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Worm composting is an easy way to reduce landfill pollution and provide juicy, rich soil for your plants. Old wooden boxes with holes drilled in the bottom would also work for building earthworm boxes.
Bottomless bins are one type of vermicomposting system, which is used for building earthworm boxes.
Set another container under this that leaves a gap for the worms to move into after they are finished with the contents of the top layer. Line both bins with shredded paper for bedding that has been soaked in water and squeezed dry. Put a moist sheet of cardboard on top and then cover with a lid that has more ventilation holes drilled into it. Step by Step Instructions for Vermicomposting Food Scraps at HomeWorm Composting (Vermicomposting) has many benefits.
The purpose is to contain your kitchen scraps and prevent animals from digging in them and yet allow the worm’s access to the food. You can also do several levels, so the worms move to the next layer when their work is done in the first.
This is the leftover moisture that has steeped through the worm compost and contains vitamins and minerals useful as food for plants.

Drill holes in the bottom of this bin and holes around the edges of both containers for ventilation.
Keep the food buried in the bedding to reduce fruit flies and moisten the paper frequently but lightly. You should feed your worms once or twice a week depending on how much you feed them each time.
Worm composting bins abound at nursery centers and online, but they are easy and cheaper to assemble yourself.
The worms multiply quickly, so you will gradually have enough worms to handle larger amounts of kitchen scraps.
The worms will move up to that bin through the holes in the bottom and the whole process starts over again. Worm composting allows you to responsibly dispose of your kitchen scraps (food waste) while at the same time creating a high-nutrient compost (called vermicompost, worm poop) that you can use to make your indoor or outdoor plants healthier. Pick up handfuls of the newsprint and let the water run out of it for 10 seconds or so before adding it to the bin. These are similar to vermicomposting bins, but have no bottom so the earthworms can burrow up into the organic refuse. The worms will not crawl out the holes because they know they will die outside of their moist worm bedding.

So, the amount you start with really depends on how productive you want your homemade worm bin to be right away and how much you are willing to spend. Worms don’t like light so leaving a light on in the room of closet encourages them to stay in the bin. Vermicompost (the fancy name for worm poop) is really good for all plants indoor and outdoor and excellent to add to a vegetable garden. The dirt or compost will give them tiny bits of grit and sand that they can eat and use in their gizzards to grind up the food scraps that you will feed them. Check out this article for more on the principles and theory of worm composting.To make your homemade worm bin you will first need to gather your tools and materials. Start by simply digging down to the bottom of the bin and grabbing a handful of the vermicompost. You can either add that straight to your garden or pick out the worms and then add it to your garden.

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