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Crafting in Minecraft is a method which you use to combine blocks and made tools or other stuffs for easier game play. Axe is for stone, you cant fighting with a shovel, you must have sword and you can dig with a sword etc.
But if the hobby turns into an addiction, I mean, profession, you will have an abundance of leather tools to select from.This craft can be done with as little as 2 leather tools - a knife and leather needle. In the process your work will evolve into art.Where to start?I always say, a couple of books and a video.
In the work area, a bench and a cutting board that is large enough for your piece and small enough to turn. That wona€™t take up too much room, as there are only 7 basic tools, along with a maul, a sponge and a bowl of water, tracing film and a stylus that you'll need.For the purpose of this article we will discuss the carving arts used for making belts, wallets, purses, dog collars, brief cases, and Barbeque seats.
Metal containers may stain the leather.The Stencil and Stylus Used to set your design on the leather after you case the leather.
The stencil is placed on the damp leather and just a little pressure is used to trace with the styles.
To me it makes more sense to draw it out on paper or tracing film first, and then trace it onto the leather.
So lets start with a basic floral design as this is a popular design and there are plenty to choose from. So now we are at the point that you successfully applied the design to the leather and you removed the stencil.

Simply place your thumb and middle finger around the barrel of the knife and your pointer finger in the saddle of the knife.
With the pointer finger you adjust the pressure and you turn the blade with the thumb and middle finger.
The swivel knife is the first and the last tool to be used.In the end, it can be used for the decorative cuts. And remember most of the time you can come back to add the tools effect, but it is very difficult to take the effect away.
The large ones are great for slight curves and long straight lines but dona€™t work well with tight intricate work.The Pear ShaderThis tool is what gives volume to your work.
As just one small example, when making a flower, use the pear shader on the flower peddles. The pear shader can be moved forward and backward and side to side to give a longer and wider shaded area. You can make flower pedals stand out with the camouflage tool and then use the veiner for background and stem work.
As with most of the leather tools the camouflage tool and the veiner tool have a number of uses, but working up a flower design is where they are used the most.The artists doing leather work know a secret. Generally, you hold the tools vertically and strike with a medium light blow from the maul. On a piece of scrap or cut off leather, angle the tool side to side and give it a very light or a light strike.

Sometimes you dona€™t have to buy another tool, just fully use the potential of what you have.The SeederThis tool is used in flower work. If there is a space between them the eye will see that space, even if you have 100 seeds.The Background ToolThe background tool is what brings the 3D effect up and out. After you do this for a while, the tool will become part of your hand and you will be able to move along pretty fast. Leather work is very relaxing when ita€™s a hobby.7) Detailing cuts at the end of the job is something you should think hard about. I take it camping and still get Ooo's and Ahhh's when other campers see it!Barry King Tools. Barry has a beautiful round and tapered mauls.They have a lifetime guarantee for all tools, except normal wear items.
Nice selection of hides for both tooling arts and clothing arts.Hackbarth Steel Leather Tool.

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