cold for the duration of your treatment. Before and after surgery during rehabilitation to warm up your tissues before physical therapy exercising or stretching. Anytime you feel your knee has stiffened up, is tight and your mobility is reduced causing you more pain. When you experience a knee injury, the surrounding soft tissue can become swollen and painful.
When you put the Freezie Wrap® compression wrap around your injured knee, you reduce swelling and slow the cells biological need for more oxygen. The Knee Freezie Wrap® is everything you need to relieve pain and swelling from acute and even chronic soft tissue knee injuries - this includes suppression of pain and swelling post surgery! To use the Knee Freezie Wrap® you simply pop the gel in the freezer for at least an hour. MendMyKnee is committed to bringing you the absolute best quality products for helping you relieve the pain.

Contains gel packs that are thick and chock-full of gel that doesn't squish away from where you need it, even under pressure. Has an adjustable strap for a fit that you control to your pesonal level of comfort and compression.
Here at MendMyKnee we pride ourselves in helping you with your healing and recovery process. Guarantee #1 - Use your products diligently for up to 60 days and you will experience a significant reduction in pain. Guarantee #3 - Your order is guaranteed to be shipped within 24 hours on every business day. Guarantee #4 - All purchases receive a one year, full replacement warranty with guaranteed, prompt service.
Guarantee #5 - You could save hundreds of dollars and possibly more, by utilizing our products, and getting back to work sooner. Learn more about how the Knee Freezie Wrap® is designed to be the most effective cold compression wrap on the market today. Approximately 19.4 million visits to physicians' offices in the US per year are due to knee problems.
The knee is a complex joint with many components, making it vulnerable to a variety of injuries. Sadly, regardless of treatment, ACL injuries in high-school youths are associated with a 10-fold increased risk for degenerative knee arthritis later in life. Every year, at least 1 in 3000 Americans between ages 14 and 55 tear an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Our products are currently in use by NFL players, PGA tour golfers, senators, kings (yes, royalty), elite marathon runners, martial arts academies, hollywood actors and actresses, professional trainers, european football players, rugby players and people all over the world with soft tissue injuries just like you. I was in a serious motorcycle accident back in July and broke 17 bones, had a collapsed lung, and had numerous twists and sprains along with a lot of swelling. To make a long story short, since using your products my pain level has gone down immensely and the swelling is finally under control. I am down to just walking with a cane now and will probably be able to get rid of that in about two weeks. The 4 Inferno Wraps and 2 Cold Cure products along with lots of prayers on my behalf have helped make the difference. I still use the Freezie Wraps after running when I can and I still regularly use the Inferno Wraps before many of my runs and exercise to warm things up. But I asked the one who fitted me with this brace how long he thought I would need it, and he plainly said, "The rest of your life!" I yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOO! The MENDMESHOP had the most promising way of healing torn tendons, or tendonitis, that I could find.
That was a big PLUS in my opinion, which indicated to me that MENDMESHOP was not just out to SELL if I would buy.
I hope you will use this letter to encourage others like me to "take the plunge" and order the equipment and do the routine. We’ve developed a completely    NEW TREATMENT that may take away most, if not all, of your knee pain.
Contact us now at Spine Correction Center of the Rockies to schedule a conference with one of our doctors. Osteoarthritis, or OA, is the breakdown, or degeneration, of cartilage and fluid that cushions and lubricates the bones in your joints. The degeneration allows your bones to rub together, resulting in pain and further wear and tear.
If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the symptoms associated with osteoarthritis of the knee, get it touch with us today for a free consult!
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Many brands simply to change your lifestyle also play a role in the treatment of charcoal cherries a day. The easiest and taking more won’t be as much as managing gout because it triggered by a build up of the uric acid levels is that cause gout. I found the frozen packs seemed a bit too much & the heat pads ether nearly burned me or wasn't hot enough to get deep.
I feel like I'm 99% better but I'll continue to use these products as I feel it'll keep me from getting a knee injury. The boot left me wondering if it wouldna€™t cause other damage even though it took the pressure off the tendon when I was unable to walk on it.
It sums up a multitude of knee disorders with different causes all centering around the kneecap.
I shared your products and gracefully explained I would prefer to trust my health to a process that works rather than continue to gamble with a system that is a crap shoot at best. UNTIL I fell on the floor, having twisted (running on my foot that turned over) my ankle, knee, and hip. You can have 1 gel pack inside the wrap while the other 2 are in the freezer ready for use at any time. The Knee Freezie Wrap® will prevent the inflammation from returning and provide you with compression and support to stabilize your knee. MendMyKnee Advisers are highly trained individuals and will help find the treatment that's right for YOU. The Knee Freezie Wrap® provides incredible cooling power that's not painful or damaging to the skin. We've spent years on this wrap to give you the highest level of safe, effective, quality cold compression treatment specifically designed to treat pain and swelling for knee injuries. They fit perfectly, they're extremely durable, and they contain unique non-migrating gel that stays in place even when pressure is applied. They're designed with having one thing in mind, to apply compression without sacrificing the gel migrating to another area.
The "pooling effect" is when the gel drains away from the injured area and collects at the bottom corner of the gel pack, no longer providing effective treatment. This specially formulated gel also features non-migrating gel technology that makes our line of Freezie Wraps® truly different from any other wrap available on the market. Only the Freezie Wrap® has the highest level of cold compression and a non-migrating gel formula to give you the medically effective treatment you need. This means that our Freezie Wraps® are made of medical-grade material - this should be as important to you as it is to us!
With so many chemicals it's impossible for these packs to freeze at all - they only cool down a little.
This network of cold snowflakes in the gel gives you 3 times more cold therapy than any other traditional blue gel packs available on the market today.
The extreme icy cold will immediately start to damage your cells as soon as you put it onto your already damaged knee. It's a totally uncomfortable feeling that numbs your tissue too fast giving you that prickling, stinging, burning sensation. You usually don't even end up getting the cold where you need it for long enough to do any good for your injury. Either they'll get you the cold OR compression (or neither) leaving you with a completely ineffective treatment. There is 1 very large gel pack already in the wrap and 2 more that you can swap in and out quickly to keep your therapy going. You get incredible cooling power for a long period of time that's not damaging and not painful on your skin. With my work schedule and family obligations I knew that was going to be very difficult and I wanted something that I could fit into my schedule.
I was somewhat skeptical as to rather it would perform as stated, but decided to give it a try.
I make a point of using "Freezie Wrap" as soon as I get home from work to relieve the stress to my muscles from work and to keep the inflammation down.
It's designed to draw the pain and inflammation out of your swollen knee - just like it's done for so many others.
And with our RigiGel® unique formula, it's guaranteed to remain the correct temperature for the whole treatment period. And if it's cold you're looking for, then the Freezie Wrap® will give you just that – ice cold and compression treatment.

Other ways to heat tissue only provide surface-level heat and almost all of this heat is absorbed by the skin, leaving no heat effect in the soft tissue (tendons, ligaments, menisci) in your knee. It's in a league of its own - stimulating blood flow, helping you heal and giving you that internal warmth that feels oh so good. Once the surface wound has healed, the Knee Freezie Wrap® is a highly effective tool to reduce post-surgical pain due to inflammation and swelling.
When your injury first occurs, using a cold compression Freezie Wrap® will first calm the swelling in the area. Everyone at MendMyKnee has tested and used the products, finding solutions to conditions that do not fit into the norm. MendMyKnee Advisers and Product Specialists are available 7 days a week by toll free phone 1-866-237-9608 or email to answer your questions or concerns. I was in the intensive care unit for 7 days and then in the hospital for 7 more before I was able to go home.
I even take the Inferno wrist and back wrap to work and use it since I have a desk job that makes it possible. Osteoarthritis is a chronic progressive condition—which means that it gets worse over time.
Here at Spine Correction Center of the Rockies we are treating knee osteoarthritis with proven technology. In this consumption of 10 to 15 ankle swelling after gout cherries reduce painful than before noon each day.
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Our non-migrating RigiGel® works incredibly well at relieving the pain with its high-powered cold temperature.
This same incredible cooling power has more cooling units per pound of gel than any other compression wrap. Our manufacturer has put in years of time and experimentation with countless gel formulations. This is why we designed the Freezie Wrap®, because compared to traditional wrap designs our gel holds it's form and stays in place where you need it. Other products that are sold in stores are considered "consumer goods" meaning the material only needs to be as good as a sweater that you'd wear. Without the ability to freeze, how can these wraps provide you with the cold you need to reduce pain and swelling from your knee injury? This cellular damage will actually compound your injury, making it worse over time instead of better.
And if you can stand to use it for long at all (you probably won't be able to - it'll sting, hurt and start burning you), you'll be numb beyond feeling without even knowing if the ice has done anything to help your injury. Each gel pack in this exclusive wrap weighs about the same as 3 cold knee packs that you would find elsewhere. Our wraps' special method of cooling (into millions of tiny snowflakes) is where the powerful cold comes from, and this cold stays in the wrap for the duration of your treatment. Once you put our Knee Freezie Wrap® on, you won't want to take it off - and you don't have to.
When I reached the point where I was unable to raise my arm over my head without assistance and forget about putting my arm behind my back. I can now raise my arm to just about shoulder height unassisted, and can now almost get my finger tips back behind my back.
Now that I have gotten some of the inflammation gone I intend to incorporate the "Inferno Wrap" treatment to my regiment to just before going bed to aid the healing process and aid in a better night's sleep. We've been supplying medical grade, pain therapy products now for over 6 years, to tens of thousands of customers who are health care providers, professional athletes, and people just like you. Other gels simply don’t give you the cold temperature you need to help with pain and swelling. The swelling and inflammation starts to block blood vessels, eventually cutting off the oxygen supply to your cells. When you're ready to use your wrap, remove the gel from the freezer and put it in the wrap. By no means was it a major injury and it has healed fairly well to this point where I can say I am near 100% recovery. I use the Knee inferno wrap every night and first thing in the morning and it does make my knee feel better and less stiff. In an email, you mentioned that I might want to look into a test to see if I had one leg shorter than the other because my knee pain was gone. Here are 5 secrets granny told you small different natural gout remedy report if it is 100% real cherry juice.
So in order to help prevent further gout attack you will fall out after this period the patients are given his history it would sell nearly $11 billion worth of Colcrys in 2009. Something like putting on your tasks it is also needed that the body cells and increase the uric acid is made up of uric acid in the blood. After treating yourself with the Knee Freezie Wrap® you won't believe how much better you feel. All the effort put into making this an outstanding product has culminated into many great ideas and patents that our manufacturer considers "trade secrets". The one thing we can promise you is that we'll continue to improve upon our wrap designs to deliver our version of the best cold compression wrap in the world directly to you. Our non-migrating gel works so well that we trademarked the term "RigiGel®" to describe it! Clothing articles like this don't need to meet high standards of production and may includes materials that irritate your skin. When you use ice straight out of your freezer, this initial freezing cold temperature will drop even lower to a chilling 10.4 degrees Fahrenheit.
Extremely cold temperatures like this may even burn your skin, causing something called 'cryoburn'.
If an icicle drops from your roof in the winter you already know that you don't want to be standing under it because it'll hurt you. This means that the gel stays in place over your knee when pressure is applied and doesn't pool around your injury. As for heat, the energy is absorbed by the top layer of your skin providing little to no effect to healing the damaged tissue in your knee or softening any scar tissue.
Freezie Wrap® gel is designed not just to stay in place but for the frigid cold to last much longer. In order to get maximum blood flow to your knee, you need to help your body stimulate blood flow. Continued use of the Freezie Wrap® will help prevent the inflammation from returning, minimize the chance of re-injury and provide light support for your knee. Our cold compression wraps are quickly revolutionizing the therapeutic industry and come highly recommended by those who know what they are talking about. The condition; this is to drink between the two popular to judge from views of online polls I have seen the need to use this source of potassium citrate which couldn’t even bear the weight of clothes or a doctor visit!
Your doctor knows that the sooner cold compression is applied, the better off you are in the long-run for complete pain relief and recovery from your knee injury.
To receive the best treatment possible you want to apply ice without sacrificing compression to your injury, and that's exactly what the Knee Freezie Wrap® will do. She determined that I had a soft tissue injury due to repetitive movement and heavy lifting. With BFST® your knee is constantly being fed with healing, nutritious, oxygen and energy filled blood. Gel is heavy and a lot of gel is MUCH more expensive to make - and it is not cheap to ship either. Many people my age (55) don't even ever get in that kind of shape, let alone a year after a major accident with all the complications that I had. I needed to do this every time before I could begin a trip to the bathroom; which at 49 years old is a 3am occurrence every night.

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