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Bromelain from pineapples and Quercetin from capers, apples, red onion, and citrus fruits may help. A rash, also known as a lesion or dermatitis (Greek for skin inflammation) is a dermatological condition which causes changes in the appearance, texture or color of the skin. Allergic contact dermatitis is a result of exposure to substances to which a person’s skin is too sensitive or allergic. While it seems to recur in families, factors such as excessive stress, inclement weather, irregular usage of shampoos, applying alcohol-based lotions and pre-existing skin conditions increase the chances of infection.
While different treatments are available for different kinds of dermatitis, there are some precautions which need to be taken when a rash first appears.
With the seasons changing and it getting colder outside, we have seen an increased incidences of people getting sick with cold and flu symptoms. There are three main categories that we will talk about to help boost your immune system: Lifestyle Changes, Vitamins, and Chiropractic Care. Lifestyle changes to help you avoid getting sick can be some of the most effective ways to keep you healthy.
Sleep- your body’s immune system needs you to sleep to function at its maximum capacity. Avoid Sugar- bacteria feed on sugar, avoiding added sugar can help starve the bacteria and make them easier for your immune system to get rid of. Eat immune boosting foods- these foods include: Fruits, Vegetables, Garlic, Onion, and Ginger. Vitamins help supplement your diet so that your body can function at maximum capacity to fight off colds.
Your chiropractic care can also help you get over a cold quicker by activating the nerves that control your immune system.
At River City Chiropractic, Kinesio tape is used to help patients in several of these ways. As Kinesio tape becomes ever more popular,  more and more research is being done to help explain the incredible results. This is a great phrase as it relates to your health and chiropractic care.  The Golden Gate Bridge is an iconic bridge in the United States. This is just like your body because you need constant maintenance care to stay in top shape. This phrase relates to the idea of accommodation.  Accommodation, or adaptation, is what helps most people get through tough times in their lives. So when you hear the phrase “Frog Soup,” you can think about the two frogs and remember to not put your little problems off until it is too late.
Here is an interesting article in the New York Times that talks about chiropractic care for treating neck pain. Taking in to account this information, it is easy to see the benefit of getting a checkup after an accident. One of the most important goals for people in accidents is to return to a normal pain free lifestyle.
Bruises are black, purple or dark red marks on the skin that occur due to the injury to the blood vessels causing leakage of blood to the adjoining areas.
Some Natural Treatments For Bruises Are Ice Packs Ice packs should be applied to the affected parts to reduce inflammation and pain.
Lemon Juice Though it might hurt a bit, but lemon juice is very effective in healing a bruise. Pineapple Pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain that can dissolve the protein causing the bruise. Sugar Hot sugar syrup applied to a bruise helps in quick drying up of the bruise and also prevents the blood from further leakage inside the skin. Onion The juice of onion can be applied on the bruise to dry it up, heal the blood clots and treat inflammation.
The NFL needs to reduce the use of opioids and allow injured players to use medical marijuana, Baltimore Ravens tackle Eugene Monroe wrote in a first-person essay for The Players Tribune that was published Monday.
In the essay, Monroe details what he calls the extensive use of painkillers, specifically Toradol. On March 9, he advocated for the use of medical marijuana to treat chronic pain and head injuries. The hurdle: The DEA says that marijuana has no currently accepted medical use, which the NFL and commissioner use to base their position.
The National Marijuana news is your source of news, interviews and education about everything medicinal or recreational marijuana. Arnica and the old fashion treatment of rest, ice, compression, and elevation may also work. While a rash itself is not a pathological condition, it can be a sign or a symptom indicating a causative disease or disorder.

Contact dermatitis is caused due to the contact of skin with certain irritant chemicals in the objects we use everyday and certain plants like the Poison Ivy and poison Oak. While the milder versions are known as dandruff in adults and cradle cap in infants, there are more serious variants.
It is important to understand that cradle cap among infants is not infectious or a result of unhygienic care.
Eczema (or atopic dermatitis) is seen in people with pre-existing asthma or allergic tendencies and causes red, irritating scales on the skin. The rash should not be touched and substances such as soaps, lotions should not be applied on the rash. Some of this plays into the changing of the season, but most of this plays in to how well you take care of yourself.
There are countless amino acids that come from protein that are rate limiting steps in your immune system reactions. Well if you did, you might have seen the very colorful tape being worn by several athletes.
Patients here have already seen the benefits of using Kinesio tape to help them with sprained ankles, sore back muscles, sore arms from pitching, and even to help heal bad bruises. Stop in or call today to find out if and how Kinesio tape along with chiropractic care can help you heal faster and get you back to doing the things you love. Think about all the times that you sleep wrong, have an accident or fall, or just tweak something.
If we have something serious happen, like a broken arm, we will run right in to the hospital just like the first frog that is put in boiling water. This is when you come in every so often for a check-up to maintain a healthy balance, and not allow the “little aches and pains” to become catastrophic. Eighty three percent of individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents suffer a whiplash injury. For those experiencing neurological signs after a car accident, 90% may be symptomatic one year later.
The longer people wait to come into our office after an accident, the worse the symptoms become. Many people experience this “stiffness with aches and pains” as they get older when the arthritic joints start giving them problems. Numerous people that receive chiropractic care after motor vehicle accidents report feeling better faster.
Our clinic also offers Firbro-Ease, a nutritional supplement that improves muscle relation and reduce pain along with providing the nutriets that are needed on a daily basis to help ease symtoms.
The bruise heals fast and the blood vessels stop leaking internally and reduces the inflammation. The fats in the butter heal the underlying blood capillaries to treat the wound and reduce the pain.
This compress can be applied many a times till the bruise subsides and the pain alleviates.
When we eat pineapple, this enzyme travels through the blood vessels up to the bruise and does its healing trick. He was a first-round pick of Jacksonville in 2009, and he played there before being traded to the Ravens in 2013.
His came in a road game last season, and it was exacerbated by a long flight home from Oakland. He also has donated to research into its use at Johns Hopkins and Penn through an organization called the Realm of Caring. A rash may cause the surface of the skin to become dry, filled with cracks or blisters and make the affected part of the skin very itchy.
Irritant dermatitis, a subtype of contact dermatitis is caused by skin contact with acids and alkali present in soaps, perfumes and adhesives. Based on the substance, the part of the body and the level of allergy, the rash may vary from a slight irritation to open sores. Normally, this condition causes characteristic white or yellow flakes of skin in places with high oil content such as the inner ear or the scalp. Other conditions like Impetigo and Shingles can also cause rashes with characteristic appearances.
It is always safer to consult a dermatologist instead of choosing self-medication before it turns ugly. Did you ever wonder why some people seem to be sick all the time in the winter and other people seem to be healthy the whole time? Most people noticed it on the beach volleyball players because they had the most skin exposed.That colorful tape is called Kinesio tape. There is a rumor that the bridge is painted end to end annually, and that the bridge is so big that it takes all year to complete.

All of those little things add up, and if they are not taken care of they can lead to bigger problems.
As I said above, this can be a good thing that helps us get through tough times, but it can also be a negative thing when we put our problems off for too long and they become serious. However, when we have little aches and pains, or stresses in our body, we try to shake them off and put them in the back of our mind. One group was given chiropractic care, one light exercises, and another was given pain medication to treat their neck pain.
It fixes the cause of the problem and doesn’t just cover up the symptoms like pain medications do. If the problem is fixed right away before arthritic changes set in, then the joint is able to function at its ideal pain free motion for many years to come. The important aspect to their speedy recovery is that they came into the clinic right away to receive care.
It is not a stretch to assume in each of these diseases that once you present with the first symptom, it is already too late. It is often accompanied by pain and swelling and can be treated using simple home products. Leave overnight if the bruise is painful as turmeric and tamarind will work together to treat the bruise and diminish it substantially by next morning.
The coffee works well on the bruise to alleviate pain, reduce swelling and diminish the bruise mark. He estimates half the players in the NFL at some point in their career have used a painkiller. Overtreatment dermatitis occur as a result of excess medical treatment administered for a different skin condition.
This condition is said to be caused by a type of yeast known as Malessizia or due to an increased production of oil by the skin. Kinesio tape has been around since the mid 1970′s, but has only become popular to the public in the last 10 years. Although this is false and the bridge is only touched up every year, the Golden Gate Bridge does require a constant maintenance team to help keep it in tip-top shape. I can already hear the people screaming, “I knew it, once you go to the chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life!” To this I simply respond, what other doctor do you know of that you go to once and they say that you are good to go and never have to come back in again? They are trying to make sure that your little cavities do not turn into something that ruins your entire tooth, and forces you to have painful surgeries at increased costs. With more and more serious side effects coming out from medications and more and more lawsuits being filed everyday from people that had negative side effects that were not known, isn’t it time to try a more conservative approach?
This is why heart disease, cancer, and stroke are 3 of the top 4 causes of death in America. We screen for problems throughout your spine to catch and correct them before the little aches and pains turn into big problems such as not being able to move or function without pain. A good rule of thumb is to take your body weight in pounds and divide by 2, that is how many ounces you should be drinking everyday! If the ice pack is not available, then apply a cloth that has been soaked in ice cold water. If you go into your eye doctor for a checkup and everything checks out fine, do they say, you know you should be good for the rest of your life because your eyes look great now. The other exciting part of the study was that when care was stopped, the patients were then interviewed a year later about how they felt. This was a pretty bad bruise, but it healed up in a very quick time period because of the tape.
The results of this showed that chiropractic care did better than all the rest at keeping patients out of pain. In this case, the tape allowed the increased blood flow and lymphatic drainage to help heal the damaged tissue caused from the bruise.
This is the same with chiropractors; we want to check up on you to make sure that the little problems don’t become bigger ones. This is just one example from our clinic on how Kinesio tape has helped to reduce healing times.
Just like on the Golden Gate Bridge, they see the benefit of doing a little maintenance here and there so that they don’t have to replace the whole bridge. Motor vehicle accidents can cause altered movement in the spine which can lead to arthritic changes.

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