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Arm swelling will come immediately after a person suffers a broken arm, meaning they'll likely need an x-ray taken of the arm. While arm swelling, in and of itself, may not seem very serious, it is often a symptoms of a more serious condition. Swelling is also sometimes caused by fluid retention, and occurs most often in the lower end of the limb, near the hand. In some cases, putting a compression bandage on a wrist may be necessary to provide stability and protect the injury. In order to identify the underlying cause for your swollen wrist, your doctor will want to know what you were doing when the swelling began to take place.
If your doctor finds that the swelling is due to inflammation of the wrist ligaments or the wrist muscles, there is a good chance you will be given some basic advice on how to treat the swollen wrist. Remember people, in cases of hand and wrist pain: RICE -- Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation! That will help the vast majority of swollen joints, and almost never hurts.
London, Aug 13 : Lifting weights can help reducing arm- and hand-swelling condition that plagues many breast cancer patients following a surgery. During the study, the researchers enrolled 141 breast cancer patients and examine the impact of weight training on this sometimes debilitating, incurable condition. Half were assigned to a weight-lifting group that participated in small- group, twice-weekly, 90-minute exercise classes for 13 weeks, while the 70 were in control group.
During the course of the study, women in the weightlifting group experienced fewer exacerbations of their condition, and a reduction in symptoms compared to the women who did not lift weights. The researchers recommended that women start with a slowly progressive program, supervised by a certified fitness professional, in order to learn how to do these types of exercises properly.
Simple elbow dislocations are treated by keeping the elbow immobile in a splint or sling for two to four days, followed by early motion exercises.
A finger dislocation is typically treated by reducing the joint, which means putting the joint back into its proper place. Treatment for a wrist dislocation varies depending on the position of the bones and if there is a fracture involved.
Carpal tunnel syndrome, common in web programmers and other computer users, can cause swelling.
There can be quite a number of causes of hand swelling, but infection and injury in the fingers, hand, or lower arm tend to be among the most common. Inflammatory swelling can have a variety of causes and can be chronic or acute in nature, sometimes presenting as redness, pain, local fever or impaired function of affected organs.
Hormones are primarily involved in chemical regulation in the body, but when they’re imbalanced swelling in the extremities can be a consequence. To alleviate swelling, doctors often recommend a first-aid treatment that includes rest, ice, compression and elevation — a routine commonly known by the acronym RICE — as a short-term solution. The most common causes include a broken bone, a strained or sprained muscle, or an infection. Typically, swelling that is caused by a broken bone comes on almost immediately after the break occurs, and it is isolated to one particular area.
As with a broken bone, swelling associated with a strain or sprain comes on very quickly after the injury occurs. A broken bone, or a cut, scrape, or other type of abrasion can get infected easily if it is not cleaned and cared for correctly. Usually, this type of swelling is caused by a diet that's high in salt, or poor circulation. That's actually how carpal tunnel syndrome develops. When muscles and tendons are strained, they become inflamed.
In a complex elbow dislocation, surgery may be necessary to restore bone alignment and repair ligaments.

To ensure no serious damage was done to the bones, nerves, or tendons, you should schedule an appointment with an orthopaedic hand specialist.Wrist DislocationA wrist dislocation occurs when one of the small bones in the wrist comes out of place within the wrist joint. General treatment typically includes manipulating the bone back into normal position and then immobilizing in a cast to allow the bone to heal. Also, Emory Healthcare does not endorse or recommend any specific commercial product or service. Inflammation of the tendons and ligaments can also play a role; tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome are but two examples in this category. When bones break, tissues get bruised, and muscles rip or tear, blood vessels rushing to the scene often swell as they try to reach the damaged area. A person who has infected tissues in the wrist or hand may see swelling as the body launches a fight.
In the hands, inflammation-related swells usually happen in response to a specific injury or stress on a muscle group. Some common causes of skin swelling include skin infection, allergic reaction, insect bites, hives, cellulitis and eczema.
Pregnancy is one of the most common examples, and pregnant women frequently experience on-and-off swelling of both the hands and the feet as their hormone levels swing. Sometimes, problems elsewhere in the body can cause swelling as something of a side effect. To ice an area, bagged ice cubes or cold packs are usually placed on the swollen skin and an elastic bandage or hand towel can be used to compress the ice.
My doctor has diagnosed it as tendinitis of the wrist but the pain and swelling is in my hands and upper arm as well.
In some cases, water retention associated with a diet rich in sodium or a poorly functioning cardiovascular system can also be to blame. As with any break, it is important that those who are injured to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Usually, the best way to treat it is simply to rest the affected body part and use an ice pack to decrease the inflammation. In serious infections, prescription medication may be required to completely treat the condition. Individuals with this problem may find that reducing their salt intake and taking measures to improve their cardiovascular health can have a big impact on fluid retention. When I arrived, I saw that my arms, hands, lower legs and feet were all a little swollen. I was very worried but wasn't sure what to do.
Treatment for simple dislocations is usually straightforward and the results are usually good.
Many times surgical treatment is needed to repair broken bones and properly align the bones in the wrist. This Web site is provided solely for personal and private use of individuals accessing this information, and no part of it may be used for any other purpose. Hormonal imbalances can contribute, too, and pregnant and menstruating women are some of the most commonly afflicted with temporary swells of both the hands and feet. They may also take on extra water and nutrients to bring to the injury, and the tissues surrounding the site typically also enlarge as a means of protecting the tissues as they heal.
Sometimes the infected tissue is obvious, as is often the case when a cut or gash allows bacteria from the outside in, but some infections are strictly internal. Carpal tunnel syndrome, for instance, which is a wearing down of the wrist ligaments, can sometimes lead to swelling; tendonitis, an unnatural separation of the muscle from the bone it’s attached to, is another possibility. Most of the time, the swelling will die down as the irritation subsides, and it’s usually limited to the skin; larger tissues and muscular and bone structures aren’t usually impacted. This frequently also happens in the days and weeks leading up to menstruation, a phenomenon known as “pre-menstrual syndrome.” Sometimes thyroid imbalances in both women and men can produce similar swells.

This is most often the case in situations of major organ failure or disease, when the blood becomes thick with toxins. The person affected by hand swelling should rest and elevate as the area is iced and compressed in order to minimize healing time if injured and to alleviate as much swelling as possible until medical attention can be sought. The bloating of the abdomen is very noticeable but the hands and face can be a little swollen too. Foot swelling is common during pregnancy both due to water retention and the increased weight of the body. Usually, once the broken bone is treated and placed in a cast, the swelling associated with the injury will decrease relatively quickly.
Individuals who have suffered from this type of injury should be sure to wrap the ice pack in a clean, dry towel in order to prevent potential skin damage from the ice.
Do you also have pain? There is also something called a stress fracture and I think that repetitive movements and to much tension can cause this too. The goal of immediate treatment of a dislocated elbow is to return the elbow to its normal alignment. Some people with complex dislocations still have some type of permanent disability at the elbow.Finger DislocationA finger dislocation is a common injury that occurs when the bone is forced out of its normal position. It might also be the case that swelling is a symptom of a larger, often more serious problem. Inflammation related to arthritis in the joints of the fingers or wrists might lead to swelling, too. This treatment should not be used as a cure though, and unless the cause is clear, any indicators of hand swelling or general swelling of the body should usually be evaluated by a medical professional. It’s important to get the right size which might mean you need to order a larger size than you might normally wear. Swelling that does not go down within a short period of time should be evaluated for possible infection. Most dislocations happen at the middle joint, but any of the bones in the finger can become dislocated. Edema, an abnormal accumulation of fluid beneath the skin, in another common cause of general swelling in the extremities of the body and is typically caused by higher than normal volumes of tissue fluid in the blood. A proper diagnosis usually requires blood tests to check the levels of chemicals, toxins, and hormones. Keeping an ice pack on my wrist and hand every couple of hours reduces the pain and swelling a little bit. But during pregnancy, if the swelling is sudden or severe, it can actually be a sign of an underlying condition like preeclampsia or a liver or kidney disorder.
After a couple days, and after some water therapy I was able to finally get these gloves onto my hand. If you had any injury lately such as a fall, don't waste time because there might be a fracture. Finger dislocations are usually caused by trauma that jams or bends the finger past its normal range of motion.
Swelling that lasts more than a day or two is usually cause for some alarm, though a precise diagnosis can’t usually be made without a thorough medical investigation. Anyone who is worried about their symptoms is usually encouraged to see a professional as soon as possible.

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